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  1. ATi's cards work a little different from nVidia's, one way is that ATi doesn't utilize a separate clock speed for the processing units. Nothing's wrong with your card, it comes with the territory.
  2. 1055T @ 3.85 (fix 2) 7.223 CPUz still hard locks when loading 'Graphics' so I didn't take a chance after I got one to open.
  3. For the new system! Couple things: I'm using CPUZ 1.53 because 1.54 keeps hard-locking my system. Also, upon reboot from 1.54 hard-locking again, one of my cores decided to go from a x14 multi to x4. It happens occasionally, but, I don't know why; all the speed/temp throttling options are disabled within my bios and it's always core 0. Since CPUZ reports the speed as whatever core0 is, I've included a shot of CoreTemp so you can see that the other five cores are where they're supposed to be. All six were at 3.85 at the time of benchmarks. 1055T @ 3.85 2x 5770 @ 915/1385 3DMark05 - 26374 3DMark06 - 22402 3DMark Vantage - 17374
  4. Both nVidia and ATi now say you can install new drivers over old ones. With ATi it works just fine; you don't even need to restart with the last couple releases, but, with nVidia it seems to be a mixed bag with some people reporting the 'install-over-old method' works fine and others saying it doesn't. When you upgrade, if you stay with nVidia, install over the old drivers and see how it goes. If it doesn't work then you have to do it the old-fashioned way. Of course, if you switch to ATi, it's recommended to do the whole thing- you should, just to be sure there aren't any conflicts between drivers.
  5. Haha, there we go.. 10590 1055T @ 3.85 2x 5770 955/1360
  6. Those are green buttons on the left hand side. Beware that all four of the 4k read/write tests take absurdly long to complete on mechanical drives. Edit- Disregard the 4k test bit, I was thinking of AS SSD.
  7. See sig. Fans are quiet and move good air. Heatsink is beautiful and helps keep my 3.8 1055T at 27° idle.
  8. Yes it would. Just fine. In fact it would work in a plain ol' 1.0 slot.
  9. Haha, I forgot that the 5-series had budget cards, too. Here's all the 5570 DDR3 cards. Take your pick.
  10. Just a quick thing on the 4670: Go for the Biostar that's on Newegg. It only has half the memory of the XFX, however, it uses faster DDR3 that will be more useful on the 4670 than twice the memory.
  11. In that case go for the 4670. Only another $20 from the 4550 and will give you performance well worth the extra bit spent. She'll even be able to get some AA+AF at the res's she'll use.
  12. You really should to get her a different card. The 4550 will get its butt handed to itself with anything beyond very lite gaming. Being 64-bit and only having 80 SPs should tip you off, but, if that's not enough, here's how it does with CoD4: even at 1280x800 it's not halfway playable. You'll need something better for CoD4 but especially for Bioshock 2. Since you've convinced your mom that better components are worth the price, see if you can get a 4770 in there. It's another $60 or so, but, it does a lot better. -Edit I suppose it might do well to ask you what res she'll be gaming at?
  13. Let's see where I can't go with these new parts.. 10399 Phenom II x6 1055T @ 3850 2x HIS 1GB 5770 @ 935/1335
  14. How about you choose a handle you like and you use it because you like it?
  15. Edit- Never mind, it's just confusing. I thought that when viewing your profile, that big photo was your avatar. Looks good so far.
  16. Used to do it with pen, paper, and a calculator. This thread inspired me to move everything over to a spreadsheet. Looks much nicer and I don't have to add everything up again if I don't write the total down. So, thanks! :thumbs-up:
  17. It's odd. No other sites will load but OCC. Any idea what could be causing this? Same problem with multiple computers in the house connected to a WRT54G running Tomato firmware that's connected to a Motorola DSL modem. Everything in the router config is setup as it's supposed to and has been setup the way it is a for a little over a year now. Thanks for any help! Edit- Rebooting the modem from a computer fixes the problem for a little while.
  18. ^ thought he and Andrew had something special
  19. So someone called 'Liquid' came in to say that 'there is an IP issue here' and that we would 'probably be getting a new one'.
  20. You did a great job setting up prizes, Dave. I know I'd be honored to have parts given away in my memory and you're giving away that and two systems! I don't have any specific memories of Ryan since we never rightly had interaction, personal or impersonal. I won't be entering, so good luck to the contestants.
  21. Check out the Storm Scout. Great case for the price. Included fans are quiet and push decent air. Motherboard tray isn't removable, however, there are a fair amount of cable routing openings; something many cheaper cases lack. Although mine was free, I believe that the price for one new is more than acceptable. If you want some in person pics, I can take a few.
  22. Go to the new address, it works fine.
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