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  1. i was just reading this magazine article that said that pci xpress cards transfer more data than AGP 8x or PRO, this got me interested in pci express cards, does PCi express cards need a special slot or can they use the same old PCI slots. if it does can any one tell me some good motherboards that have them, i'm not planning 2 build one right now but i'll build when i go 2 college (in a year and a half), oh another thing how do you know which graphic card is better specially for ATI cards
  2. i pressed F2 where it had a choice for me 2 pick then in the welcome screen when i clicked on my username it is just frozen then and picking it's nose
  3. i got this computer and for the past few days i have been able to start it up, when i try to start it up in the main screen it counts the ram rreeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaalllllyyyyyy slow, then after like 5-10 minutes when it detects my CD-RW then it says warning error 0280:previous boot incomplete hefault configuration used and it has an option for <F1> set up <F2> resume what do i do??? i'm not sure that this is under right subject. and the cdRW is not newly installed
  4. yes i can feel the scratch w/i my nail, but i can't feel it that much in bare hands, it's for i pod, will it work on my forge, i'll try to get some pics when i get home
  5. I just got a rio forge128. accidentally i got it scratched in the metal part. is there any way to remove this scratch. plez some one help if this violates the forum rule plez let me know.
  6. i tried 2 call microsoft for my scratched Xp home cd, and they didn't do crap, even if they did it costs like $152 or something for a new media(xp cd), your key should work cauz the keys that come w/i the cds they can b used 3 times
  7. there was no P1 it is a pentium 200mhz i got a pentium 133mhz and a pentium 100mhz
  8. i have just switched from IE 2 fire fox so far i have not been expierencing pop ups but in some places where i need to look at the pop up (example pogo) it blocks it and i am not able to go to it. i know the bar on top but some times it don't show. in IE there was ctrl+clik for over ride is there one for fire fox???
  9. Bush is reelected "GOD HELP US" (form bush)
  10. i like bestbuy, they have a plce to play games, bout online stores i love them 2 but the shipping churge kills me, specially for a monitor or tv.
  11. i got a intel133 (w/i fan and heat sink) i'm planning to fix it up it's not in use right now.
  12. i just installed fedora a few days ago and i only had 2 use the first 2 cds. and ya use nero to burn the image files, on nero ultra 6 u got to recorder and then choose byrn image
  13. I have win me on my old computer, where i have some files i'm not ready to move yet 2 my new comp. so far i'v burned the 4 fedora CDs succesfully (that was a hassle 2 me) when i start the installation after the monitor selection. the part bout partition comes up it has a option of automatic or manual i tried automatic it gave me an error message. then i tried manual where u have to use durid, how do i create new partition using the free space that i have and not delete the windows files & programs. oh what's w/i the / sign how do i use them and what format do i choose. sry asking 2 many questions but i'm a noooooooob
  14. does the burned CDs need 2 be finalized. so far i'v not been finalizing them is that ok
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