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  1. I know, it's not a great card, but it plays games great on high resolutions. I was just wondering what a safe clock speed would be. I have it with the stock fan. The stock setup was 275MHz core clock and a 400MHz mem clock. I oc'd it to a 452MHz core, and a 452MHz mem. Now, in RivaTuner, it shows the exclamation point on anything passed 345MHz on the core clock, and anything passed 500MHz on the mem clock, of course I can't get that high. I used the software that came with the card to oc it, because I can clock it higher than if I went into Riva, the core clock is as high as it can go for now, I run the test with the nVidia software, it says it's fine, well, short and simple, is this safe with a stock fan? I mean, it hasn't done anything to me so far, although AquaMark3 doesn't quite like my setup.
  2. I'm a big fan of oc'in gfx cards, processors, and memory, but, I have a slight problem. I have an FIC VG33VP mobo, and I went into the bios a couple days ago, and, I can't overclock anything. It's all locked out. Is there a way I can unlock the option of oc my P4 and my ram from in the bios? Or any other progs where I can do it on the desktop? And also, it's reading my ram as PC2100, but I know for a fact it supports PC2700, and that's what I added in there. Both dimms.
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    Check Out This Baby!

    I'd still rather have the quad Opteron mobo posted earlier
  4. nVidia_Freak

    Check Out This Baby!

    Yeah, I missed that there at first, it has three. Imagine adding two 6800GT's to it...
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    Check Out This Baby!

    Well yeah they're expensive, but that adds to the fun!
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    Check Out This Baby!

    But that's not what we're talkin about! We're talkin about the big . double and quad AMD Opteron mobos that support up to 32 gigs of ram! Besides, building several single cpu systems defeats the fun of it all.
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    Check Out This Baby!

    WOW. That is amazing. But alas, it has no AGP slot.
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    I Can't Burn A Good Audio Cd

    I was gonna suggest the bit rate too. If your bit rate is cd quality (128Kbps) or above, it should sound fine. It wouldn't be your sound card. The card only plays what it can on the computer. Your card isnt transfered to the cd-r. It would play whatever the bit rate is. It might be the laser on your cd-rw drive, but it shouldnt be. Try buying one of those laser cleaning utilities, could help.
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    Check Out This Baby!

    I believe that if that was used in a gaming rig, it would r0x0r your b0x0rs.
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    New Lcd

    I'd go with the Sceptre. Mainly because it fairly priced, and it's good for what you do. Plus it is the cheapest one. Well, the Acer and that are tied in price, but, I'd still go with the Sceptre.
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    How To Get Best Out From Gf Fx5700le

    I just ran 03 yesterday I should remember what I got, I think I got around 3k marks. Let me run it again and I'll post it.
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    How To Get Best Out From Gf Fx5700le

    I have the card, and I did oc it. Just 50 more MHz on the dual memory clocks and I have a 1GHz effective memory c. But anyway, its stock setup is 275MHz core, and dual 400MHz mems. I oc'ed that to 347MHz core & dual 461MHz mems. It runs fine. Plays all the UT series great, plays every game I own great. You'll see a gain in fps once you oc it.
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    Hi Everybody!

    Two things 1.I did the bios already, it's locked, I can't oc from the bios, which is why I'm looking for a OC Utility for processors. 2.My mobos max is PC2700, it sucks, yes, I'd love PC3500, but I'm too lazy to go out and buy a new mobo, take the mobo out of the case, remove the retention tabs for the P4, put the new one in etc, etc. And if you don't mind telling me, why shouldn't I use 2 g's of PC2700?