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    y-cruncher: new multi-threaded benchmark

    25m 13.887s Q6600 @ 3.2 (400x8) 50m 30.195 Q6600 @ 3.2 (400x8)
  2. I like the specs and looks of many of the high performance boards, but the lack of any PCI slots, or the poor placement of them in relation to PCIe slots, turns me off to many of them. If I can't have my [email protected] and crossfire, then me no happy. This one isn't so bad, however, as only the PCIe slot above the PCI slot wouldn't be available in my case.
  3. It does the same thing the Clear Sky benchmark did: four passes, one in daylight, one at night with rain, one at day with rain, one with sun rays. The only technical differences are the option to bench with DX11 (if you have the hardware), tessellation and SSAO. Article here. Direct download link here. My results: Q6600 @ 3.2 + 5770 Crossfire (925/1400) 1920x1200, DX11 Ultra, 4xAA, HQ HBAO SSAO, Tessellation
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    SNL Short: I threw it on the Ground!

    QFT! Only because it was ridiculous. The rest of it was lackluster.
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    [WTS] nVidia_Freak's Rummages

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    bin files

    You don't open it. You log into your router ( and make your way to the upgrade area. It might have its own separate tab or may be under something like 'Administration'. You browse to the file, click 'Upgrade' or the equivalent button and it does the work for you.
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    [WTS] nVidia_Freak's Rummages

    New items.
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    Does the oven trick REALLY works?

    If it's something heat will fix, sure. It worked with my 4870, so it's not just limited to 8800s.
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    Name That Car!

    '73 3.0CSL, close enough. Your go, Phil!
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    Name That Car!

    Bentley Hunaudieres Also, King doesn't get to answer this one.
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    Inside Pics Of Your PC

  12. nVidia_Freak


    I'd use it if a window popped up when I connect with Pidgin. It would be great if you had a welcome message auto-send to anyone that joins your server, then I'd be able to come in. Otherwise I suppose I'll miss out. Another thought, we could use the OCC Steam group chatroom.
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    2009: PC Gaming Names - Xfire, Steam, Gamespy

    Steam: nVidia_FreakOCC
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    vga mixing Q:

    The only advantage of mixing ATi + nVidia would occur if you play any physx dependent games where you could have ATi as your main card and nVidia taking care of physx. If you do, it's up to you if you want to spend a couple hundred more dollars to do that. Edit- That setup would only make sense if you had an ATi card in the first place, however, as you already have an nVidia card, you don't need to get an ATi card, you could get another nVidia card or use another you have around.
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    Next gen consoles

    It's not inconceivable. Original came out in 2001, 360 in 2005, it's about time for something new.
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    L4D2 is a hoot 2

    Just going through the demo on expert, this is disappointingly easier than L4D.
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    Windows 7: Likes/Dislikes... Opinions

    Not being able to hit the Windows button, type 'run', 'cmd', or 'services.msc' and have the respective window open.
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    Samsung Win.

    I've had the 2443BW since November of last year. Great monitor, no problems with it. It really was amazing when I first got it since I had been using a 15" LCD for the past couple years. When I took it out of the box I thought 'Holy .! ' ' Now that I have it everyday I think 'Well, alright then. '
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    Who are the biggest pieces of scum on earth??

    You mean it's more expensive to get your car towed in Jersey than in Chicago? Holy .. I don't know how it works by you, but you probably got a ticket first before you were towed. You should be able to contest the ticket and towing fee that way. If you didn't get a ticket, that's ok, it's just one less thing to contest. Take pictures of where your car was, type up a statement explaining what happened and where you were. There should be a number on your receipt that you can call to setup a hearing date. If you don't have that, well, that sucks. I'd hate to be out $230.
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    Photos I Took (Sexy Girls)

    Good stuff. Also, more of #1 please. B:)
  21. I volunteer at a cat shelter. There's so many of them there, it's a friggin overload of cuddles.
  22. nVidia_Freak

    Can my power supply handle it?

    Since you're getting those black screens during boot, it's a hardware problem. If you've got any spare cards around, switch out the 260 with it and see if you still get black screens. If you do, it's something with the power supply, if not, it's the card.
  23. Your chance of getting a 'crappy' job at any time before you have degrees/certs is much higher than anything in IT. I understand that you want to put builds together as a job, and it's good that you know what you want to do, and you should'n't abandon that, but, you won't be able to do it right away, especially at your age and definitely not without any certs. Find something that you can do where you'll enjoy where you'll be working. Being limited to retail and some manual labour limits your choices, but you can at least look for a job where you'd like your surroundings. If you like being outside, maybe try out large colleges to see if they need to fill any part-time grounds positions, or if you like moving stuff, take a look at moving companies. You can't be too specific yet. Let me use myself as an example. I want to be a truck driver- I've always liked trucks, I enjoy driving, I enjoy the solitude. As soon as I graduated high school I went and got my class A CDL. I am qualified to drive any vehicle, straight or combo, dry van or tank, and multiple trailers at once. I am qualified to drive a truck, however, there are a few things holding me back currentl: 1) I'm 19, I can't drive out of the state until I'm 21 which limits who I could work for. 2) I can drive local at 18, but companies looking for local drivers want experience. 3) I don't know anyone that works at any trucking companies. Combined, those mean I don't get a job driving a truck until a couple years. I want to do it, I will do it, but currently I can't because I don't have what companies are looking for. So I took a job on the grounds crew at a college in west Chicagoland. It wasn't exactly my idea of a great job, but, I knew my chances of getting a job driving a truck at my age with no experience were as close to 0 as possible, and I needed a job. I did, however, plan for that and had ideas of what I'd like to and like not to do as a non-driving job. I knew I didn't want to work retail, and I like being outside, so I applied to the college I work at to be on the grounds crew. I got the job. It's only part time paying minimum wage, but it's something, and it's actually not a bad deal. I'm outside all day, I get exercise, the people I work with are good and I make a little money. Is it great? No. Is it the job I want to take with my to retirement? No. Will I? No. It's just something for me to do for a couple years or so. Meanwhile I'll be ready to drive any vehicle given to me and I can get a free bit of yard practice at the school I went for my CDL in a couple years to count toward 'recent experience' when I go to get a job driving a truck. Just because you don't immediately get the job you want doesn't mean you have to abandon it, just make your way there.
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    Suggestion colors

    Bring back ye olde theme!
  25. Lack of experience, certs and age will hold you back some. You could call and explain your situation, perhaps throw in that you would be willing to work for a little less than what everyone else would start off at for a few months to give you a shot. The worst that will happen is you get turned down. If you really want to earn some dough and you don't get a job at this place, realistically, you're going to be limited to retail and manual labour. That's not to say you can't get a job doing what you'd like, but you'll have a hard time finding it. You could also consider going into an apprenticeship if there's any manual trade labour that you would enjoy, but, consider consider what you'll be doing this year and in the future. Think about what you'd like to do in the long run and don't make any rash decisions.