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  1. It is the 865PE Neo2 motherboard which was released a long time before 6 months ago. I am getting the system back in the next few days. the company i use are very good and cheap. I do normally sit down and sort my computer problems out but recently i just haven't had time and i was a little out of my depth as i have no idea about electronics and no equipment. I can sort out most software problems and windows based problems but hardware i am at a bit of a loss. Now i have found this site. so hopefully that is about to change. As regards to power problems, unfortunatly i am on an electric meter, so every now and then we forget to check it and the house is plunged into darkness. although i do keep a closer eye on it now to prevent that from happening, but i do have surge protection just incase. The reasons you have given are the same conclusions my friend and i came too. the other hardware in my computer is fine, which is why i sent it off for the analysis. it just seemed very odd that after all that time it just died in such a localised area, besides i was hoping the cpu would still work, and i had no way of finding out whether it would or not.
  2. I bought an MSI 865 Neo2 motherboard about a 15 months ago i hadn't overclocked it or changed any settings on it, but about 2 months ago the whole system turned itself off. When i tried to switch it back on the fans jolted but nothing happend. I took it round to my mates house who is an electrical engineer and he ran a volt meter over the power supply connections, and found that the cable that supplies the processor unit only had about 3 volts coming through it, i am lead to believe this is normally much higher. He replaced the power supply unit and it kept shorting out the new unit when the cpu power cable was connected to the mb. when this cable was disconected everything powered up (except the cpu). I have since sent the computer off to a company for a full analysis but as yet i have only been told the processor and motherboard are dead. I am just wondering whether this has happend to anyone else? What are the possible causes? And what can i do to make sure this doesn't happen to my replacement hardware?
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    Hi, I am new to overclocking and haven't actually done anything yet to my computer in that mannar. i was going to start once i had all my software installed, but when I had managed to get it all sorted out, my MSI motherboard shorted out or something taking out both the cpu and the power supply so i have had to replace it all. Still it ment i could upgrade further, every cloud has a silver lining and all that! I use my computer for music production, gaming, movies and graphics. My PC specs are: Motherboard - ASUS P4C800-E Deluxe Processor - P4 3.2e 800MHz 1Mb L2 cache Heat Sink - ASUS Star Ice Memory - 4 x 512Mb 3200DDR Graphics - MSI FX5600 128Mb Sound - EMU Studio X Pro I am a litlle apprehensive of overclocking due to the fact that my last motherboard took out so much stuff even though i hadn't actually overclocked it. Well I suppose I will go for a look around now i have introduced myself. Laters.
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