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  1. So,I bought the ASUS VX229H.Looks pretty good.Was offered the cheaper Dell S2240L though.
  2. Thank you for your time and efforts.
  3. So,I think I am going to buy the ASUS VN248H-P. However,it seems that this one doesn't have DVI port.Will HDMI and D-Sub be good enough ?
  4. i mean I don't want the manufacturer to spend time and money on speakers I will NEVER use.I would rather like them creating a better product using the money and time on the speakers.
  5. Oh,and I prefer monitors with no shitty built-in speakers,might as well use better material/tech than build speakers in my opinion.Maybe I should go with my original choice...
  6. Any subtle differences between them?
  7. I am looking for a monitor under 200$.It will be used for gaming and general use like watching movies,videos on YouTube,web browsing,etc.ASUS VS Series VS247H-P.This is a pretty good monitor I have in mind.Do you have any other monitor to suggest?I won't mind upping my budget a little.
  8. Thanks guys.Your efforts were much appreciated.
  9. settings must be at ultra or equivalent,want constat fps above 60.
  10. Have no budget.Wish to play ALL games at this resolution with 60+ fps in each.Current configuration is crap,so don't bother.I just want you people to suggest me a duo that just gets the job done,don't suggest overkill cpus or gpus.
  11. Hello all. I intend to game on this 1080p monitor: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=9SIA4S81ZU4142Know a better monitor for 1080p gaming?Do suggest. Now,I want to use a CPU that is able to handle a GPU that is able to churn out 60+ fps on ALL games,without any hiccups or stutters.The thing is the CPU should be able to handle the data from the GPU,and just about that.I wish to spend money on the GPU and not as much on the CPU.I expect intelligent replies from the talented and helpful folk on this forum.Thanks.
  12. I mean it's weird how I didn't need to use my username and password last time when I connected the cable directly to my pc.When the ISP started having problems I couldn't use my wifi as the router didn't even broadcast its SSID.Then I connected the cable directly to my pc and it didn't work.I called them and they asked me to use my usename and password.I did it and it worked.I configured my router with PPPoE setting,username and password.Maybe they changed my line from a dynamic ip to PPPoE.
  13. Hmmm.I set up the router.Maybe the ISP changed their line.
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