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  1. My new build Still waiting for my GTX780 and still saving up for my XSPC water-cooling loop gear and more of the wicked Corsair AF120/140 LED Purple fans, but here is the current state of things. The Radiator I am getting is the XSPC EX360 Cross-flow, Raystorm CPU block, their Acrylic Tank reservoir, FLX Green UV piping (since the Purple LED fans are also UV and I love the look of Purple and Green together, and I will be using Mayhems X1 UV Purple coolant. I can barely wait for all that to arrive Obviously getting all the barbs n stuff too at the same time. I'm extremely caffeine sensitive and last night I made the mistake of drinking a whole bottle of mountain dew, and ended up staying up all night and during that time - 4ish hours was spent doing the nice cable job in the pic
  2. I think he's going for more of a WOW not more of a POW. It's a nice kit, but as he said, you'd be better off buying a H100i if you're just cooling your CPU. Custom loops, unless you're looking to add LED/UV effects to the lines and reservoir, are pointless on a CPU only liquid cooling solution... that is... unless you're going with a 360 rad or a really MONSTER thick Radiator. I will be watercooling my GTX780 once its out of Warranty At the moment my prolimatech megahalems black is doing a fantastic job - temps don't go over 50oC
  3. Fluid-wise i'm going to get a bottle of http://www.mayhems.co.uk/shop2/mint-green-1ltr.html and one of the pure white, and some of the purple dye - then Finally once i have em both haha
  4. I looked into it - and that coolant fluid is a "short term" (less than a few months sometimes even less than 24 hours!) as its for pure eyecandy for photo shoots/lans/showing off... So what I'm going to do, is get a nice premix White, and colour it with dye, or maybe even just go clear+dye. I'm SO excited if you can't tell - like SQUEEEE kind of excited!
  5. I must say - the temptation to get fluid like this is AWFULLY tempting... Anyone know what the lifetime on it is like?
  6. I looked into the block of the kit n everything, the LEDs and things are changeable so i'm get the kit Look forward to putting pics of everything up on here once everything arrives and I build
  7. I'll likely look at water cooling my GTX 780 once its out of Warranty. Otherwise I'd look at a NZXT Kraken X60 - being able to change the colour of the NZXT logo on the pump is something that tickles me right. the H100i doesnt' do that does it? Plus the X60 uses 140mm, altho, Corsair have the H110... Edit: Looked it up and you Can change the colours of the H100i's pump LEDs - Hmmmmmm... Also, will the Source 530 fit the cooler in with 4 fans do you think?
  8. Squee new build this week!

  9. Hey guys! I'm about to build a new rig, and not upgrading CPU and Mobo, and Selling my old GPU has left me some extra dough to play around with - YAY! To that I'm thinking about getting one of these http://www.computerlounge.co.nz/components/componentview.asp?partid=20502 - My only previous water cooling experience is with Closed Loop/AIO systems. I was just going to use my beautiful Prolimatech Megahalems Black in Push/Pull with a pair of nice 140mm fans, but a Custom Loop with pretty coloured fluid running through it to match my ideal colour theme (Black NZXT Source 530 + Purple LED fan on the chassis, and Green LED fans on the cooler) is a temptation almost too hard to resist! I've watched several Videos on Installing loops and it looks fairly straight forward, and I already know I will be upgrading my Spikes for ones with the clampy thingys for a extra secure system, and likely a different CPU block as the one that comes with that kit has blue LEDs which will NOT do in my ego-stroking colour theme So - any tips, ideas, comments, advice, voodoo spells to make sure it doesn't burst in my face and spew fluid like something from the Exorcist (hehe) Thanks in Advance
  10. I have a paid Start8 app to gimmie a normal start menu back - I have all the metro stuff disabled, but I just have small niggles with things like how it handles WiFi and such from the network icon in the sys tray and things like that. I see your also a Seasonic PSU man too - I love mine
  11. Also thinking about going back to Windows 7. I've had Windows 8 since Preview, and Although I do like it, there is more to dislike than like. Especially the stupid dicky Charms crap and the tie-in with your outlook account is just irritating.
  12. Yea I'm definitely going to stick with my Z68 and 2500k - big outlay for little gains is so not worth it! Thanks for all the input guys
  13. From all the reading i'd been doing that is pretty much how I felt about it. Its a shame its near impossible to get higher spec'd Z68/Z77 motherboards in NZ now. May have to resort to Amazon and hope they'll ship it here haha. I Do like my Gigabyte UDH3 board but would like a higher spec one
  14. its a great case, i did a review on it not to long ago Yea I saw it on their site and just HAD to find out if anyone in New Zealand sold it - gladly found someone who does and its the only one they got in, so their selling it to me Super cheap - its only been out of its box to be looked at.
  15. Cool, good to know - Saves me NZ$750 I can spend on other goodies Getting a NZXT Source 530 for my new chassis - it may be cheap but I love the way it looks and its cooling potential.
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