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  1. Hi Renigade! Your thread caught my eye as I like this whole concept of cloud computing going on (might be because my head is up in the clouds, but that is another story for another day.) Reading your requirements that you stated: "Will be a scheduling/access database and file share for my service business. Right now its just me. Eventually when I get the database to where I am happy with it I will add service trucks that will have laptops using Microsoft Office 365. I track and doccument everything from customer calls, work/job/ scheduling notes, milage vehicle/equipment service and maintenance and products used per job. EVERYTHING if I spend money or time on it and it is related to the business in any way shape or form it gets documented. " My first thought was that having a cloud server might be a bit to much for what you are aiming for, but that just helpful old me butting in again! Since it appears you are comfortable with databases, can I suggest a CMS (content management site, but you already knew that right? Of course you did!) with a robust database customized to your specifications? You can set up the backend to accept any documentation, photos, etc that you want to archive. A major plus is that you can get a web host and run it off their equipment and internet connection (use ALL the bandwidth!), the plus side also being you don't have to deal with the potential heartbreak of your personal cloud raining on you and having too much downtime, also the time spent maintaining it will kill your Skyrim career! A final note, this could be potentially cheaper for you (more games, yay!) and also more reliable (not locked into a proprietary product like M$, good web hosts have teeny tiny amounts of downtime, paying for a big hosting plan LOTS cheaper than paying for bigger pipes from Comcast, more spare time as you don't have to fiddle with your hardware.) This is my first post, so please forgive me if I have fell face-first here! But good luck on whichever route you decide to go:)
  2. Beroge

    Hello Everyone!

    Well, I thought long and hard about it and decided I am mature enough to join this forum and looking forward to getting to know new people and learning! My areas deal mostly with building and working on PCs, all types of networking (LANS, WANS, wireless, VPNs), with all the goodies involved (routers, switches, ect), and oh yeah I also build all types of websites (static, CMS, Ecommerce, mobile.) BUT! There is an area that has always fasinated me, an area where dreams come true and the world is your apple, namely that black magic area of OVERCLOCKING! I will pick your brains (in a non painful way of course) and in return will express my undying gratitude to you. If we all get lucky, for grins and giggles I'll share with everyone in my mishaps where I let the magic smoke escape my computer with OCing attemps! All in all, its nice to be here and I am looking forward to making new friends:)
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