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  1. This Board has the best rating of all the Micro ATX boards on newegg. BIOSTAR TForce6100-939 Socket 939 NVIDIA GeForce 6100 Micro ATX I wish it had a gigibit NIC I wish it had 2 pci-ex16 instead of a pci-ex1. but it has good reviews- i kinda want to leave the option for Sli
  2. I noticed that some boards like this Motherboard have integrated 8 channel audio ( with the 6 audio ports) yet they are using the AC97 Codec. Anyone know if this will sound good? Or should I go with a pci sound card? Also I am considering Sli for this micro gaming box.. but thinking it will run very hot with 2 video cards. Any thoughts?
  3. This bored looks good. it has all the things I want: gigibit Lan, 8-channel audio, pci-E x16, pci slots, ect.. Im just curious about the PCI-E x1 slot. What cards actually use PCI-E x1? Will I every use this slot?
  4. I caught a Micro atx case for a good price. Ultra Black Microfly ATX It was on sell at Tigerdirect for $30, after a $20 mail-in rebate at onrebate.com. I have been wanting to build a little LAN party PC for a long time, so I had to grab this case after reading the reviews. Now that I have a nice case, it is time to fill it up. I plan to build this Gaming machine slowly, peice by peice. I want it to perform very well. I play WOW mostly, but there will be other games. I need to pick a motherboard I am leaning towards AMD on the processor. I know I want a PCI-E video card. 1 gig of ram is a must. ( to start off with) Anyway , the point of this post is to get any suggestions from Micro ATX system owners. ~~~Any links or suggestions would be appreciated.
  5. I actually just bought the Ultra Black Microfly ATX case. It was on sell at Tigerdirect for $30, after a $20 mail-in rebate at onrebate.com. I have been wanting to build a little LAN party PC for a long time, so I had to grab it after reading the reviews. I cant wait to get it in the mail. Of course I need to fill it up with parts.
  6. 19 in' screen! 8ms! Benq @ Newegg Is this a good/great monitor for gaming, esp. at this price? Need Imput..
  7. I just started using avast, free verson. Its effective, easy, and not annoying(except when you get a virus it says (warning you have a virus. or somthing) outloud. Which is better Avast or AVG? and why?
  8. peaked at 3.30 South Georgia. Now seems to have dropped to 2.90. I would get a bike i heard the insurence is high though.
  9. this is very interesting. Just watch n see what happens to differnet cpus as the heatsinks are taken off for a little while. enjoy, the cpu video link it kind of hurt to see the last two.
  10. i have: lvl 38 nightelf Druid lvl 21 dwarf rogue lvl 4 human priest (new) lvl 39(about to be 40) gnome warlock warlock is the funnest so far
  11. Ive got lv38 Nightelf druid named yagermeister, and a lv 37 gnome warlock named zoom , both on Durtotan server.
  12. it goes from the ports to the switch which is sitting under it. You know like those big towers of routers and switches. The 2 devices are right on top of each other, so 6inches is a perfect length. BTW,chavalcito, in reference to whats under your avatar. Aol is shizzle, but Im afraid it is not "the shizzle"
  13. Im making some ethernet cables to go from ports to a switch. Im aiming for 6 inches. I know this sounds like a stupid question. What is the shortest I can make the cable?
  14. I like my lvl 26 NElf druid. All my talent points are in restoration. So I like to sit back in groups and keep everyone healed and buffed. When i run out of mana i drink some mana pots. I have plenty of them because my profession is herbalism/alchemy. I do well in soloing too. Entangling roots/ moonfire/starfire/fairiefire/ then catform and melee if needed. Or, just cat form and sneek up behind them and shred, rip, claw, ect. I dont use bear form too much anymore. I use water form when i need to travel fast and there is water near by. I cant wait until lvl 30 when i get my travel form. I think its 50% faster than running. That will hold me up until i get my mount at lvl 40, which is 60% faster than walking. Yea, pets are pretty useless( not hunter or warlock pets). I bought a hawk owl, its just for looks. It would be nice if i could have more than one pet following me at a time, like a mechanical squirrell and a hawk owl and somthing else.. It would look like i am one with nature and animals follow me around.
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