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  1. Just wanted to give an update. The culprit for throttling was actually my driver (14.1) as the power limiter slider doesn't seem to work. 14.2 is the same so I rolled back to 13.12 and voila! No more throttling I reached 1175 core and 1500 memory at +156mV. I use 1125 core and 1375 memory for 24/7 use as the other overclock caused a lot of heat dump and coil whine.
  2. Sadly, my chip isn't good enough to do that. I'm gonna return the power supply too. Even though I do get a slight performance boost, it isn't worth the money and it's not the one I wanted lol. Gonna wait for the AX1500i LULZ. Then I'll go crossfire with my loop!
  3. I'll see if I can do that. You're on a reference cooler? What games/benches did you run to verify stability? And what's your ASIC?
  4. What voltage are you running and what clock speeds? I installed an AX860 since I couldn't find a 1200i. Maybe it was my current power supply about to take a dump but just plugging in made my benchmark scores go up 75 points overall in 3DMark Firestrike extreme. Same clocks and voltage. I can't go above +50mv without throttling. I guess that's just the nature of my card =(. But from what I read today after researching, this is the max you should ever go anyway. But since I got better performance just my plugging in a new power supply, I wonder if I can overclock my cpu more knowing this power supply is more consistent in power delivery...
  5. The cards are supposed to take up to +150-200mv extra "safely" on water. For me, I'm trying to figure out why I'm not able to do it at a stable level and why I lose FPS by adding more voltage to the same clocks. In my OP, I stated that adding more than +50 mv causes throttling. 50mv and below causes no throttling. I do see your point though in spending a lot of money to push my card balls to the wall lol. I did find a local store that will take returns on power supplies with no restocking fee so i'm taking advantage of that. =) I guess it's also a learning experience for me at the same time to understand whats going on with my components, etc. I'll be testing a Corsair AX860 (specifically because it has the low 12V ripple) vs my Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200W. Ripple @ 75% load is 22mv Corsair vs 80mv Cooler Master (Based on averages between reviewers) I'll post back tonight with results.
  6. Actually, adding up to +50mv in AB doesn't make me throttle at all. But once I hit +56 mv, I throttle at the same clocks which doesn't make sense since I'm under water with really good temperatures. And yes, I maxed out my power limit and I still throttle. I was reading about power supplies and I found that my particular power supply (Cooler Master Silent Pro Gold 1200w) doesn't have a very stable 12V rail. I'm gonna buy a new power supply tomorrow (Corsair AX 1200i) and see if that does anything. I'll report back tomorrow.
  7. Hey everyone, Just finished building my watercooled rig last week and I found some interesting results that raised a few questions for me... First off, my parts and my loop: Crosshair V formula (Non-Z) AMD 8350, 4.7GHz @ 1.48125V R9 290X, 1115 Core and 1450 Mem @ +50mv CoolerMaster Silent Pro Gold 1200W 240GB & 256GB SSD 2x 500GB HDD EK 140mm Res > D5 @ Setting 5 > 360MM EK PE Series Rad > EK Supremacy > 120MM EK PE Series Rad > EK 290X Block w/Backplate > Res I've been testing for the past couple days using games and benches (Heaven, Valley and 3DMark) while using MSI AB to monitor Core/Mem fluctuations. After thorough testing, I've found that the core will throttle after 50mv. Temps are NEVER A PROBLEM (45c Core, 50c VRM1 and 42c VRM2) so I have no idea why it would throttle. I double checked the seating on my card, made sure that the VRM's had contact with the thermal pads to the block... basically the install was perfect. I tested by using the same clocks above, power limit maxed at +50 and running extra voltage at 50mv and 56mv. While playing games and running benches, the core didn't stay rock solid @ 1115Mhz on +56mv. I dipped as low as 25MHz sometimes. I know its a rather small number but its just weird that adding +6 mv would cause it to throttle. Maybe I got unlucky with the silicon lottery or maybe I'm missing something? Thoughts?
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