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  1. what would be a minimum PSU power to run a 6800gt with room to OC easily?
  2. i have a 32 bit amd xp 3200+ cpu on a abit VA-10 board(P.O.S.) i was wondering if there were any duel mobos for 32-bits? if so can u give me names or links to were i can search them.
  3. ight thanks guys i will prolly look for a sony or plextor i have a plextor cd writer so im pretty confident with that.
  4. what should i look for? what are some good brands? any good sites to look for them? is used ok to get? and should i get a DVD +, DVD -, or DVD + and -? responses are helpful
  5. actually i did use standoffs but i just didnt know what they were and i figured it out i had my chasis wires pluged in upside down(i didnt evan know u could do this) but thank you for the help and opion everybody
  6. oh and i dont know if i wana reset the ccmos until thats last option and everyone here thinks its ight cause last time i did that i had to take it in to get fixed and it cost like $80 ...i dont evan know what stand offs are
  7. its pluged in, power suply botton turned on, i have spent 3 hours making shur all the wires are pluged into the correct spots checking my mobo manuel the whole time, doesnt seem to be shorting out anywere. uhhhhhh no the fans and things dont turn on the little red power light that comes on on ur mobo when evan turned of isnt on. thats about all i can think to say. im takin it to my friends house cause hes pretty good with comps so see what he thinks ill give some more feed back l8r ...any more sugestions?
  8. i just switched my computer cases i thought i had everything hooked up right but then i try to turn it on and nothing happens. anyone have any ideas i checked every single cable connected and not connected to my motherboard and everything seems to be connect and in the right spot. do i need to clear ccmos? would be nice if u posted a reply instead of just coming in and looking at what i have to say ppl
  9. i cant find my mobo driver cd otherwise that would be a good idea lol
  10. yea so i was helping my brother clean out his comp cause it was flooded with extra programs and such, somehow we cleared all the printer settings and i guess his sound driver was in there anyone know how to get it back or were to get a new one? he is using his integrated sound so idk what to do it is a ABIT VA-10 motherboard i dont know if u need that info but please help i would like to help him out cause he likes to play world of warcraft and without sound that really sux.
  11. ight im getin a new case what u guys think i should get? the: http://www.xoxide.com/xgbox-mge-sidewinder-silver.html or the: http://www.tigerdirect.com/applications/Se...&Tab=0&NoMapp=0
  12. ok so i went into my bios and was messin around tryin to oc it a lil i must have done something cause my comp is running at 1.1GHz instead of its normal 2.1GHz i went back in and set everthing back to default and it still says the same thing, one time i reset it and it came up as unknown processor and a 2.4GHz clock i have no idea on what is going on! do i have to redo my bios? if u know what i did can u explain in detail how to fix it...?
  13. ok so my processor is suposed to be a 2.2ghz stock and its running at 2.09ghz contstant i cant evan figure out how to oc it...but thats just cause im kinda newbish at ocing and need to be taught the ropes. so anyone could help me understand this problem that would be awsome. and if u would like to help me out on my ocing delemas
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