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  1. Over the previous year I have discovered the great convenience that windows media center can provide for my media collection. I currently use my normal computer with a 10$ tv runner card to provide this functionality, however I have decided that a laptop is a better idea for me being in college and all. So I was curious about the most beneficial way to attempt to rebuild my PC with some new parts to be better suited to this usage, I currently have: q9300 @ 2.7ghz asus p5q vanilla atx board 8800gt dual slot 512mb 8gb ddr2 667 7 hard drives @ ~1.7TB of combined space I have spare parts around such as an a64 x2 4600+ 2.4ghz and a geforce 6150 micro atx motherboard as well as a Pentium dual core e2200 with 945gc board. My research has lead me to believe that getting an amd 780g board for the x2-4600 would be the best combo considering I have an 8800gt would it be better for me to use the e2200 or my current q9300 and an intel board? I plan to sell the rest of this to hopefully balance out the cost equation, as long as I do not lose a significant capability, I would like to still be able to play some games, my current setup is more then enough for this though. Overall the question seems to boil down to, what path gets me the best overall combination of: 1. general htpc 2. backup storage for laptop 3. can play games on the tv, not really high end or anything, just well enough that I don't need to rework a heavy/loud cooling system I could probably drop 200$~ extra on top of selling stuff if the value is right So does anyone have any ideas on this? Thanks!
  2. -5F outside, probably around 30c inside. cpu temp idle: 50c load: 70c. leave the window open: idle 20c load 38c. I would love to fold with this machine, but I cant leave the window open all the time, it snows too much + last time I looked at the gpu temps I was honestly surprised the card could get to 100c college stinks for temperature extremes
  3. Scythe Zipang, it definatly qualifies for pushing air in that direction, maybe not as much as other but still more then a true or the likes, i dont think the air is that important on these boards, just to have good case airflow, my problem runs from the poorly designed cooler, its a yellow block that actualy prevents air from being blown down onto it. if the system really became unstable id probably just invest in a thermalright chipset cooler, thos seem to work nicely on these boards as long as somethings not in the way, of it being so tall.
  4. my p5q vanila board cpu volts at 1.4 everything else is set to limit stock http://valid.x86-secret.com/show_oc.php?id=388314 thats the best stable i have for the moment, i have been able to get it to run 3.2 but its just way too hot. is it me or do these chipset run insanely hot? mine seems to always run at 40c, and thats the heatsink tempature! i fear what it really runs at....
  5. thos are very diffrent product to compare..... +100$ price diff +130gb more on the archos (albeit hard drive) +bigger screen on archos (resolution too) +addons from archos can turn this into a mobile dvr, for an added cost +can be used as external hard disk - interface is considered by many to be sub par - obvious features like a browser come at a 20$ ish plugin addon +archos has flash support, a rarity for portables - not as popular as ipod, less support online. +/- not locked into a single music manegement app touch: - 100$ price diff +multi-touch beats the archos's touch easily +much smaller size wise +ipod line, tons of accessories, updates, app store, ect. - space, 130gb less space, but flash memory is more durable - cannot be used as external hard disk +/- apple, your stuck with itunes for everything consider the archos 705, its a bigger 605, just with a 7" screen so it would be the best for movies out of all
  6. http://www.forumup.com/ yourforum.forumup.com
  7. well the athlon 64 x2 i have gets about 55c 50% load, and that's with a desk fan pointed at the case too, really need to clean the thing out orthos wise the system ends up shutting off in about 4 minutes..... sadly im only able to drive it at stock speeds.... iv had it go at 2.6 in the past but with these temps i have to keep it at 2.2 stock volts on it.. xp-90c heat sink btw... hoping my future setup will run cooler, haven't got my hopes up much tho...
  8. i like this program probably close to the best for ease and quick: http://guspaz.blogspot.com/2006/09/ipoddrop-15-released.html you just drag the file onto it and it takes care of it. supports smp too since its based on fmpeg i would also look at media coder, i have a version i use to convert stuff that breaks ipoddrop, it happens occasionaly on random files
  9. just addin if you only want like a single answer you can hit delta(green button) to force it to show the decimal one time, the auto will show the decimal in the case that your equation contained a decimal, otherwise it will attempt a nice printout.
  10. look at http://www.forumup.com/ its free and is basically all setup, as well as relatively easy to configure
  11. i have one too now, my only complaint stands that they dont have a image scaler in them, makes some of my game look kinda funny.... just had to get the ati card......
  12. unfortunately i cant keep up the production iv had for the past couple of days, but at least iv got two duel cores going. also.... anyone got some hints at speeding up the linux smp client? my server shows only like 400ppd now, whiles my desktop is doing 600, desktop should be slower, as i never use the server for stuff, just file sharing over the home network.
  13. well now that is quite a diffrence..... now time to figure out why my ubuntu server only gets 500ppd......
  14. ?? but isent the smp client native four core? i mean there are four core process running......
  15. on some what unrelated ... is the linux smp client now geting beaten by the windows one? i ask this because i have two compys runing it one a 2.2 with 2gb dc 400 windows and the other a 2.4 sc 1gb ddr667 linux and the 2.2 is beating out the 2.4 even though i use it for everyday activities, web browsing and cod4 ect... its only beating it by 60 ppd but still what happend to the linux lead? i got a c2d 6550 2.33 runing smp linux and it averages 1500 a day.....
  16. presumably so most of the time, im sure mixing manufacturers would not help much in this case tho if you happened to have a ati card(which your sig says not) it would be a pain with the drivers, but in your case it should be just a matter of re-enabling it and activating the monitor.
  17. i like ipod drop http://guspaz.blogspot.com/2006/09/ipoddrop-15-released.html its as simple as a drag and drop! + the argument make it realy powerful and easy for preset files, since its based off of ffmpeg it suports smp too!
  18. 60$ too much... http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16814102061 i dont think the 2x memory makes that much of a diff, but the egg has that model for like 150 also, 190 is just to much
  19. most comps i have are unless they are lappys or cant ie. no option in bios... my current machine unfortunately is not pci locked so i cant really oc it.
  20. hah 80w? not even! http://www.ultraproducts.com/product_detai...p;productID=571 ultra says it only works at 50w at 100% load, sounds like a nice idea tho if you pushed alot more power into it....
  21. http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20070916/ap_on_..._war_protest_10 dont think a bunch of people have road runner..... well now i have to say dc must be a fun place to be now with this stuff goin on
  22. comcast gives my family quite a rip.... cable 8mb down 256kb up? this connection can dl fast but upload even at 10kb/s and its slow as a rock
  23. a mother board woth about 120$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16813127031 80$ after 40$ rebate for the egg it earns my "if i was looking for a core 2 e6750 and a motherboard for a sum of money of id get it" award
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