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    Multiplayer is up again.
  2. You guys are dirty! I don't let my rig get so dirty that cleaning it results in a 10° difference anywhere.
  3. It's an older model that isn't in anything remarkable, in fact I have one that came out of an OEM. In its time it was better than onboard, but now it's not much to drool over.
  4. The asking price of three quid and shipping charge of the same amount also seem acceptable. You must see something that I do not.
  5. nVidia_Freak


    Rather nice update. Can't wait to play this in MP.
  6. I'm not sure what you're going on about. Seems like a fairly normal listing for an older SB.
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    Right click, save-as.
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    Haha, well now we have to explore in the other directions.
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    I think he said he was a buddy of airman's. He's not a griefer, though, so don't mind him so much.
  10. You're right, Paul. The 450 will be a very good PhysX card, use it if you've got the power. Also, do it this way, it's much simpler.
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    I just tried to connect to that server. It tells me it failed and the connections was refused.
  12. Yeah, same.. I was trying to restore it earlier and I had to use the South American server to get it to restore files on my hard drive... On top of that, it wants to download an additional 3GB of updates. Rescheduled for Wednesday.
  13. Who's up for it? Got a few hours before I scheduled in Steam, but that's not a big deal.
  14. I was hoping for more of a game night, like Deathmineral's movie night. An informal gathering of some people from OCC that want to play. It's necessary to explain The Passing level for L4D2, which was released a while ago and is as such very late. Oh well.
  15. Not completely new, but it's not here. For anyone that isn't aware, The Sacrifice campaign will be released this Tuesday for L4D1 and 2, and the original No Mercy campaign will be released for L4D2. Both ought to be good. The difference between the L4D1/2 versions of The Sacrifice is that in L4D2, you get all the new special infected/weapons/mods. More info. here, and a trailer below. To celebrate, as it were, I've scheduled a few OCC gaming events on Steam so we can play through. Who's up for it?
  16. Weekly trivia contests. We can make it more OCC oriented and have themes of computers, games, electronics. Things related to OCC. Each week is one of those themes, and each night we can have triviabot ask questions based on the theme. Each week, whoever has the most points wins a prize. Points and theme reset every week.
  17. It's telling you that's the spot to enter the password. The number of asterisks doesn't correspond to the number of characters for your current password. The user will still be 'admin'.
  18. nVidia_Freak

    L4D2 NOW!!

    Check the OCC group. BluePanda, she even uses the same monkeytar.
  19. Windows doesn't always report the correct speed for an OC'd processor. I know that my Q6600 @ 3.2 was always reported as 3.6 in Vista and 7. Nothing to worry about. The usual, make sure that any speedstep stuff is disabled. Get a hold of CoreTemp and check that both cores are operating at 3.2 When I was testing the stability of my 1055T and I got a hard lock, a reboot would bring one of the cores, usually core 0 to 1.85 or so. CPUz wouldn't always report it, but you can check each core with CT.
  20. That sounds more like a card issue to me. 500w, although not a lot, should cover your system as it's not particularly demanding. Verify the stability of your card before you spend on a new power supply.
  21. Some pretty sweet co-op footage of Portal 2 earlier this week along with the co-op trailer. Release is now Feb. 2011, but it's Valve, so we'll see. Can't wait for this to come out, should be fun to have some OCC'ers get together to play through with.
  22. Sounds like a good deal, man. Come on in to IRC everyone! Think about sticking around if you enjoy your stay.
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