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  1. any one of those hsf will do good. The mobiles run cool and at 2.4ghz they all are good enough to keep it cooll, so its just a matter of what you prefer . This is just my opinion though.
  2. i upgrade from an xp1900 oc'd to 1.75ghz. I still need to upgrade my heatsink and memory. I;m getting a coolmaster hhc-001 and corsair pc 3200. http://www.explosivelabs.com/reviews/coolermaster_hhc-001/ here my mobile with sisandra @2.4ghz
  3. I would go for the thermaltake volcano 7+ . As far a which 2400, i would get the cheapest one which is probably the 45w. What cpu do you have now?
  4. tems @ 2.4ghz 33idle 44 load w/ staretec copper (lapped) Room temp is 71 case tem 76
  5. I think it just depends on what stepping you get that really determines how far you can oc the mobile aside from the obviouse (memory and mb)
  6. My mobile xp2400 45w will do 2.6ghz stable but i am limited to going any faster by my pc2700 memory and my cheap hsf. I run it at 2.4ghz [email protected] 1.60v prime 95 torture test stable for 24hrs with temps @ 33 idle 44 full load. I went with the 2400 because its cheaper and from what i read its just as good as the xp2500 mobile. As far as wich mobile 2400 is better (45w vs 35w) im not quite sure but you cant go wrong with 2400 mobile.
  7. the new beta catalyst 4.10 drivers are working great. Increased aquamark and 3dmark scores
  8. Jetway n2pap ultra ( nforce2 ultra 400) xp2400 [email protected] (11.5x209 1.65v 32c idle 44c load prime 95 torture test) 2x256 dual channel hyundai [email protected] 2.5-3-3-10 msi-td128sp radeon 9800 pro 440-360
  9. 48,730 stock cooling on radeon 9800 pro
  10. Just wanted to say Hi to everyone. Im not new to overclocking but always looking for new info.
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