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  1. I'm putting together a build for a quiet NAS / server machine. I'd like to get some input on it before I go ahead with the order. I have a Newegg wishlist compiled for the build: http://secure.newegg.com/WishList/PublicWi...Number=11507028 Criteria: Quiet: It'll be on 24/7 and I'd like to get some sleep. Cheap: Nothing fancy, as long as it get's the job done quietly. Plentiful storage: 3 TB. Good network access: 1000MB/s, Intel. Any tips or suggestions are appriciated, thanks!
  2. Hey, I'm looking to put together a cheap computer with low sound, power, and dimensional footprints. I will be using it primarily for NAS, however I do want the flexibility of an actual computer rather than a NAS-in-a-box such as D-Link's DNS323. The computer will mount two hard drives. I looked at the MSI Wind PC ( http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx...N82E16856167032 ), however it does not have two 3.5in bays, and putting a 3.5 in it's 5in bay might create cooling problems, since the case is not designed for two hard drives. I like the price of it, I like it's form-factor, and it's PSU should be sufficient.. but it's lacking two hard drive bays. I have looked around, but have not found any competitors of the MSI Wind PC. The MSI Wind is $150, including a PSU, CPU, motherboard, etc... lacking memory and storage. Suggestions? Products to look at? Thanks
  3. Hi all.. I have a LaCie Electron 19 Blue III monitor that is roughly 4 years old. I bought it new. Recently I have had to fool around with the cable to get it to properly display the screen (in white). Now I'm completely unable to get white.. usually getting a green or yellow-tinted screen. The problem appears to be with the block on the computer side of the cable, before the VGA adapter. When I am able to get a correct screen, it's when I move the cables next to the block.. possibly some sort of a short? Anyway.. I doubt my monitor is still under warrenty, so I'm looking to replace the cable. Does anyone have any experience in this?
  4. Okay, so I've decided to go with the Diamondback Plasma, once it comes out. As far as a surface, the func 1030 seems to be getting a lot of attention, but some say the eXactMat is even better than the Func, especially since it's engineered for Razer mice. Suggestions?
  5. Hmm well it looks like i'll have to go with the razer It also seems like quite a bit of people are going with the eXactMat. Anyone who has used both, how does it compare to the Func 1030 (any version) ?
  6. So, I'm looking into a new mouse. I've been eyeing the MX 518 and Diamondback Plasma. Both seem to get pretty good reviews. I've never used a Razer mouse before, generally just Logitech (cordless duo and now mx700). As far as gaming, World of Warcraft, Counterstrike: Source, and Halo are the main targets. WoW doesn't really require much mouse action, but I've heard even so the MX 518 is quite nice with it. So, any suggestions? I've been eyeing razor mouses ever since they started talking about making the viper, but haven't bought anything yet. I'm a bit worried that if I get the Razer I could be disappointed, but if I get the Logitech I'll regret never trying the Razer; that's why I came here Suggestions?
  7. I found out about the x800 XL, and while it get's outperformed by the 6800gt in quake, it rules in most games (including HL2). Not to mentain it's only $300 msrp, $350 street price (Weird, eh?). So, should I still go with MSI for an ATI vcard, or go sapphire or something else?
  8. MSI now has a 6800gt. So does BFG, XFX, Asus, and Leadtek (those are the ones on newegg..!). Which of these would you guys recommend? The BFG and XFX are popular, I think. I would lean toward the MSI 'cause of personal experience, but I have no experience with their video cards, let alone this one. So... anyone have an asus? msi? leadtek? what's your experience so far? (and yes, if you didn't already notice that those are all PCI-E cards, they're PCI-E cards )
  9. dunno how big BB pellets are, but I used 1+1/2 of a rice grain. (white rice, uncooked )
  10. i know about burn-in, but I thought it was like "Normal temps for the first few days, then the low ones come", not "High temps then low"
  11. I'm running mbm, and I have it set to 53 alarm. When i'm gaming, the cpu stays at a constant 43c. When I am, it goes higher. So, the only time it'd overheat/alarm (theoretically) is when i'm playing a game, and I could shut down.
  12. Yes, there is a pretty slow fan on the bottom of the neopower, but it's 120, so I think that probably makes up. Is 50c dangerous for my cpu? I mean.. I'm going to bring my comp over to a friends tomarrow/monday (Iggy on the forums) and he's gonna help me reapply the thermal paste, etc. This is my first time applying AS5, but I've done zalman stuff sucessfully before. Is it okay to run my comp at 43c continuously for 2 days, with highs of 50c for probably 4 hours during those two days?
  13. I just bought a Neopower. I bought some AS5 as well, since I had to reattach my heatsink to get the new power supply in. When I booted up my comp, after 2 minutes my cpu temp was 42c. After 1 minute of halo, it was 45c. Now, when I play WoW or Halo it's 49c. It's a P4 Northwood with a zalman 7000cnps (Stock). Any ideas on what it could be besides me putting the paste on wrong? It's the same exact setup as before, except new thermal paste and new power supply. Old power supply was the Antec SL350.
  14. umm.. of course she'll be overclocking and gaming!
  15. [email protected]!! Now i'm even thinking about getting the 510-deluxe.. for $200.. gahgahgahgah! I don't need it... but I need SOMETHING quickly, and I don't want it to fry my comp or last me a short time... erm erme ermermermer! So, I guess I should just go with a neopower?!? I mean... it's 1/2 the price of the 510-deluxe... erm!! please, some suggestions! Yeah, powerstream volts are good.. but i probably am never going to be using them.. all I want is something that'll last me for a long time. maybe trueblue480? maybe modpower? probably not anything > $130
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