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    Wwi Airplane Sims

    Hah i actually started downloading that IL-2 demo a few mins before i went on here. Lock on sucked so does warbirds
  2. zone99

    Wwi Airplane Sims

    i'm downloadin the demo right now, thanks
  3. zone99

    Wwi Airplane Sims

    Are there any other games like Red Ace Squadron/Hunt for the Red Ace/Baron? Those WWI games were amazing.
  4. zone99

    Browser Wars

    I can't live without tabbed browsers or the FANTASTIC quicksearch thing that Mozilla features. But, for media, the RealPlayer Browser is fantastic. Oh, some sites got smart with Mozilla popups.
  5. From Yahoo! News: Burners' Bummer By Anjali Athavaley, Washington Post Staff Writer Sun Jun 19, 1:00 AM ET Ben Freedland did two things that his fellow college students have been doing routinely for the past several years: First, he bought a new music CD by campus fave the Dave Matthews Band, then he tried to upload it onto his Apple iPod. ADVERTISEMENT But something was wrong. When Freedland, 20, first inserted the "Stand Up" disc into his laptop in preparation for transferring it to his iPod, "it took over my computer," he said. The screen went blank, then a copyright agreement popped up. The music wasn't going anywhere. Freedland could play the CD on his laptop, but he couldn't transfer it, and he couldn't copy it to share the mellow grooves with friends or family. Freedland deemed the CD "worthless." The Duke University student had had his first run-in with a technology that record companies are using to limit the number of times users can burn, or make extra copies of, CDs. The new content-protected disc, which is not yet compatible with the iPod, is the recording industry's latest strategy to curb the illegal spread of music. This time, the crackdown is on the CD purchased at your local music shop -- the last bastion consumers held in freely sharing legally bought music. It's one thing for record companies to file suit against people who share music files illegally on the Internet, or to pursue criminal charges against those who make pirated copies of CDs and sell them on street corners. But this is different. Generations have grown up with the notion that if you buy an album at the store, the songs are yours to show off to your friends. In the 1970s and '80s, people made mix tapes without thinking twice. The tapes were an expression of personality. "A good compilation tape, like breaking up, is hard to do," Nick Hornby wrote in "High Fidelity," a novel in which mix tapes served as the very definition of identity and the currency of relationships. With the death of the cassette tape, that same mentality transferred to the mix CD. It became a birthday gift, a wedding compilation, a way to say "sorry" or "I love you." In college dorms, students started exchanging CD albums so that a hardcore Nirvana fan could try a little Garth Brooks without having to pay for the whole CD. But the technology got too good. Copies of CDs sound just as clear as the originals -- unlike cassette tapes, which always had some level of hiss. And with the rise of the Internet and online file-sharing, suddenly it became possible to share with several thousand "friends" at a time. Such behavior is being blamed by the industry for a dramatic drop in sales of CDs and other forms of recorded music. Over the past five years, shipments of music to retailers have dropped by 21 percent, according to the Recording Industry Association of America. "There is no question that piracy -- in its various, ugly forms -- is the primary reason for that decline," said Mitch Bainwol, chairman and chief executive officer of the association, in a written statement. "In the face of such devastating and ongoing harm, it is appropriate that record companies find ways to facilitate the continued investment in new art." So in a move that risks alienating a dwindling customer base, the major record labels are tightening up restrictions on CDs. A growing number of newly released CDs are equipped with software that limits users from burning copies more than three times. On CDs released by record company Sony BMG Music Entertainment, individual songs can be used in compilations only three times. Rival EMI Music will test CDs with a similar technology this summer, releasing three to six titles with a three-time burn limit on each album. (No, you can't make copies of burned CDs -- the content protection won't allow it.) In addition, consumers can copy an individual song up to seven times. Both EMI Music and Sony BMG use technology that prevents the songs from working on peer-to-peer networks such as Kazaa, which contain songs in MP3 format. This juncture in technology is a tricky proposition for music lovers, who often say they support artists' rights to combat piracy. Yet, when it comes to individual use, they assert ownership of their CDs with an almost parental pride. Steve Coleman, 43, said he prefers to buy his music at local CD stores rather than download songs online. Sporting a black T-shirt, a Harley-Davidson cap and long blond hair in a ponytail, he looks like the epitome of the old-school music junkie. One recent afternoon he flipped through the racks at Melody Record Shop on Connecticut Avenue NW, searching for New Order's latest release. In his high school days, Coleman made mix tapes of his favorite rock and dance tunes for his friends, and other kids would invite him to parties to play his Led Zeppelin and Donna Summer records. Today he's a deejay, and he gives burned CD mixes to potential clients who want to know his musical tastes. "I paid for it," Coleman said. "I should be able to do what I want with it, as long as I'm not breaking the law by giving it away to all my friends en masse, which is ridiculous." But CD loyalists are divided on that issue. Greg Shadley, who works in the campus ministry office at Georgetown University, takes two buses and a train to get to his job every day. His iPod and his jumbo headphones accompany him every step of the way, he said. Shadley, 49, even listens to his playlists at work. He prefers classical music, but he also rocks out to bands like the Grateful Dead and the Doors. He hates downloading music off the Internet unless it's absolutely necessary. The content-protection technology would not keep him from buying an album, Shadley said, because he doesn't like to share music out of respect for the artists, who stand to lose royalties every time someone copies a tune instead of paying for it. Shadley used to work at a Tower Records downtown and hated watching kids buy the latest pop CD to lend to all their friends. A newer generation of music lover views things somewhat differently. Around the George Washington University campus, students said they understand the record industry's reasons for combating music piracy. But they also acknowledged that it wouldn't stop them from sharing CDs with their friends or downloading free music. Emily Mannie teaches a spinning class and likes to sample music online before deciding if it's worthy enough for her music mixes. She says she respects artists' rights and understands why the recording industry is setting boundaries. But she still downloads illegally because, well, it's free. The average college student pocketbook isn't very full of money. "It's like speeding," said Mannie, a 28-year-old graduate student. "I know I shouldn't speed, but I have to get there." If she comes across an artist she finds appealing, she's willing to invest in a CD. For example, when the rock band the Killers first got big, she wanted to hear more than just the hit single "Mr. Brightside" before buying the album. If she hadn't listened to the songs online, she doesn't know if she would have been willing to go to a record store to buy the CD. Getting a taste of the music online and buying the album seem to go hand in hand. Consumers who spend the most money on music usually buy a mix of digital music and CDs, according to the NPD Group, a market research firm. "Everyone likes to think this is a zero-sum game, and that's not necessarily going to be the case," said Russ Crupnick, president of NPD's music and movies division. For their part, record companies say content protection won't hurt sales. The technology is meant to target music pirates who burn more than a reasonable amount of purchased CDs. The CDs that have content protection say so in a label on the disc. If consumers try to get around it, they should know that their actions are illegal, said Thomas Hesse, president of global digital business for Sony BMG. "If you go over a speed bump, you know you went over a speed bump," Hesse said. "They know that when they do so, it might be dangerous and it is illegal." Those bumps don't seem to slow down some music lovers who just won't quit until they have the song they want. According to Yankee Group, the crackdown on peer-to-peer networks isn't effectively cutting into music file sharing. In some ways the iPod, with its vast storehouse of music files, has become the mix tape of the digital age. It is a soundtrack to everyday life. Whether it's riding on the rail or walking to work in the summer heat, people are constantly moving to a rhythm. The recording industry knows it must keep up with the beat. The new CDs are not compatible with the iPod. Both Sony and EMI are in talks with Apple to try to solve the problem. As technological advances empower consumers, the free flow of music continues to spill over the boundaries set by the recording industry. Last week, Freedland, the Duke University student, downloaded free tracks from the new Dave Matthews Band CD from a peer-to-peer network. They are now on his iPod, ready for listening. "It seemed like an entitlement," Freedland said. "I purchased the music, and I should be able to do what I want with it. Now I can." I guess he didn't read my other post about sound cards, which got frozen!
  6. uh...iraq didn't attack us...and terrorists have always been bad this; time they just got lucky.
  7. yeah i'm 16 and i completely agree with these guys. i've been having a fast teenage life and i can look back to MONTHS ago and say heh, stupid kid. i bet ur gonna find this post one day and have yourself a good laugh. the reason that so many people here are talking about responsibility and finance is because that's what marriage is. what do you think it is?
  8. call of duty....oh i'm thinking of day of defeat (same number of sylabols) that came free with my half-life package i'll check call of duty out Painkiller is amazing...so is my new 3D card. SWKOTOR 1 and 2 both turned out to be RPGs. I don't understand why they are so entertaining to people. I hate that inventory stuff. You should just be able to scroll the mouse wheel up and pull out ur next item. Are there any more games like Jedi Knight or Jedi Academy? FAR CRY IS AWESOME
  9. please please learn how to read: this isn't my account and i'm too friggin lazy 2 make one. and this particular FORUM, MINE, the topic being "legal, free way to obtain music," is shot to hell because of you people. before you post, you need to think about how your little piece of whatever is gonna affect the forum. jeez this is only my second forum ever, i'm glad i didn't buy an account on IMDB cuz the ppl there are even less intelligent than you guys. jeez i thought these are supposed to be fun and informative and maybe spark a debate. i'd better rethink discussions in general cuz i'm hoping to start up a philosophy club this year at school. Once again, learn how to read, or at least learn how not to ignore my point of view. i know ur sitting sumwhere in a big leather chair typing away at a huge fancy computer looking down your nose at those who are less fortunate and have to be clever to get what they want. i'm lazy. i am the seidburns. actually i've already tried to contact 70+ recording studios in my area to intern at and I have 90 more to go. i hope to get an internship for this fall semester of my junior high school year.
  10. right to clear sum stuff up: it was the atterney that said (suddenly it looks like attorney is spelled wrong) that it was legal. i asked if i could get it in writing and he said he charges $175/hour. that's how certain he was. sorry i mixed up ur little names. oh don't call me zone99 cuz it's my friend's account. oh and if you can think of better circumstances in which it would be more moral for me to download music, i can't think of any better reason 1)i'm workin $6/hour @ arbys 2)i may WORK for the RIAA one day 3)i will pay for my music when i have a steady job people are too friggin connected to money. i guess i'm one of those non-stereotypical jews. i will save up enough money for a car in about september. i guess i will start buying my music then. and also a cell phone. This forum is shot to hell!
  11. ok then if you guys don't care if it's legal, then why bother to enter this discussion forum at all. it clearly announced its topic in the title. i didn't expect this forum to change the world. i was merely interested if anyone else has thought of this. oh and andrusk, selling it WOULD be illegal. the whole point of even getting legal music is that you have a reason for not paying. right now i am saving up for a car and i can't afford to pay 2 hours salary or more for a CD that might not even have 15 tracks on it. when i've settled down and have a steady job, you can bet ur butt that i'll be paying for my music and supporting our economy (i might be in the recording industry anyways)
  12. RealRhapsody, which I used (months and months of free trials) until they got smart on me has EXCELLENT streams The Featured RealAudio streams are excellent (so are most music videos) Also bands' websites feature streaming audio and some are dumb enough to put entire albums on. Once Windows Media Player featured the entire of the Beastie Boys' new album, To the Five Boroughs, and I was ecstatic. Download.com has great free wav to mp3 converters I called an atterney that dealt with technology and copyrights. This is one of the very few legal ways to bootleg.
  13. oh yeah i forgot to mention that i've played the entire doom series except for doom 3 and also the entire quake series and i got tired of quake 3 a few years ago.
  14. I'm wondering if anyone else besides me has figured out the BEST free, legal way to obtain music. All you need is a sound card and an internet connection. ........................................................................ What you need to do is find an internet audio stream (such as realplayer or realrhapsody or windows media player or winamp or the band's website or........) and then you open up whatever sound card bundle software came with your card switch record setting to either mixed or record master hit record play the audio stream stop recording when done enjoy legal, high quality (not to mention FAST) way to obtain music. My mom made me call an attorney to find out if it was legal and he told me yes, it was as long as i didn't sell it. Who needs 2 mess around with illegal P2P servers or wait for downloads or search on the various mp3 sites for the file you WANT (i e: mp3shits.com. altavista.net audio search, mp3search.com, espew.com, sirfindalot.com mp3 search, airmp3.com..........) If anyone is interested, my old 16 bit sound card is sitting in the closet and i'll put it on ebay for you. I know so much cuz I might become a recording engineer.
  15. i gave up with the friggin AGP port. i bet when the guys were settin up my grandparent's computer (they gave this 2 me) the guys probably spilled something on it and said oh well i highly doubt that they will ever install a graphics card. so i spent $50 on a refurbished 128MB Chaintech PCI Card. It'll arrive on tuesday and will be friggin awesome. oh and i deleted far cry for space so i'm gonna play star wars KOTOR and Dues Ex 2 and when i'm done with either one i'm gonna do far cry. keep the suggestions coming! (and thank you, man, for pointing out that you should read a forum before responding to it) ..................................................................................................................... oh right, system specs: Intel Celeron 2.4 Ghz Memory: 392 (i started out with even less, and i'm not spending another $40) Graphics as of Tuesday: 128MB Chaintech PCI card Sound Card: 32bit Creative Live! (given to me by the owner of this account, nice guy)
  16. thanks, looks pretty good. keep the suggestions coming guys!
  17. cuz i'm lazy and also the password is saved in mozilla so it's all automatic....i'm eating carrots.
  18. ok first off I can't handle Far Cry until my video card is fixed. The ground in the game is all black b/c the polygon draw thing SUCKS with the integrated graphics. Next, I have an AGP card that I am trying to get to work. Right now I'm running off of the cruddy integrated graphics card. Next, I have no freakin clue what ur talkin about with the card (this is NOT my account, I'm borrowing it) but on BIOS (even the latest version) won't let me tinker with video settings. It says I can do either PCI or Integrated. Thank you.
  19. heh tribes looks like power rangers. what does that have to do with RTCW and NOLF?
  20. HL2 was amazing, i told ya already: the half-life series. I can't handle unreal or halo or swat 4. I downloaded Far Cry and i'm waiting for sum1 2 tell me how to fix my video card (see my other post, Integrated to AGP problem.) I've tried America's Army, I was like great...target practice (and I don't like military games that much.) I've tried Alien vs. predetor...sucked. Chronicles of Riddick doesn't look too good. Painkiller looks cool though, thanks. sorry I'm picky hahhahhaahaa
  21. I need to find another good single player FPS to play. Games i've liked: Star Wars: Jedi Knight II Star Wars: Jedi Academy (I know those were 3rd person) and I already have all the Star Wars games I would like to play at a later time. The Doom Series (except for III that I can't handle) The Quake Series The Half-Life series (all of it) Return to Castle Wolfenstein No One Lived Forever I and II Far Cry My computer can't handle doom III sadly. I don't like military games that much, except that I thought that Delta Force I and II was extremely playable (yeah, the one with the bad graphics) I'm sure that I've played more and forgotten em.
  22. Yeah. I wish i could put a screenshot of the EVGA disk installation. On this computer, it says AGP version 0.0 right before you install, and then you click install AGP drivers. Afterwards there is no effect. On the computer to my right, where it worked for a year, it says AGP version 1.0 before you install the drivers. Also on my friend's computer where it worked, it also said AGP version 1.0. So yes, 0.0 means it's messed up and 1.0 means good. My problem is getting it to say 1.0.... (submitted by the guy with a problem, zone99 has been submitting everything else)
  23. ok well i reset the cmos(twice)....and i also have the updated drivers for the card, and i just flashed the mobo with the newest bios....any other ideas? Right now i am thinking that the problem is on the motherboard, because i think there might be a jumper that enables the agp, not sure though..... I also tested the card in another computer, and it works fine...
  24. I just got a GeForce2 mx 400 video card that has worked in an older computer. When i put it in my computer, the bios does not recognize it....and nothing i have installed will help. When i use a tool that was on a cd for my graphics card(evga Nvidia install disc) it says that the motherboard agp version is 0.0, and agp drivers not installed(then i used its tool to install it)....when i run that program on the older computer it says that the agp version is 1.0 the computer is a IBM think centre..its about 2 years old
  25. ok i have a Nvidia GeForce MX 440. I left my I left my computer last night in perfect condition, working great and everything. Now this morning I went to my computer room and i just saw a black screen so i was like...well ok w/e....So then i rebooted and i saw my bios screen pop up for about 1/2 sec. then everything went black again...i checked all cable connections, which are good, and my video card is in my computer good, i tried reinserting it also. If i had to guess it seems as though its a motherboard problem...right? anyone have any ideas of what to do?
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