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  1. sorry i never came back iv ben busy lately my specs intel i5 4670k corsair h90 msi gd65 msi n760 tf (gpu rosewill hive samsung pro 840 128gb seagate 1tb hardrive team vulcan oc memory (1600Mhz)
  2. Thank you very much Im going to try the guide and report back btw it would be nice if people could post there clocks of there I5 4670k
  3. Hello there this is my first post for chrismass I got a intell I5 4670k and I was hoping to overclock it to at least 4.4 GHz but it seems to only get up to 4.2 GHz with 1.20v. Once I was able to get it up to 4.4 GHz with 1.28v but it lasted like 20s in the uefi and locked up. I'm new at this and I'm not shrue if I'm doing it right so any help will be appreciated My specs I5 4670k MSI n760 tf (gpu) Msi z87 gd65 Team Vulcan 2x4 8gb 1600mhz Corsair h90 Rosewill thor v2 Rosewill hive 650 W Samsung 840pro 128gb ssd Seagate 1tb hdd
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