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  1. Black, you've already established that you think NASA uses too much money, so, you don't need to keep repeating yourself. Putting people into space isn't strictly necessary for survival, but, so are all the things around us. Putting people not just into space, but onto other terrestrial worlds on a semi-permanent basis, is a step we have to take to continue space exploration. It shows commitment. If enough people respond positively, we can continue to do it. Do you not care for space exploration?
  2. Be that as it may, then that's only about current-USD $40 billion (without adjusting for inflation) that the USA has spent alone just to get the probes and satellites into space, with something like the Webb Space Telescope only taking an eighth of that to produce. I get the feeling you're just trying to start unnecessary ruckus. (Re)read what I posted and please give it some serious thought before you go around telling people how wasteful space programs are. And thus I agree with you. But, let's not make this into a heated political debate, please.
  3. Found via [H] (thank you MajorDomo) and as this is very important to me, here it is for you. http://www.huffingto...-_n_846702.html And my views on this, voiced because somebody didn't see the point, including his view: Far from it. Though we may not have discovered much *new*, our trips to the Moon certainly did confirm much of what was only speculation based on observations. Beyond that, it excites those of us that are curious about where we are, what we came from, how the solar system/stars/planets/universe and everything in it forms, what their functions are, what those functions permit/disallow, and the general interrelatedness of it all. The Space Race wasn't just about politics and getting to the moon, it was about gathering as much information and measurements about our surroundings as we could. It eventually led to some still very famous and noteworthy space telescopes and probes that were launched and are still in use: Voyager I, II, and the Hubble Space Telescope. Read about what they do and why. In particular, look at what the HST provides us with. If you have at least a very basic understanding of (astro)physics, look at any of those photos and you should be humbled and overwhelmed by intense feelings of happiness and knowing. Knowing that those galaxies are millions, and even billions of lightyears away from us, and that there might be a planet like ours somewhere in one of them, or that there might not be...it's amazing, and that's an understatement. What is felt, words are unsuitable to even begin to describe. Look at everything that we've done, and what spawned from the Space Race. If that hadn't happened, it might have turned out that none of those probes, satellites, and telescopes would be there. But the fact is that it was started by people that weren't necessarily interested with space in itself, and though those that were benefited from it, many of those achievements, particularly the later ones, were made from the momentum that was left from what had been. Just look at how things have tapered down. What those of that are immensely interested in space can do is severely limited compared to what we could. The next major launch for a space exploration/observation vessel is the James Webb Space Telescope whose purpose it is to replace the Hubble Space Telescope, and although it will be vastly superior, it's not due to be launched until some unknown time after 2015 (was set for 2014 at one point, whether that's a funding or technical issue I'm not aware of). But look back at what the Hubble has given, gives, and will continue to give us. It's far from being unspectacular. And yet here we are getting ready to do something even better. Imagine the knowledge that can be gained. That's why, no matter who does it, we need space programs. If we can spark another Space Race, great, and if we can make it a sustainable Race, all the better. --- So there you have it. Thoughts?
  4. @Steve I had considered the 3x but I preferred the look of the 3c. The only issue is the little plastic strain relief that's inside like you mentioned. I could probably trim this one down a tad and have it fit, maybe I'll take care of that tomorrow. Even if I was on the move a lot with the K701 I would still want some braiding to protect the cable so I don't cut it/squish it and damage anything as well as keep it from getting all icky. Other than that I just don't have any attachments small enough for my dremel to make the hole into the right earcup. I suppose I could try a plain cutter, but there really isn't a need for dual entry unless I decide to go balanced. With my current amp though that isn't necessary. So single entry unbalanced it remains!
  5. Steve did his a couple years ago and it's about time I got around to mine... K701 #29959...Purchased new from Headroom in November of 2008...approaching approximately three thousand (3000!) hours of use so far...up until this day everything was original. As you might imagine, despite regular cleaning, things got a little dirty and beat up. As it was, the stock cable was falling apart from the stress reliefs on both ends and was being held together with some rather tacky Scotch tape. One of the headband clips was broken. Both of the earpads were showing some discolouring, mild shedding, were excessively soft, and the backs were as thing as the fronts of new pads... Earlier last week I'd had enough and decided to spruce it up a little bit. New pads, a thorough cleaning, and a recable. On Monday on the way were a soldering station, solder, and the following parts related to the recable: 11' white Mogami 2534 4-wire cable Neutrik NP3C-B 1/4" TRS plug Neutrik white BSP9 cover New earpads Unbalanced, but what I have to make do with for use with my current amp, the Little Dot MK. V. I also considered making a y-split to each earcup instead of single sided, but, I think the single cable look suits the K701 very well and I to me the extra pull to the left isn't particularly noticeable. I also didn't care to demolish my headphones to get into the right earcup. I thought about black cable, but I decided against it since the K701 has more of a white scheme going for it, and, although contrast is nice, it looks so much nicer as small bits here and there. Ultimately I'm glad I did, because it looks very sexy. It took quite a while longer than I expected because this was my first recable, I was also learning how to solder well, and the cable only has two wire colours and I had to mess around with which on one end was soldered to the tip on the other. I also had a bit of a scare when I couldn't get the left drive working, but I found that the little thin copper wire that goes from the signal pots to the driver had snapped. Luckily it snapped in the middle and not where the driver is sealed and a single copper wire from some chopped cable and a bit of solder fixed that right up. And here it is: Real thick cable, this Mogami stuff. The cap won't screw down all the way because of it, but make no mistake, it's tight! Despite that it's not so thick to work without a strain relief, and here you can see my hi-tech black vinyl solution. And a couple beauty shots for the road... Now, you might've noticed that the plastic guides for the headband are taped. That's because one of them broke sometime last year, and I decided to make purposely break the other for it became symmetrical. Only a little bit of vertical stretch is missing, but I don't need all of it, plus it doesn't look so bad yet. The only thing I wish I did was get some white cable flex to protect the cable so it doesn't get dirty and get gunky like the stock gray cable did. That'll have to be for next time. Whether or not the marginally nicer sound I'm hearing is just me enjoying the fruits of my labour or not I can't say, but it was enjoyable to do and I can certainly say that it looks very nice and was totally worth the effort. Anyway, thanks for looking and happy listening!
  6. I hope I get to keep the same pay-as-you-go plan...I don't have $30 a month to spend on minutes I won't use.
  7. Check the battery anyway. How's the alternator? Is it original/replacement? If replacement, how old is it? Might be the pump as mentioned. Turn the key forward without cranking the engine, you should hear the pump prime the engine. Should be a soft whine reminiscent of hydraulics, followed by a click.
  8. It ends March 6 at 2359, that's tonight (Sunday).
  9. Lol wut. It's only waking-up time for most of the Americas and it's still 16.5 hours from closing time on the Pacific Coast. You really ought to have made it clear what time zone this was going to be in. Edit Wow, Taco even specifically mentioned 2359 EST. That's not for another 13.5 hours.
  10. As much as the imbalance toward the buyer on eBay is horribly unfair, your friend made a huge mistake in shipping it out again to an unconfirmed address. The first time it happened, he was covered because he sent it to the confirmed address and didn't listen to any of the buyer's BS. Then he sent it out again, when he should've issued a refund and let eBay know about the feedback. I have sympathy for the initial attempt at shipping, but not for the second. The second attempt was outside of the original transaction and was entirely his choice.
  11. Waco is certainly not a baby girl and you obviously have not used an SSD as a main drive.
  12. For mobile app's only. They need to keep themselves afloat some way.
  13. Edit- No, that was just silly...never mind you what I had here.. Post edit edit - Just ask her what's up if it's bringing you down so much.
  14. There is nothing so nerve grating as prolonged laughter emanating from one source unaccompanied by anything humorous.
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