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    nVidia_Freak's Rummages 2012

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    Egyptian Government Removes Internet Access

    How can he say that the demonstrations/riots are in the way of the lives of the Egyptian people when the Egyptian people are in those dems/riots? He supports the people but only if it doesn't overthrow him? FFS guy, your citizens want you out, so GTFO. You can't get rid of me with violence, only with bureaucratic proceedings? Christ, if your citizens are rioting to get you the . out, it seems those haven't been working so well. 'To work for the interest of the people..' that's what they're doing right now, perhaps you should leave. FFS. He won't leave but will bring in a new government. I gather it's not the government that's the huge problem, but him...this guy's a slimy ..
  3. I'm tired and so I'll address some specifics/expand this tomorrow, but I will say this now.. My review of the Bunker is my impression of it. It contains my thoughts. My thoughts don't see the Bunker as particularly useful. My thoughts see the lock as a very weak point of the Bunker, and, as the lock is what makes the Bunker, I don't view it very highly. My review, and any review for that matter, is not holy scripture. It is one person's take on an item. Some items, such as graphics cards and processors, are, overall, able to be reviewed objectively and produce irrefutable results that clearly place them amongst others of their kind. Other things, like the Bunker, that don't produce hard results end up being more subjective. Bearing that in mind, if you don't agree with my take on the Bunker, and you don't consider to be a huge flaw something that I do, and you feel it's worth it, then go for it. It's up to you. Reviews are just informational pamphlets. Off to Dreamland before I post something absurd...
  4. To quote from the very first paragraph of testing, ''Testing the NZXT Bunker is very simple because its function is simple. NZXT claims this will prevent theft of any peripherals plugged into the Bunker while the door is locked, and so I must test it to be sure that this is indeed the case. Indeed, the cut-out on the bottom of the door is large enough to let the cable through, but nothing else. Tugging on the cable succeeds only in pulling the daughterboard forward and bending the door against the lock. There's no chance of a thief getting away with anything plugged in just by tugging at it. For its basic purpose, the Bunker works just fine.'' If that's all I had done the review would have been absurdly short. The lock has to be tested, because that's the heart of the Bunker. I removed the nut with the Bunker out of the case, however, I will clarify further by saying that it is more than possible to remove the nut and latch while it is installed with a ratchet with an extension and/or a pair of long nose pliers. All that has to happen for that to occur is for one side panel to be removed. As was mentioned briefly, USB drives under a certain length can reside within the Bunker when locked. This assumes that the data on the drive is important and is worth protecting. If someone knows about this data, and finds the drive enclosed within the Bunker, then it's very easy to obtain it without the key. 'Because it isn't a real world scenario..' is complete rubbish when NZXT feels that it's worth mentioning this capability.
  5. @Andrew The opening is only just large enough for the cords to fit under, and in fact, the cable on my Déck is rather on the large side for it. It's not, however, large enough to pass the actual USB connector through.
  6. After reading over my review again and your responses, I'd like to make it clear that even although I don't have a particular use for the Bunker, and I think protection against thievery only shows how disgusting humans can be (that's for another discussion...), the idea behind the introduction of the Bunker is clear. I also understand that some people might believe that something like the Bunker would be a useful addition to their peripheral's security. I'm not bashing the intent of the Bunker, only the construction of the lock. Were the lock not so easy to remove, or perhaps not removable at all, I would totally recommend it for anyone that could take advantage of it, but, because the lock is so easy to remove, I can't recommend it; I knock its construction, not its purpose. I would also like to point out that I made a slight error, in that simply opening the facade of the Bunker without removing the lock does not allow the release of any connected cables, as the door would still be closed. It does, however, make it much easier, and sometimes possible, to unplug any connected cables. What that does do is allow any cables connected to be maneuvered in such a way as to facilitate the cutting and splicing of the cables, and, as can be seen in the photo, makes accessing the lock assembly, that can be removed with a pair of pliers, even easier. And once again, I welcome NZXT to fix the issue with the lock assembly, and, I add that if they would like to send me one of these fixed units, I will certainly re-review the functionality of the Bunker. Until then...
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    Why do we buy High Freq Memory?

    More headroom for overclocking. Both because higher clocked RAM can mean that you can OC your processor further without having to worry about RAM, and, because generally higher clocked RAM will OC better, though, that's more down to the chips used than anything. Welcome (back) to the OverClockers Club, where overclocking is embraced and power saving features disabled.
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    Hey guys. It appears that the original thread about Tim's IRC channel has disappeared, so here's another one to remind you. OCC does have an IRC chat room. 'What's the purpose?', you might ask. Well, it's a more relaxed atmosphere where the more socially inclined of us can chill and chat. Discussions aren't guided by a rigid topic, but by whatever we're feeling at the moment. You'll often get a quicker response to questions if you have any, too, but, that's not always the case and you shouldn't think of the IRC room as a dead place for idlers because of it. That said, the IRC room has been rather empty for a while. I'm usually in there and so are Flibo and Terry (though he has some stuff to sort out at the moment), but otherwise it's stragglers popping in every now and again and giving up when nobody is around to say 'Hello!'. Admittedly, I don't always say much because there aren't so many people anymore, and that's why I'm making this thread, to bring OCC's IRC room to your attention, and, to hopefully spark it's former popularity. So how do you get there? There are three ways: 1) Look at the menu bar near the top of the OCC homepage OR the OCC forum. Toward the far right of the group of buttons you'll notice 'IRC Chat'. Click on that button and a new window will open up Mibbit, a web-based Java chat client that will automatically connect you to the OCC IRC room. 2) On the go? Have an Android? Use AndIRC to connect to the IRC room with the information below. Other IRC apps are available for the Android and there may be apps for your phone, too! 3) If you use or want to use a standalone chat client such as mIRC or HydraIRC, you can connect to the OCC IRC with the following information. Server: irc.coldfront.net Port: 6667 (or 7778 for SSL) Room: overclockersclub Some basic functions are, without brackets: /join [room name] - to join a specific IRC room /nick [your handle] - to set or change your nick for the IRC server /msg nickserv [password] - to register your nick and thus make it yours /msg nickserv identify [password] - to login once you've registered your nick /me [verb] - a fun little thing you can figure out on your own So come on in and hang around, new and old members alike, even if you think you won't fit in. It doesn't matter and if you actually give a rats butt and stick around long enough, you'll fit. See you there!
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    Rift Beta Keys (All Gone)

    I'd like to try this out, if you don't mind, Dave.
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    Is it too late for me

    You're going to lose some weight without all that pop, too.
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    You're great for hosting this server despite not many of us using it anymore, Dave. and
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    Not at the SSD, just the OCC Minecraft world getting nuked over and over. I say wait for the update, and don't worry about how the world looks at spawn. Exploration is supposed to be a big part of MC, so don't go searching for something great from the beginning.
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    CPU Usage always 100%

    You're stable. Also, if you ever find yourself with abnormal CPU usage, check Task Manager and sort processes by CPU usage.
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    [WTS] nVidia_Freak's Rummages

    DFI sold a while ago. Prices adjusted. Bump.
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    [WTS] nVidia_Freak's Rummages

    READ, UNDERSTAND, AND AGREE TO THE PROCEEDING BEFORE INITIAL CONTACT GENERAL TERMS +This is a FOR SALE thread. + All items are priced firm. + Payment must be made via PayPal with a CONFIRMED ADDRESS. + Valid Heatware, eBay, [H], or other valid feedback must be presented with initial contact. U.S.A. & TERRITORIES SHIPPING + All items $50+ are priced to ship within the contiguous U.S.A via USPS Priority with Signature Confirmation. + Items <$50 are priced to ship via USPS Parcel Post with Delivery Confirmation. Signature Confirmation, Insurance, and faster shipping methods are extra. + Shipping to Alaska, Hawaii, Peurto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands will cost an additional $7. + Other U.S. territories should look to international shipping for Canada as a guideline. + Items $50+ will be shipped with insurance. If you would like insurance for items <$50, add $2 to price. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING via USPS International Priority (Contact me for a quote for your location) + Shipping to Canada will, in general, will cost an additional $10-$15. + Shipping to Central and South America and the U.K. will, in general, will cost an additional $15-$20. + Shipping to the rest of Europe and Asia will, in general, will cost an additional $20-$25. + Shipping to Africa and Australia will, in general, will cost an additional $25. Heatware Feedback 22-0-0 Check it out! I will always leave feedback to buyers and sellers; you should, too! Power PCP&C (OCZ) Silencer 610w - $50 Original owner since Nov. 2008, used until earlier this year after upgrades. Was used for continuous operation most of the time with ambient usually ~ 26° and still works great. Peripherals Logitech G7 - $30 Original owner since Nov. 2008, used until earlier this year after upgrades. Leaf springs for both buttons began to fail and allow the double-click bug. Mouse was opened and springs were tensioned. Both buttons work fine, however, take note that this won't last as long as a new one. Back button requires excess force to engage likely because of a failed leaf spring. Both batteries hold about 6-7 hours on full charge. Saitek Eclipse (Blue) - $30 Original owner since Nov. 2008. Keyboard in excellent condition, however, a couple membranes aren't actuating immediately when pressed and a couple occasionally send a double actuation. Audio Sennheiser HD-457 - $25 Original owner since Fall of 2004. Excellent working condition with some small scuffs all around and a few larger ones on the top of the headband. AKG K240 Mk. II - $30 Original owner since Fall 2007. Right side is missing K240 sticker. Right channel operates sporadically due to the red wire detaching itself from its solder in normal use. Wire was wrapped around the hole in the solder due to lack of any new solder on my part and the headphones work. Easy fix if you've got a decent soldering iron, some soldering wick and new solder. 4x RCA 6AK5 driver tubes - $18 Sold to me as NOS in Summer/Fall of 2007. Three/four tubes are in excellent working condition. The fourth, marked and still in its box in the photo, developed a mild channel imbalance and distorts bass very lightly. All were used with a Little Dot Mk. III + K240/K701. 2x Russian 6H6N power tubes - $12 Sold as NOS to me in Summer/Fall 2007. Both tubes are in excellent working condition. Both were used with a Little Dot Mk. III + K240/K701. Cooling Misc. Fans - $7 ea./$18 all 1x 140x25mm Cooler Master (Black) 1x 140x25mm Cooler Master (Clear w/ red LED) 1x 120x25mm Cooler Master (Clear w/ red LED) All taken from my Storm Scout. All are powered by 4-pin molex. LED fans include separate 2-pin connections for lights. Miscellaneous Bosch Windshield Wiper Motor Pt. # 0390241100 CHP 12v BRAND NEW - $75 Original owner from April 2010. Was purchased with the intent of replacing the 'dead' one in my car until it started working again. Has never been installed or used, this is a completely brand new Bosch wiper motor. Retails for $90+. This is sold to work with e30 BMWs, however, ensuring its compatibility to your specific car is your responsibility. Bontrager SSR Men's Saddle - $30 Original owner from April 2010. Used for ten feet to find out it was horribly uncomfortable for me. Has sat in storage otherwise, but, the white is a little smudged. SOLD DFI LanParty DK X38-T2RB - $55
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    You're right. Right now that's how it is still.
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    Say Dave, would you be able to enable the nether since the update allows you to do that without braking the map? Obviously back it up just in case, but it would be great to visit the nether in multi with some buds.
  18. The EL80 and the 7600 allows for 256MB of shared memory. According to the spec sheet the max cap. for memory is 2GB. 4GB probably isn't supported because of how old the laptop is and the memory modules that were widely available at the time. 3GB probably works simply because it can work, but there are no 1.5GB modules for dual channel, and using a 2GB+1GB pair is also single channel. So for sake of simplicity it's advertised as a 2GB machine. It's the same with old P2/P3 motherboards with 3 slots and a 1GB cap, some will take 512MB modules but only read them as 256MB.
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    It doesn't matter if it's not as good because if the problems are still there it won't last anyway. If they aren't, then you can be reasonably sure it was a map problem and then you can take the time to get a good one.
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    Perhaps a few of us can lend you a hand in testing stuff out. Save the current map and then start a new one and see if we can duplicate results and maybe you'll notice something in common. Also, since this is OCC..are you certain the rig that's hosting the server is stable?
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    I know...it's just somewhat annoying having all of my really useful . disappear (really the diamond pick is what irritates me the most) and then talk of just nuking every chest..
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    May as well figure out what exactly the problem is and start fresh again..
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    I'm having problems logging in now, all it does it timeout.
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    You had to clear everyone's inventory and reset people to spawn?