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  1. What did you delete and was GFW Live installed at any point previously?
  2. That problem with GFW Live associated with Halo 2 is because there's a newer version of it already installed on your computer and Halo 2 won't recognize it. You can install the old one if you uninstall the version you have, but, it will still fail to launch because of scattered files and registry keys that refer to the newer version one way or another. The easiest solution to that problem is a fresh start and you MUST install Halo 2 first. It will update GFW Live to the most current version and then you can install any other GFW Live games you have. It's rather bothersome for one game, so, if you get this error and can wait a while until you next reformat, do it that way. Besides that little launch issue, it worked just fine for me on Win 7.
  3. They'll perform about the same in relation to the 460 as it would to the 5870. Because you already have one 5770, it will be significantly cheaper than buying a 460 and trying to sell the 5770.
  4. Registered a few days ago, so I'm in.
  5. Works for me now, too. It seems to be an intermittent problem that doesn't affect everyone at the same time.
  6. For the past few days www.overclockersclub.com won't load for me in any browser. Andrew has experienced the same problem. http://overclockersclub.com, however, does load in any browser. This problem occurs on every computer I have and the same results occurred after restarting my router. downforeveryoneorjustme also reports that www.overclock.... is down but http:// isn't. Did something change? Cheers!
  7. Q6600 sold. DK x38 price lowered. Bump.
  8. If there's nothing your're unhappy with performance wise then save your money for a little bit. The only thing that seems mildly out of place is the 4890, but, if you feel it's pulling it's weight and you don't play a lot of DX11 titles then use it until it gets to the point where you feel it isn't holding up.
  9. You've likely got cool 'n' quiet enabled in the bios. You'll want to disable that to see the full advantage of your OC. Around the 4GHz mark your idle should be in the mid 20s and load under 65. Both will depend on your ambient temp., idle more so than load. Just keep an eye on it.
  10. There are a few exceptions, but, physical media is better to me.
  11. Bump. Updated terms. New items. Prices lowered.
  12. Only the 890GX/FX are Crossfire compatible. Both slots on your board are physical x16, however, only one of them operates at x16 electrical while the other is limited to x4 electrical and cannot be used to run Crossfire. Your board supports Hybrid Crossfire X, which allows you to run the onboard 4250 and whatever card(s) is(are) in the electrical x16 and x4 slot in Crossfire: limited to the 2400/3400 series cards.
  13. 8x can run in a 4x slot and vice versa. You don't rightly need anything new to be good if your in-laws don't game, anything GeForce 3/8xxx series on up will do more than well enough.
  14. That's the power saving feature and is completely normal. The clocks go to their normal values when any 3D app. is launched. You'll see it if you alt-tab or just close from a game. And just in case, if you ever OC the card, only the core frequency will downclock.
  15. Did you try to see what was preventing the card from seating correctly?
  16. It's nothing to worry about if there's a solid connection. It would help if you had a picture to show exactly what it looks like. Fool around with the position of the card and see what it's catching on.
  17. Part of the problem is that it's not officially advertised on OCC and I haven't known what the ip for the server is for some months now, so I couldn't connect. I suspect that's been a problem for other people, too. I would say yes, but, only if you can 1) guarantee a consistent address to connect to and 2) ask Dave to have it mentioned officially on the site; like a button/page for it under 'Community' on the homepage and a button for it on the nav. bar on the forum. Andrew's idea to use the Steam room is good in that it's free, however, not everybody has Steam and those that do don't always have it running. An IRC room is much more accessible, I would say, since there are various clients that don't need to be installed and others that are web-based. This may only be me, but I also think that it wouldn't function quite the same. Whenever I'm chatting with someone on Steam, the discussion usually ends up gravitating toward 'Wanna play a round or two of X?' It's the association of Steam with games, whereas IRC is more relaxed; you go into an IRC room to chill and chat with whoever else is in there. Above all else, if it won't be used, then maybe it's best to let it rest.
  18. Will you let the unfortunate know they haven't been picked as well?
  19. I wouldn't think the mobo to cause that problem. To me that still sounds like a driver problem, maybe a couple files conflicting or a stray registry key that wasn't removed or changed like it should've been. Uninstall 10.5 and run Driver Cleaner in safe mode, reboot and install them fresh. If it still does it, at least you know it's not the drivers. Edit- Did you by chance use nVidia before your 5850? If you did, definitely uninstall 10.5 and run driver cleaner and include all the nVidia options along with ATi's.
  20. Likely a driver problem, thought what exactly I don't know. After you install 10.5 see if you still have that problem.
  21. nVidia has always had an advantage with OpenGL programs. Don't be discouraged by that, I'm doing just a tick better than a 470.
  22. As for your OC problem, what exactly is it that's making you think you can't go beyond 725/1125? Will settings not stick, are you hard-locking, or something else?
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