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  1. Looks to be an Iso of some sort. Yes?
  2. Dust may make the fan slightly louder but shouldn't create a screeching noise. There may be a long hair tangled in the rotary, however, the more likely cause is a faulty bearing.
  3. Storm Scout came in today. Rather nice case, much better than the K7B. The included fans are quiet, but push acceptable air and the red LEDs aren't too bright when turned on. Thanks OCC and Cooler Master.
  4. Good stuff. Just to throw it out there, perhaps the overclocking FAQ could be a part of the wiki. Furthermore, when the time comes, it could be one of the first entries, if not the first one itself. Overclocking isn't something you want to run into completely clueless about, but it's relatively easy, necessary if you're on OCC, and enough of us know how to do it to put together a good article. To add/expand to that, it might be a good idea to have some articles on the wiki before it's opened for everyone to use. It doesn't need to be in depth, just some simple and necessary ones, like overclocking, a few other guides or 'how-to's, that way it's not completely barren and people have something to work with. That way you don't get a whole bunch of people wondering what to write about and how to put it together. With some stuff already there, prospective contributors can expand the wiki rather than haphazardly putting up patchy articles. It could help to maintain some level of consistency and quality. Just some thoughts, and they might be somewhat incoherent, as I'm tired. I'd love to keep tapping F5, I like the stuff you've got planned and I'd like nothing more than for it to be put together correctly, but I need sleep. ^_^ Much to OCC.
  5. I believe 'Worklogs' is best. It's simple and it would be in the 'System Builds' board. When you're already in that area there's no need for unnecessary redundancy.
  6. To further develop this, DIY could, and I believe should, be a section in the OCC wiki. It can, of course, be linked to on the home page, but, if we're going to have a wiki, let's make use of it! Also, perhaps to start off, we can add a 'Worklogs' sub-board to the 'System Builds' board.
  7. This is a good idea. A dedicated logs section would make a place for anyone that wants to show off their projects in progress. I, for one, enjoy reading work logs. +1 Also, will we need to do anything special to be contributors to the OCC wiki or will it be open for all? I'm interested in this. 2010 may indeed be another good year for OCC. B:)
  8. There are torrents available for images of the original driver disc. Alternatively, you can try the kX drivers. They're modified drivers that are supposed to make better use of the functionality and not be quite so bloated as the stock Creative drivers.
  9. Excellent! Thanks CoolerMaster and OCC for the Storm Scout. B:)
  10. If we consider the very first 1GB hard drives, this is rather cheap for the first TB SSD. $3.90/GB as opposed to $650-$850/GB
  11. The thread about him overcoming his social anxiety is better.
  12. Q6600 @ 3.3 25m 12.471s That's as good as it'll get for me.
  13. If we'll do it that way, then I'll just keep going. ^_^ Edit- Q6600 @ 3.2 (400x8) 12.899s 25m
  14. Copy pasta. Edit- You should make separate sections for 25m, 50m etc. Like what the original XS thread has.
  15. I think it should be colour coded like the 3DMark Competition thread. Quad Core - Red Dual Core - Orange Single Core - Yellow Then the results sorted by digits computed. See below: And so on.. Of course we can have a nice table as Smith has in the 3DMark thread.
  16. And here's 500m, since I don't have enough RAM to go further. 500m 416.709s Q6600 @ 3.2 (400x8)
  17. 25m 13.887s Q6600 @ 3.2 (400x8) 50m 30.195 Q6600 @ 3.2 (400x8)
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