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  1. More K701 <3 It's likely the one of the thin wires that connects to the driver. Take the earcup apart and clean it/apply new solder. If you want to be creative and make everything look nice again, get a pair of new ear pads and some new cable and recable it!
  2. I'm in. I'd like to learn some level artistry.
  3. nVidia_Freak


    How about the current OCC fan logo?
  4. Any mention of speed on a SATA cable is pure marketing. Nothing has changed with the electrical wiring within the cables and connections between the SATA bus evolution. Since nothing has changed, and the cables are then the same, there is absolutely no difference.
  5. Metro 2033 is just a bitch of a game to get to play smoothly. If he has hardware PhysX enabled, that's going to drag performance down.
  6. G.SKILL Sniper sold to Terry Some prices dropped. Stuff's going to be put on eBay soon.
  7. Bump. Some prices lowered, GSKILL sold. Had to spend $$$ on a new bike since mine was stolen last Thursday...Still moving at the end of the month, still need to pay first month's rent...
  8. Samsung says 5ms. It's a TN panel, so it's not as though it's going to be blurry or have any noticeable input lag.
  9. Updated EVERYTHING and added my current monitor. This stuff needs to be sold, so please buy something and give it a good home!
  10. Bump. A few things sold, prices adjusted. Buy these things, bitte!
  11. smduff Although it is possible to wire multiple fans in series to one controller so long as the amperage and voltage ratings of the fans allow. It's just like a power supply, where multiple devices can have power supplied to them from a single rail. That's also why extension cables work. Having said that, fan controllers have a function, and that is to control a number of fans. Because it's possible to quiet or increase the CFM of fans by a bit of stripping and splicing, controllers are generally, though hardly only, for people who don't want to do that or need something that looks a little nicer and offers a little more direct control. As such, fan controllers are generally sold based on the number of channels they feature, and the case of the Sentry Mesh, that's five, and so the Sentry Mesh 'only supports' five fans, that is, without making/purchasing the needed cable splitters, or otherwise modifying the device and only using what is provided for plug-n-play use. Technically fan controllers could simply have one 150 Watt channel and just have a whole bunch of splits, like a power supply, but in the case of fan controllers that offers considerably less flexibility with regards to controlling individual fans.
  12. Two forums and five people message me plus three people express interest for the Mini. I don't know what you guys see in that one... Anyway it's pending elsewhere for now.
  13. See here. http://forums.overclockersclub.com/index.php?showtopic=181967
  14. We were cleaning out part of a building that was being used for storage. Everything was being trashed unless, of course, anyone saw anything they might have a use for. Hidden away among parts to old printing presses and print cutters was this little beauty... In mint condition, with only a few marks on the cable. No dirt, no gunk, nothing rattling inside, the LEDs work, all the keys depress and go clickity-clak. It even has removable key caps! The only thing it's missing are drainage channels, but those didn't come along until the year after this one was made. Been using it for a few days now and I <3 it. The way my Déck (MX Black switches) made rubber dome KBs feel is the same way the Model M makes MX Black switches feel: all mushy and bleh! That's tactile for you though...I will still use the Déck for gaming, but everything else...Model M.
  15. Also, since apparently shit tons of people don't realise this, Portal 2 is a full-game, twice as long as Portal each for SP and MP coop. A regular game price for a regular game, if you will.
  16. Just like the title says, I'm looking for a Portal 2 2-pack partner. It's $39.99 each. I'll buy it and you can pay the difference via PayPal or Amazon Payments. Who's up for it?
  17. Halo 2 for PC was purposely prevented from running on XP, despite running DX9, to promote Vista sales. Everybody claimed(s) that there were fixes or workarounds, but I was never able to get any of them to work. BUT That's against the forum rules. Buy it! It should only be $10 now... That also might be why your loader isn't working.
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