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  1. I'd still rather have the quad Opteron mobo posted earlier
  2. Yeah, I missed that there at first, it has three. Imagine adding two 6800GT's to it...
  3. Well yeah they're expensive, but that adds to the fun!
  4. But that's not what we're talkin about! We're talkin about the big . double and quad AMD Opteron mobos that support up to 32 gigs of ram! Besides, building several single cpu systems defeats the fun of it all.
  5. WOW. That is amazing. But alas, it has no AGP slot.
  6. I was gonna suggest the bit rate too. If your bit rate is cd quality (128Kbps) or above, it should sound fine. It wouldn't be your sound card. The card only plays what it can on the computer. Your card isnt transfered to the cd-r. It would play whatever the bit rate is. It might be the laser on your cd-rw drive, but it shouldnt be. Try buying one of those laser cleaning utilities, could help.
  7. I believe that if that was used in a gaming rig, it would r0x0r your b0x0rs.
  8. Wwhile browsing www.techreport.com at the mobo section, I saw this baby. Tyan Thunder Just imagine THAT as your main rig mobo. All I can do is drool...
  9. I'd go with the Sceptre. Mainly because it fairly priced, and it's good for what you do. Plus it is the cheapest one. Well, the Acer and that are tied in price, but, I'd still go with the Sceptre.
  10. I just ran 03 yesterday I should remember what I got, I think I got around 3k marks. Let me run it again and I'll post it.
  11. I have the card, and I did oc it. Just 50 more MHz on the dual memory clocks and I have a 1GHz effective memory c. But anyway, its stock setup is 275MHz core, and dual 400MHz mems. I oc'ed that to 347MHz core & dual 461MHz mems. It runs fine. Plays all the UT series great, plays every game I own great. You'll see a gain in fps once you oc it.
  12. Two things 1.I did the bios already, it's locked, I can't oc from the bios, which is why I'm looking for a OC Utility for processors. 2.My mobos max is PC2700, it sucks, yes, I'd love PC3500, but I'm too lazy to go out and buy a new mobo, take the mobo out of the case, remove the retention tabs for the P4, put the new one in etc, etc. And if you don't mind telling me, why shouldn't I use 2 g's of PC2700?
  13. Hey guys, I'm new to OCC, and I hope to become a regular poster & enjoy my time here. I actually stumbled upon this place looking for some utilities that would allow me to oc my P4. Unfortunately, the two I found here, well, that the link gave, one I had to pay for, and one I couldn't download. I love overclocking anything I can overclock, I love oc'ing period. I love upgrading pcs, I love being around pcs. I game up to 50+ hours a week sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes, no kidding, so uh, yeah. Anyway, here are my pc specs. FIC E VG33VP mobo Intel P4 @ 2.60GHz *512k cache* 1Gig PC2700 DDR *upgrading to 2Gigs of PC2700 today* 80Gig Maxtor 7200 ATA nVidia GeForce FX5700LE *used to be 275MHz core clock & dual 400MHz memory clocks, oc'ed that to 345MHz core clock & dual 458MHz memory clocks 916MHz effective* So, that's my rig. It's not the best out there, and it doesn't make it into the top twenty pcs here, I'm sure, but, it works just fine and plays my games awesome thanks to my nVidia. So, hey!
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