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  1. silver, i had it in my Antec P160 for awhile and matched fairly well.
  2. I'm selling my fan controller. It's a Coolermaster Aerogate 3. more info here It will come with all the cables originally included with it. Its in near mint condition, works fine. Let me know if you have any questions. Make reasonable offers please. Let me know asap b/c its going on ebay soon, but i thought id try to sell it here first.
  3. I'm not worried about overclocking, my main concern is getting my PC as quiet as possible, so any other suggestions are welcome.
  4. Is there a recommended lining to put into your case to dampen the noise?
  5. I have an old install of Windows XP on a separate partition as my current install. I want to get rid of the old install but i can't format the partition b/c there are about 60 gigs of files i want to keep. how can i get rid of the install? can i just delete everything on that drive except my files? would that be a clean enough way to do it?
  6. I am the admin, i only have one useraname....no! formatting will be so painful. i'm using system restore from now on.
  7. I've recently got some virus issues with my computer and today i was trying to fix them and now it's worse than ever. when i boot my computer, i log in, and immediately it says 'logging off' and goes right back to the log in screen. and thats all i can do. it just keeps sending me back to the log-in screen. i tried safe mode and it worked once but now its doing the same thing. please please help ASAP! i'm at the library and i need some help before i leave. thanks p.s. if this is in the wrong place, mods please move.
  8. Hey, I'm looking for a new Antec Sonata II case or possibly an original Sonata if its new. I don't need the PSU, but i will buy it if i have to. i have an Antec P160 at the moment with a custom blue LED blowhole 120mm fan on it. I'm looking to downgrade (um...yeah) to a sonata, i would be willing to look at trades for my current case if anyone is interested. also, i have a CoolerMaster AeroGate 3 fan controller that will be available for trade/sale. thanks.
  9. Hey, This a Creative Audigy 2 ZS soundcard. I have all the connectors and everything it came with still. It will come with the software as well. It's not the Gamers edition but it did come with two games: Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness and Rainbow Six 3, so you'll get those as well. Please let me know if you have questions. oh, im asking $50 shipped through Paypal, if you use a credit card please add 4%. pricedrop, booyeah.
  10. hmm, where can such an adaptor be obtained?
  11. I am interested in finding something so i can send video from my computer to my tv. i have an X800 Pro, but it doesnt have the proper rca video plug i need. I was thinking maybe there is a USB device that lets me do this. Any have ideas?
  12. they are out of stock..... bummer, does anyone have one they would give up? i will pay good money for one.
  13. why cant i just use the autoupdate from creatives website? b/c ive been told that people have gotten this to work.
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