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  1. Somehow earlier reply was deleted, hm. Something like this: Sorry for late reply, didn't see anyone had replied! Seems Danger Den has come back to life (idk if new ownership or not), and there will be quite a delay in getting anything from them. So it looks like the BobSlayV2 is going to have to be the one out of these two. I am worried about the 2x120mm pull and 2x120mm exhaust cooling something in this tight of a space during some overnight 3D and video rendering sessions. I have no experience with small form, so I have no idea. I'm going to have an Intel i7-3770k in there along with a GeForce GTX 770 (probably the Gigabyte one with the triple fans), will 5 case fans and a heatsink that fits in the 5.5" limit cool these? Being so close to one another?
  2. I've never done anything small form factor, so a machine that tight is foreign to me. Have no idea what to expect cooling-wise. Can't mentally make myself not a bit wary of liquid cooling, so it'd be real nice to get decent temps with air alone.
  3. Has anyone owned or experienced either of these two cases? I'm torn in half. :S Danger Den Torture Rack Bob Slay V2 from MountainMods Torture Rack - Definitely has the air cooling advantage what with 8x120mm, but is this just overkill honestly? Bob Slay V2 - Seems comparable. 5x120mm fans seems good enough, no? - 5.75" clearance for heat sink (can't seem to find the clearance on the DD) - UV reactive blue is an unnecessary but oh so enticing plus. Purdyness factor +1. - 1/4" acrylic, seems sturdy enough. Can't find specs of acrylic thickness for the DD. Any experience/opinions? Much appreciated.
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