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  1. meh these Audigys should do what i need i think since the hardcore gaming is done in stereo anyways and my current setup is MORE then enough for that
  2. Hmmm.... i wounder if it would be worth the extra money for another sound card then for games, though im not sure how many games i will play on my HTPC, besides WOW, and CSS... i think i will use one of these creative cards for now then later on down the road try a turtle beach if im not happy. Thanks guys
  3. So it wont output 5.1 for games, but it will foreverything else? DVD's, movies, etc. (assuming they have the 5.1 audio track)
  4. Uber

    Gun Game Mod

    windows or linux? do you have the srcds server installed and running yet?
  5. Glad you got the new machine in WInamp for audio medida player classic for video!
  6. Your reciever is simulating 5.1, and most on the market do a very good job of it now. Hmm i never really thought about games in 5.1... as this was going to be for my new HTPC setup. So for example if i wanted all my games and what not to be in 5.1 as well this creative card would not do it?
  7. I have a couple creative sound cards the Audigy Value, and the Audigy 4. I need to get optical out on one of these cards (preferably the Audigy Value) i know Creative has the little Digital I/O box, though i cannot seem to find what interface it has with the card, the picture showes it as a 3.5mm jack which is not capable of 5.1 data transmission so im a little skeptical. This is for a HTPC and i cannot stick a 5.25" bay unit in. I need something that can be inside the PC, or i can run a cable out the back. Here is a link to I/O module. http://www.creative.com/products/product.a...mp;product=1780
  8. Uber

    Clearout sale!

    I dont like to use paypal for small ammounts as they rob me on the exchange rate as well as conversion, i would PREFER money order if possiable. And i see no problem with shipping both copies in a paper sleeve i can provide pictures of original boxes as well if needed. Top post edited.
  9. Uber

    Clearout sale!

    Do you care about the original boxes? since they are in the big ones i could move them to a smaller cd case (or into one) and ship them all in one package that way, or e-mail you the cd keys. if not i would have to charge you a couple bucks for shipping.
  10. If you shoot w1zzard a PM over at TPU he should be able to help you fix it. as he is the one that develops ATi Tool.
  11. Good looking review - though your installation method is wrong #1 thing to do before installing anything, or doing any work on a laptop is to remove the battery. You also may have voided the laptop warrenty by installing the new memory modules, i know Toshiba is very strict on this not 100% sure on Acer, but i do know that you may have trouble getting warrenty work with that new memory installed in there. Just wanted to point out that one flaw, other then that it looks like a decent review - what chips are on those modules? what are the chip specifications?
  12. Well i have alot of Wireless N gear that is new in the box that needs to go. 2x D-Link Wireless N notebook adaptors - $50 2x D-Link Wireless N desktop adaptors - $50 D-Link Wireless N USB Range Booster - $50 I can post pics if needed also all prices are in CDN dollers and do not include shipping. All items are still factory sealed and new in the box. If you think the price is a little steep feel fre to shoot me a PM with a new offer and i can see what i can do. There way also be a Wireless N Router (D-Link as well) though the box has been opened.
  13. And if not to use a table then what would i use? since there is no clear documented alternative. and does text-align not just align the text that is within the table. i am trying to xhtml 1.1 validate.
  14. would i just call it like so? <table style=id"lemon" yadda yadda? Also for the width im not following the whatever part... im assuming the auto's tell it to find the width of the window and center acordingly? what would i do if i wanted left? as well as right?
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