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  1. DoD: Allies Carbine Thompson and B.A.R. Axis MP44 and Stoss British Enfield and Sten Actually riflemen had just that. Rifles. Only officers, MPs and drivers got pistols. Which is still the custom today. The damage for the stoss isnt right though. K43s actually fired the same round as the K98 which is an 8mm mauser round. I own a Yugoslavian M48A that looks the same and fires the same round. Kicks like a mule though.
  2. I've got a 296 sx 16 and an 80-88 lying around somewhere. I still have my 33 baud external modem. (Aka drink coaster)
  3. OK, my 40 day old MSI board is acting up. I turned my computer on the other day and had no video. First thought was that I cooked the video card. So I drove across town to a friends and got another PCI-E card to try. Nothing. Finally figured out that the little plastic retaining clip that secures the PCI-E selector card had fallen out. Popped it back in and it works fine. Now here we are a week later, and every day I'm having to pull that item repeatedly. Whenever I shut off my system it just doesnt want to come back on with video. Its held down properly but barely works right. Any ideas is something could've been damaged when it popped up to begin with? Has anyone here RMA'd to MSI before and if so how long would you think I'll be without a motherboard for? Thanks guys.
  4. Zipzoomfly rocks. I've used them for 2 years now and have only had good service. They usually offer free 2nd day during the holiday season. TAke advantage of it while ya can.
  5. Hey hey now, I think they sold out just like the next guy. But I blame depressive music on the cure and such. But how silly is it to blame your mood on music? Thats whats wrong with kids these days. Stop blaming your crappy mood on things. Just be stronger than the negative. Dont get me wrong, I was a grumpy little kid with problems too. But I was able to talk about positive things too lol. I believe most teens think they have it worse than the next guy. Who in turn believes the same. Just remember boys and girls, lifes not easy. Its going to get harder and easier at times. You just have to deal. Its HOW you deal that makes your personality. IMO.
  6. Wow! I dont think I've ever agreed more with red than now!
  7. Can someone tell me please what happened? What went wrong with our lives? At what point did people get soooo whiny? For instance it seems everyone is crying about their lives and how bad they are. or how things dont go the way they want them to. Its confusing to me because if you look at the big picture, our lives arent all that bad. We still live in a country that is a democracy. We're still able to voice ourselves about anything we want. We still have clothes on our backs and food on our tables. (And if you dont have those you should cancel your internet and pay for priorities.) With this said, why dont we lighten up around here? At least for the holidays. Maybe mellow out on the drama. If you do have serious problems I understand. But some people constantly post about whats wrong with the world, or whats wrong in "their" world. There are a lot of younger members here and I should hope they have more to look forward to in life than negativity. Thank you for your time.
  8. D R A M A ! Like there wasnt enough of it in the world already, now when I try to escape the reality and drama of real life, I read drama in here lol.
  9. I'm getting off fairly easy, all my wife wants if a romantic night without the kids. And for me to take her to a nice restaurant.
  10. Hey, you guys see the Family Guy episode with the church of the "Fonz"? I'm going to start "The Church of AMD" It will be open to all who believe AMD is the way to computer heaven and will dang (Used as a verb) all Intel non-believers. (hehehe) So what if they were around first. Oh wait, that sounds like modern religion doesnt it? Crap, and I didnt even mean that. Oh well, makes a funny analogy. And just think of the tax breaks I'll get?
  11. Wow.... Well I suppose your key statement is "I'm only 15" First off my children have had more than one bad Christmas. So we've gotten them a lot of toys to play with and have fun. They're 4 and 5. Thats what they do.... BTW these arent best-buy toys, they're little kid toys. (Original little kid toys) Not $300 console systems lol. Anyhow I believe it was kind of rude of you to make that statement and then admit you're neither a parent or adult. Why is it there are sooooo many negative people here in OCC? Seriously, its the holidays, I tried to start a positive topic, and still you figure out how to bring us to your own deprived, depressed level. Just remember, if you dont have anything worth saying, DONT say it. You'll appear more intelligent that way. To the rest of you that replied I'm happy you're able to provide for your loved ones or at least appreciate what you have.
  12. Soooo.. What is everyone getting for their spouse, children or parents to brighten their holidays? Anything reeeaalllyy special? I'm just getting as many toys for my two as possible. being 4 and 5 they arent picky lol. (Lucky Me)
  13. Hmm.. Well if I were in the same shoes, I'd probably show the father in law pictures of what his daughter and I do in our free time. Let him hit me. And then use that against him for the rest of his life lol. JK Seriously though, thats an example of being a somewhat civilized person, not necessarily a "man". There are real challenges to becoming a man which you may or may not experience as you grow old. Like having to choose the well being of your family over a "cushy" job that only takes 40 hours a week. Or buying the minivan instead of the sports car. Or taking care of the children that you create instead of tucking tail and running. Or taking responsibility for ones actions? Or knowing when you're going to say something that will hurt someone in revenge and instead biting your tongue. And a big one, being able to tell someone something that you know will hurt them, if it benefits them in a greater way. A real man wouldnt put himself into a situation that needed violence. My father in law tried to get into a fight with me once. For marrying his daughter lol. I just walked out of his house, it didnt make me feel any weaker. But to go as far as to hold him in a corner? Just because you dont punch doesnt mean you're not displaying violence. In this day and age everyone lives or has lived in a dysfunctional family. I believe part of being a man is not whining about that or using it as an excuse to act ignorant. What doesnt kill you makes you stronger right?
  14. Hello, could I get a G-Mail invite? Or are they all taken?
  15. You mean you can read somewhere ELSE besides the toilet?!?!?!?! I literally cannot poop without reading material. Its a necessity.
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