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    Top Gear

    Rarely is a show in the US granted more than one hour of run time with commercials included. BBC's Top Gear runs approximately one hour without commercials. It's not uncommon for BBC shows to run at odd time slots as compared to other broadcasters'. Some shows might have a 1:35 (hours:minutes) or 0:45 time slot, or some other odd time. If there are no shows short enough to fit in the time slot before the next hour it's usually filled up with a couple brief news segments and commercials. That's what I've noticed anyhow. I've never seen anything from US broadcasters that funky.
  2. nVidia_Freak

    Top Gear

    I agree, though I felt a little pang seeing an e30 dropped on its roof.
  3. Trader's Little Helper, amongst its other uses, is able to convert to FLAC, SHN, APE, and MKW to MP3. Totally free.
  4. You said the card you have from MSI is already equipped with one. There's no reason it shouldn't.
  5. http://www.ngohq.com/graphic-cards/17706-hybrid-physx-mod-v1-03-v1-05ff.html This little registry 'mod' works just fine and has since I started using it last year.
  6. It's very reasonable to assume that the Twin Frozr II will fit cards already fitted with one.
  7. Happy Christmas! Congrats to the winners, especially those of you that got SSDs.
  8. My apologies for getting anyone excited.
  9. Lame. Thanks for the tip.
  10. I don't think anyone's so cruel as to register half-life3.com and then have it redirect to half-life2.com just for a laugh. I'd like to think that Valve also purchased HL3/EP3 related domains just in case anyway, so that things like the previously mentioned don't occur.
  11. nVidia_Freak

    Half-Life 3!

    http://www.black-aperture.com/ I stand corrected. A one fingered salute to a Mr. David Hassen is in order.
  12. Very cool stuff up there, Dave. Email sent. Cheers to everyone that enter(s)ed.
  13. Déck Legend Toxic and one pristine IBM Model M 52G9658 with removable key cap covers. Déck for gaming and IBM for general usage.
  14. Rig in profile. Maxed sliders, ultra settings, Enhanced Shaders mod, modified INI for more eyecandy, 8xMSAA, 16xAF, 1920x1200. The game runs with very little variation in frames per second between settings and resolutions on ATi, so why not have it look great while it runs like a fecal impaction?
  15. tcool I remember what your questions were, so I'll answer them. I don't always keep up with questions. Without a hard drive the unit is near silent. There's not much inside, and certainly nothing that produces much heat as evidenced by the lack of heatsinks. With a hard drive, the unit is as loud as the drive. Slower and newer drives will be quieter, and obviously, an SSD will add no noise. A Seagate Barracuda 7200.12, which I used, is very quiet, with only head movement and a mild vibration letting me know that something's going on inside. Keep in mind, too, that the addition of a storage drive will increase the internal temperature, and I'm unaware if the fan ever ramps up or can handle very high heat. Even so, the unit itself is rather a large heat sink, so there shouldn't be too many issues if there are.
  16. I only touch eBay if something I want to buy is only available there or I have a particularly high value item that hasn't sold anywhere else. Both ways can be hairy. Luckily I haven't had any issues when selling, but, I did have one guy tell me that rats chewed through all the wiring and pissed all over the insides of a Pioneer tuner and amplifier I had purchased because I wouldn't leave him feedback so he could have his funds until after I had received the items. Both of them arrived, sans rat piss, packaged well and in excellent physical and working conditions, and are still running strong.
  17. Don't worry, it's alright. We are at war with Eastasia and have always been. It is for your own good. http://news.cnet.com...rime-detection/
  18. @neozgeo As I stated, I couldn't get a mouse to function anywhere where the functionality supposedly existed. Perhaps an update is needed to get it working. @Waco In my experience it can handle some pretty demanding stuff. It easily handled a few HQ 1080p MP4 renders of HD cam footage. Furthermore, it also handled the raw mts files that the camcorder created with finesse.
  19. They were good when they were known as Battleheart. Unfortunately, that name had been taken and they changed to Alestorm. Their introduction EP, self titled, was freely available and the best of their work, IMO. Terror on the High Seas EP, released the same year (2006) isn't terribly, either, but Battleheart beats it. Look it up, it's not available on their site anymore, and the Battleheart domain is no longer, but it's available on various file-sharing sites. Edit - This is what I'm talking about... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UhKrSksS0dE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEgR4Ikhvec http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hoE16HeOihE
  20. I've been using the board since I tested it and it seems to work fine, now. No issues with the boards after settings started to stick, just for whatever reason, during testing, it was a PITA. I'm still not a fan of the unnecessary UEFI GUI, and using the mouse can be troublesome (choppy movement, clicks not registering) but it suffices. Now that it works I rather like it, and I agree that its looks are ace. Now if only ECS would get the board out...
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