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    Go to the new address, it works fine.
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    It's been like that for a few days now. Inji!!!!
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    16:9 ***vs*** 16:10

    Whoops, I did 1900*120.
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    16:9 ***vs*** 16:10

    16:10 (1920x1200). I like the extra vertical space. As for arguments for 16:9 stating you're only missing 120 pixels between x1080 and x1200: (premiumgfx) As both have a width of 1920 pixels, 120 pixels refers to the pixels lost in height for every one pixel in width. Since a display is uniform on each edge, opposing edges meet at 90
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    OCC IRC #overclockersclub.com
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    Happy Pi Day

    B:) also
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    Old video card into newer computer

    1. If the card was taken with the motherboard it won't work. 2. If it didn't get taken out and works, as long as there's no power going to it, it laying on bare metal won't do anything. Even if there was metal touching the card and power was going to it, unless it sneaked under a cap or scraped enough to touch a trace, it would still be fine. 3. Static electricity is a problem when power is going through components or enough is left in any caps. Since your dad said 'it looked dusty' I'll wager it was without any electrical current left or going through it. In conclusion the card probably works and if it doesn't, you'll get yourself a few beeps during post and no display.
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    Most epic Fail ever

    'Bob Saget!' be from Tourettes Guy. Best part is when he tries to climb back up into the ceiling and comes crashing down.
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    The Official 'i Just Bought...' Thread

    Tickets for J
  10. Anyone in the Chicago area (anywhere within the city and up to and around O'Hare) looking for a roommate or have a room to rent? I'd like to move, however, I only have a part-time job and don't make quite enough to feel secure in renting my own place. The cheapest studios in the area would put me on edge if I miss a few days of work during the month. Not even leisure days, days that we have off would throw my budget off. I've looked on Craigslist and apartment guides and newspapers, which is why I decided to try here; we're all geeks and there's a better chance that we can get along than complete strangers. What say you?
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    Name That Car!

    I was being sarcastic, but OK. Someone else go and post a car.
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    different core temps

    Check with a program like Prime95 or CPU Stab Test, something that will utilise all four cores 100%. The difference between the hottest and coolest core on my Q6600 is usually ~ 5-6
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    Name That Car!

    No it's a 1969 914, gtfo. Mentioning the year bothers me enough; more so when you just list the production run (incorrectly at that). Your go, hot shot.
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    Name That Car!

    Lotus Carlton (For precision, a Vauxhall Carlton upgraded by Lotus) You can just make out the Lotus roundel on the back of the front fender in the photo!
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    OFFICIAL 10.1 Drivers ARE OUT!!!

    Not with ATi. Install right over the old. It's recommended.
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    4 pin or 8 pin

    Thermaltake says that unit comes with a 4+4-pin 12v cable. Did you lose it?
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    Easter Egg

    Why is there a big blurred square over the crotch?
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    What's your driving camera view for Racing games?

    Voted for dashboard. If the game I'm playing has no dash view, as most PS2/Xbox driving/racing games are that way, I use the bumper cam.
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    [DEAL]Refurb PCP&C 610 & 750W

    It seems about right for a year and a half old power supply that's seen many 72+ continuous hour services with ambient rarely lower than 70*F. Agreed that it's been rock solid since day one. B:)
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    [DEAL]Refurb PCP&C 610 & 750W

    I love my 610. Very silent and very stable. Rails aren't the best, but they work. (4.87 5v, 3.25 3v, 12v is good, hasn't gone below 11.97 under load.) Great deal for $50, $60 cheaper than new.
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    %@^# what the heck! Avast free

    Start > My Computer > Add/Remove Programs > avast! Antivirus. If that's not there, something, possibly you, screwed up somewhere during installation. edit I see you tried this. Try right clicking the avast! bubble in the system tray and choosing 'Stop On-Access Protection'. You should be able to do something then. I don't know why you're having this problem, it's always been easy to add/remove for me.
  22. It depends on how much power your card(s) require. Since you're running a single 5870, the PCIe slot and cables provide more than adequate power. If, on the other hand, you had two 5970s that were OC'd as far as you could get them, you might need that additional power.
  23. Independence and free thought.
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    AMD Veterans

    As MSI's website states, the KT3 Ultra officially supports up to the Athlon XP 2600+. As for the fan, buy something the same fan size, likely 80mm in this case, and swap the Tornado out for it.
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    Motherboard 1366 USB 3.0 Sata 6GB/s

    These are what you have to choose from so far. And this one. You'll have many more options if you choose s1156 instead.