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  1. whats that program called the one that shows memory and clock settings? is that for the gforce ultrra only? or all gefroces?
  2. ya know wasent this about helping me LOL i cant be helped anyway crap intel locks
  3. yes it has a 3 pin hook up i had SpeedFan and its montirs temps and such also an option to change fan speeds but nothing happend when u do it so =/ i dont have a solder and im not tkaking chances effing anything up like catchign it on fire
  4. trying to find a free way of doing it...... how would i low the volts to it?
  5. hi everyone i hate my fan it speens at 3000 rpms and sounds like 10000 i was wondering if i could slow it down to maybe 1700? i dont do much gamming and such so it not gunna go hardcore super load lol ive tryed SpeedFan but that didnt work any suggestions?
  6. how did you over clock it? thats what im wondering
  7. ok how much do you think i could sell a system with these specs celeron 2.4 ghz 256 ddr 333ram 40 gb 7200 hd Geforce 2 mx 400 sound max cadanza intel desktop board d845pesv 52x sony cd-rom 6 usb ports
  8. well it ain dell or anything its custom it aint the best so ur saying i cant oc at all? =/ shtty deal i guess well im trying to invest in a p4 ht or a raedon 9800 expensive . though but um could i over clock my fb to 533 cuz it runs at 400 and it makes my 333 ram run at 266 becuase of this
  9. hello everyone i have a celeron 2.4 ghx 400 fsb on a intel d845pevs mpga 478 socket desktop board ive heard you can overlcok them to 3.4 and such i was wondering how(ive never overclcoked before =/) if i can get anyhelp i would greaty enjoy it lol thx
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