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  1. Ok Im in the only "elite" guild on my server. ( MC clear in 2:20 BWL on farm status, all dragons on farm status) The issue at hand is this. The "horde" on my server have yet to drop Nef, and the population in relation to us is 2:1 or so. Im starting to think that we will have to roll horde and help them get there items turned in...sigh....
  2. humboldt

    Aq Today ?

    Ok well getting bored farming Oxynia, Mc and BWL week after week. Hopefully todays patch brings the new AQ content. Still not sure how to open the area, but thinking we might have figured it out. Anyone else just waiting for AQ to open up
  3. I do plan on overclocking this machine. The main use of this machine is to replace my current gaming rig. I went with that PSU for the modular feature. I will look around and see what other brands offer SLI and modular wiring. Thanks
  4. I am getting ready to build a new system, just wanted some input. Here is the list so far DFI LANPARTY nF4 SLI-DR AMD Athlon 64 FX57 Corsair TWINX2048-4000PT (3-4-4-8) 2 BFG GeForce 7800 GTX OC with Water Block SilverStone Strider ST60F 600W Modular Power Supply - SLI Certified Anything here stand out as something that you would not do ? I have yet to pick a case or cooling system but I think I will be doing a custom cooling system using a http://www.jbjlighting.com/prod_chiller.html
  5. Do you think that the slowdown could somehow be related to the recent release of WOW.
  6. Famous Brand ? what brand is that LOL
  7. Oh BTW while I was at my moms house FIXING her computer I informed her that she needs to leave in on 24/7 so she can get the auto updates and somehow I think [email protected] is running now too ..... Its an old 2.4C but it should crank out a few WU's to help get me to 10,000 by the end of the contest.
  8. Well its been a slow climb...but after a month and a half, I have made it into the top 200 and over 7000 points. What is the next level for the contest again 10,000?
  9. With all the other thing I have to worry about in my life, job, kids, ex.....buying another computer. Now I dont know if my cell phone is out to kill me....Im sure that it has been bleeding me dry with the bills, but now it appears it is just out to get me. Exploding Cell Phones Prompt Recalls Now for a bit of covert history....awhile back Israel wanted to take out this Hamas guy, so they found out his cell phone was in the shop for repair. They got hold of the phone and planted a small amount of C4 or something like that. They phone was returned to the Hamas member. Then a signal was sent to the phone and well yea you get the idea. That is a true story.
  10. Do you play standing on your head? Whats up the pictures?
  11. Well this is the strangest thing I have read in a long time, thats why they make puppy chow !! Breast feeding a puppy
  12. Since I live by the beach, I take mine out for a nice saltwater dip once every few months
  13. What aircraft did that come off of? LOL
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