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  1. R9 280 reduced to $110, description updated to show it includes the XFire bridge and power adapters. B75M-ITX reduced to $50. HyperX Black reduced to $35. Canon S95 description updated to show it includes the battery, charger, and a small camera bag.
  2. Heatware - 59/0/0 Unless noted otherwise: - All items come from a smoke-free, pet-friendly household. - Offers considered. - Payment is accepted via PayPal or Amazon Payments. - PayPal payment methods that include an address must have a confirmed address and items will be shipped only to that address. - All prices include shipping within the US48 via USPS with Signature Confirmation. - Contact me if you are located in HI, AL, or a US Territory for possible addition postage. - A small discount is available for local pickup in or around 60625. Cash required if this option is desired. - Please include your Heat ID so I don't have to dig for it. $140 Dell P2414H Professional Rev A01 (Will be shipped via UPS, local pickup is $110) - Second monitor/first owner since early 2014. Monitor only. This is the first panel revision after A00. A00 was RMA'd with Dell due to a whole bunch of dark spots appearing in the left corners of the screen after six months. I will include all of the paperwork and numbers I received during the RMA process should this one ever need to be RMA'd. This monitor is dead/stuck pixel free and has no dark spots. Includes monitor, power, DP and USB cables, and rear port cover. $50 ASRock B75M-ITX - Second owner since late 2013. Mobo, I/O shield, socket cover, and manual included. $60 Rosewill RK-9000BL Cherry MX Black Mechanical Keyboard - First owner since late 2013. Lightly used and in fantastic shape. Includes USB and PS/2 cables. $25 Vantec NexStar 3 3.5" HDD eSATA/USB2 Enclosure - First owner since late 2008. Includes enclosure, power brick, eSATA and USB cables, and vertical stand. Some very light scuffing on the surface. SOLD $120 Intel i5 3570K SOLD $50 Silverstone ST45SF 450W 80+ Bronze mITX PSU SOLD $35 8GB (2x 4GB) Kingston HyperX Black (non-FURY) DDR3-1600 SOLD $70 Canon PowerShot S95 SOLD $95 MSI AMD Radeon R9 280 3GB (R9 280 Gaming 3G)
  3. User: Black64 I was: The seller Feedback: Positive Worked out a deal with Black64, he paid quickly, and maintained excellent communication with me. Definitely worthy of future business.
  4. Bump. Prices lowered. Bunch of stuff sold. A few more assorted things added.
  5. Huh, well I was hoping some of the people playing on the server and in the chat would be from here. I guess I'm wrong.
  6. On either of the voice servers? I'll be on in a little while.
  7. FtB, woo! I'll hop in at some point. I've been having fun with this modpack for a while.
  8. I wasn't addressing your post. I was letting anyone know that might think to expect that performance without having a proper USB 3.0 reader for it and/or wonder about the extraordinarily large gap between it and the comparison cards.
  9. In case anyone's wondering, those comparison results were performed on a USB 2.0 reader (I know because I did them!). This is a fast card, other reviews back that up, and there will definitely be a performance difference between it and those comparison cards, but beware, if this is used in a USB 2.0 reader, it will only perform about twice as fast as the SanDisks. If you want those super-fast speeds, you'll need a USB 3.0 reader like Panda, and of course a board with USB 3.0 ports and headers to take advantage of it. Good stuff otherwise.
  10. Whole bunch of crap with new pictures in the post. A few things like the TI-84 Plus added.
  11. nVidia_Freak


    I've got a level 45 Hunter, Andrew has an assortment of higher level characters, and when we play with Deathmineral we have lower level ones.
  12. Definitely looking forward to Watch Dogs, especially once I saw that it's based in what looks to be a geographically accurate Chicago. I shouldn't have any issue getting around. Edit- Aw, why aren't they using the actual street names? I'm still interested...
  13. I baked a Powercolor 4870 that couldn't handle the modest of OCs before it decided to . off and artifact everywhere all the time, even at stock speeds. Popped it in the oven at 385° for a total of twenty minutes and it worked like a charm after that, though it still couldn't OC worth a crap. Sold it after upgrading to 5770 CF and the buyer had no issues with it. Give it a shot. Worst case is that baking it doesn't fix it because shoddy solder isn't the problem.
  14. Hello OCC! Your very own Scott (Deathmineral) and Jon (myself!) will be playing through both of XXGOOTSXX's Goots Golf maps at 7:45PM CDT (-6GMT). Although we game together on a semi-regular basis, this will be our first livestream event, and we hope to gather enough interest so that we want to continue doing them! Our immediate goals are to increase our time gaming, including trying out new and unusal games that might be largely overlooked, and, we intend to showcase maps and mods that would that we feel deserve a special mention. ------------ Tonight, we'll be looking at Goots Golf 1 and 2. Having partially played through Goots Golf 1, I found the courses simple, yet very enjoyable (much like real miniature golf!). What makes XXGOOTSXX's golf maps worthy of a mention are that they do not require any mods to work and all the courses have been created with bonestock Minecraft blocks and materials. The courses are very well put together and you should check 'em out! If you're undecided, however, join Scott and myself at 7:45PM CDT (-6 GMT) for a live playthrough of Goots Golf 1 and 2. Our Livestream channel is available here. Goots Golf 1 and 2 are available here and here. Cheers!
  15. Actually, the way the controllers and memory work in SSDs, the less memory there is, the slower it will be. The largest difference will be with write performance. In the case of 60(4)GB vs 120(8)GB SSDs, the 60(4)GB drives will write about half as fast as the 120(8)GB drives, while reads stay about the same. While running two 60(4)GB SSDs in RAID0 sounds nice, it only brings the write performance around that of the 120(8)GB drive. Read performance will increase as long as the storage controller can handle it, but you'll still only have 60(4)GB of space to use. That's a little restrictive in some cases, and so it makes more sense to buy the larger drive for the same if not slightly better write performance and still blazing read performance that will do just as well as would two small drives in RAID, all the while having twice the storage capacity. The only instances where RAID0 SSDs outweigh the single larger drive, is if you have incredibly large files that need to be read as fast as possible. I'm talking in the tens of gigabytes, but then you probably won't be fooling around with drives with such low capacity. The video also doesn't mention capacity for the SSDs. I'm guessing they're low capacity. You wouldn't see much of an improvement if you were to see comparisons between small capacity RAID0 and a single large capacity drive.
  16. Excellent stuff here! I used to have a 325es that was also purchased from the original owner a couple years back. Despite being a Chicago car he had always parked it in a garage and it was largely rust free. The only two things I would be careful with are the O2 sensor in the midpipe, though it might not be an issue on yours if there hasn't been much salt. If the midpipe is rusty or even just around the sensor be careful taking it out. Mine was still solid but covered in surface rust and the threads had rusted and more or less made the pipe and sensor one piece. I did eventually get the sensor out, but at the cost of a hole! I patched it over with a bit of high heat epoxy, a bit of sheet metal and a couple hose clamps. Worked fine and mileage increased! Damn thing was dirty. Yours has about 10K more miles on it than mine had and there are likely going to be a lot of little things on it that need to be replaced soon. Definitely check the fuel filter if your car's getting a little rough when it's warmed up. That's probably what it is if the roughness goes away for any length of time if you step hard on and then let off the accelerator pedal. If it seems sluggish with bursts of pep, that's definitely what it is. It looks like yours is also one that has the battery in the trunk. Pay special attention to the area where it would be were it up front. That spot right up against the firewall can be prone to rust, and if it's rusted enough water will end up leaking into the passenger footwell. That was an issue with mine and was quite annoying. Subscribed!
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