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  1. Graphics Card replaced! Modest overclock on CPU @ 4.2GHz Running GW2 like a dream atm..!
  2. Memtest did great. 44/44 tests.. A short Prime session also. Highest temp = 64C after 30min.. 3DMark shows artifacts, tearing, texture flickering all over. It looked pretty awful.. Here are noteworthy info: FireStrike 1.1: 6809 CloudGate 1.1: 17877 IceStorm 1.2: 171109 3DMark shows RAM @ 667MHz and GPU Memory Bus Clock @ 1753MHz Are those values correct..?! Cause if the GPU value is way off it might be my problem.. The latest NVIDIA Drivers seem to F everything up, but it might just be a bad GPU/PSU. But the PSU seem to be working fine in all other aspects! I haven't overclocked the GPU at all. What gives? Currently running OS on internal graphics, and it is stable!! Can't afford to send in a GPU/PSU for RMA right now without them having a real hardware issue. It seems that the first driver for the GPU that Windows Update installs causes the graphic issues. In other words, it changes from iGPU to the 770. And yes, I'm a complete novice! Edit: GPU Tweak shows random MAX! Spikes on GPU Clock/Memory Clock/Processor Clock just while being in Windows Desktop, occasionally moving IE window around.. The spikes are not related to me moving the window around.. Still got the artifacting and other graphic issues as soon as I switch from iGPU to the card.. Watching a 720p YouTube clip also pushes those values to max! Hahaha.. RMA it is..!
  3. Currently running MemTest86 V5.0 Free.. Clk/Temp: 3400MHz/27C Memory: 8239M 17097MB/s RAM Info: PC3-12800 DDR3 XMP 800MHz / 9-9-9-24 / Corsair CMY8GX3M2A1600C9 Time: 1:18:45 Pass: 2/4 @ 81% Errors: 0
  4. These are the DUMP files concerning the issue..! Can anyone with the experience check it for me? I pray that I haven't messed up the CPU to a state where I have to get a new one.. A4 Dump.zip
  5. I got my comp up and running fine, for about 24hours.. Now, I have artifacts and overall wacky graphics all over the place. In game is where I noticed it first. All of a sudden all textures started flickering like a mf..! I then restarted the game, which didn't help, but after that I noticed that I have the same issues in Windows and in all applications/programs! Window backgrounds gets teared, and I have artifacts popping up all the time! Right now, after getting a few blue screens with the WHEA Uncorrectable Error I'm not feeling very optimistic.. What has happened? And is it "Uncorrectable"..?! My BIOS is at default Auto settings still and I can't get into Windows long enough to update any drivers! I also noticed that many of the ASUS driver folders/programs came up as "damaged" and I could not use them. Downloaded them to my HDD.. Starting to get REALLY frustrated here.. Any quality help on my current setup would be immensely appreciated! I just want the damn thing stable again.. Please help! Edit: For some reason the CPU Core Limits was set to 46! I manually changed them to 38 to see if that helped.. Same tearing all over, I'm now back in Bios..
  6. I mean the CPU retention lever, I was surprised by how much I had to press it to get it into the lock..! The RMA showed that both CPU and Mobo is fine, so now I'm returning the PSU instead. I've ruled out anything but the PSU at this point. It pretty much only gives a 1-second boost to my fans, then "clicks" and the fans stops right after.. Is the Corsair AX-860W prone to these issues?
  7. After backtracking in my mind what could have gone wrong... I think I failed with the install of the processor. Hopefully it haven't led to any damages at all. But that is not very likely is it..? If I used force when installing it? Couldn't see any bent pins. I'm worried though that the failed install of the CPU, may have short-curcuited something.. Or just left the CPU toasted.. In other words, this might be an expensive beginners mistake!
  8. OK, so I made the poor choice of not booting externally first.. But as of now, all rigged up and good to go, I just hear a short click, from I think the PSU when pressing the Power button. The two front intake fans start up and stop, they are connected to CPU OPT and the Corsair H110 power to the CPU FAN.. None of the other fans seem to work, CHA FAN 1,2,3.. And no LED on the power button neither.. I've got the ASUS HERO, and the START and RESET buttons are lighting up, and two green LED's on the GPU (ASUS 770) And I was sooo hoping for a clean startup..... Edit: Retailer support thought it could be a faulty mobo.. After further testing with only stock fan, one DRAM modul and monitor: RMA on processor and motherboard! :S
  9. NEED ADVICE ASAP!!! System Builds!

  10. I have recieved the monitor and the case.. They both look beautiful..! The Air 540 is absolutely stunning! I've also noticed some rather small, but very noteworthy touches.. Especially on the monitor! BenQ XL2411T.. Haven't opened up the case, since I'm still missing the internals, but everything looks and feels very solid..! Further updates will follow... Peace!
  11. Just placed my order, so I should be receiving this shortly: CPU: Intel i5 4670K CPU Cooler: Corsair H110 MB: ASUS Maximus VI HERO RAM: Corsair Vengeance PRO 2x4GB (Black) SSD: Samsung 840 EVO 250GB HDD: Seagate Barracuda 2TB GPU: ASUS GeForce GTX 770 DirectCUII 2GB Case: Corsair Carbide Air 540 (Black) PSU: Corsair AX860W Platinum DVD: ASUS 24B1ST OS: Windows 8.1 64bit (Swedish) Monitor: BenQ 24" 144Hz XL2411T Keyboard: Razer Anansi Mouse: Razer Naga MMOG (Already Owned) Headphones: Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO (Already Owned) Thanks for your input guys! Will be a real treat to put this together and hopefully without too many hickups! Keeping my fingers crossed for a good, overclockable processor out of the box! Heard that it differs quite a bit.. My notebook keeps dying on me at the moment, which only made me click the "Buy Button" more hasty! Will keep you guys updated if you want to know how I fair as a virgin builder/overclocker! Haha.. Thanks again! Peace!
  12. Thanks for your answers! Waco: After reading on the GW2 forums on how CPU intensive that game is, I've opted to go the Intel route! Sweclockers had a very extensive review on the Haswell K models, which clearly showed that the i5 4670K is superior to the FX-8350! And with it reaching highest clocks with only a tiny amount of voltage increase, I feel more confident in my choice of PSU.. Though it does increase in heat quite rapidly at higher clocks, so I've changed the case to an Air 540 which will fit a H110 radiator at the top! Hopefully I'll be able to connect that to my motherboard fan controllers?! Chose the ASUS Maximus VI HERO by the way. Cchalogamer: I'm sure that the ASUS GeForce GTX DirectCU II 2GB will suit my needs just fine for the time being, Sweclockers also did a heavy review on this card at it showed that when OC'd it nearly reaches 780 levels, and it does so quietly and with great stability.. And hopefully even if I would have two in the future, an AX860W with the Platinum rating should be overkill.. But would perhaps in turn support an even bigger upgrade further down the road, if it holds up for that long! Really appreciate your input guys! I'm sorry for writing all this "in bulk" but I'm on my IPhone at the moment..! Please comment further and I will answer when I'm back at my computer. Peace!
  13. Need pointers for my rig!

  14. Thx for your answers! "There is no such thing as future proof.." Well... My idea of future proof in this build is mainly these three components, and for me the choice I make will hopefully provide longterm benefits: CASE <- So, a Corsair Carbide Air 540 will last me WAY longer than a 500R! (Very suitable for many kinds of builds.) PSU <- Will the Corsair AX760W provide enough power for two ASUS Geforce GTX 770 DCU2 in the future? Corsair AX860W, same question?! Keep in mind that I will be using the FX-8350 (OC) and overclock the GPU(s) aswell. Probably memory to some extent also. (Edit: cchalogamer: I see that you run a 770 SLI in your setup so a 760W would probably do the trick?) MB <- Still undecided on this one. Sabertooth 2.0 or Crosshair V Formula-Z? The latter will look better with the case for sure..! Possible graphics setup: ASUS Geforce GTX 660 DirectCUII (in dual SLI for 1080p only) ASUS Geforce GTX 760 DirectCUII (single for 1080p, but eventually in dual SLI for 3 monitors) ASUS Geforce GTX 770 DirectCUII (single for 1080p, but eventually in dual SLI for 3 monitors) What would you choose? Please provide as in-depth explanation as you can..! Peace
  15. Even though I believe that Intel is on top of the processor game at the moment, I've opted to use a FX-8350 for my new gaming rig.. There are several reasons to this, but one reason for this is that I really want to try out the AMD processors.. I'm on a budget for my rig, and that's where I think AMD comes into play. If their processors were way below Intel in performance, they would've been gone by now.. I've never owned one before, but as most reviews have stated: AMD is performance at a reasonable price! It might just be my ignorance talking, but I do hope that the AMD processors at least makes an imprint on the average gamer who's on a budget.. Sure, Intel has since long ago been the top dog, but I like betting on the underdog! I'm sure that most users of an Intel processor wouldn't notice a "real" difference in performance compared to an AMD processor.. At least I hope so with my current build! Feel obliged to check it out in the System Builds forum..! (And give pointers!) Overall, I hate the way every market is transforming into single, large companies where monopoly is somewhat of a standard.. Of course, if I had 80% of this community telling me that an Intel processor makes a substantial difference, I would gladly choose one..! But to me, supporting the underdog might be worthwhile in the long run.. Hopefully... Peace..!
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