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  1. yeah I just bought a new card, put mine in its box, returned it, and all is well.
  2. yeah that didnt help either... still not 400$ video quality. guess its my fault I overclocked it. Usually i thought you see artifacts before performance is screwed. o well hopefully BFG will take it back without knowing that I overclocked. I'll just play stupid.
  3. I'm not overclocking at all... I was... but I am not now (still the jumpy graphics). Is it possible I screwed my card?
  4. I recently overclocked and now I am noticing a decline in my video performance. I am hitting around 140 FPS in CS: Source but it sure doesnt look like 140 FPS used to look. To me the frame rates look jumpy almost like they are hitting sub 20 FPS yet still registering at 140. Anyone else experience this problem or know anything about it? I was thinking maybe its not getting enough power since I am now overlcocking...?? Suggestions or comments please...
  5. finally fixed the problem.... bought some TCCD memory :nod: check out my sig
  6. recently switched my memory over from OCZ to the PDP Patriot 3200+XBL and this stuff kicks butt! Before I could not even overclock 5mhz and after just putting the new ram in I have achieved a 329mhz overclock, and I still haven't pushed this system to its max. Currently I am running at 29*c idle (same temp I was running at stock). Read sig for further details. Thanks PDP and DFI! :cool:
  7. nice I'll definately keep that in mind :nod:
  8. It has come to my attention that the ram I purchased for my setup is holding my OCing back... so I am selling my current ram on ebay and getting either pqi TURBO Series Dual Channel Platinum Kit 184-Pin 1GB(512MB x 2) DDR PC-3200 - Retail or 2xPATRIOT Extreme Performance 184-Pin 512MB DDR PC-3200 w/ XBL Technology, Model PEP5123200+XBL - Retail Anyone have any input. Leaning towards the Patriot just because it would be $10 cheaper for 2 sticks than going with the Dual channel pqi (which wouldnt help me out since nf3 is single channel). Anyone?? Bueller...? Bueller...?
  9. how high can you push the chipset voltage with the standard heat sink on it?
  10. Yeah I have tried the 3&4 SATA slots. I will give the voltage a try. I should have the head room I am using the Thermalright SLK-948U with artic 5 silver. *Update* I just tried the 3&4 slot with the upped chipset voltage and CPU voltage and LDT was always set to x3. I had no luck here...
  11. Ok you have probably seen me on here before. Well guess what? I am back. Here is what I got... I have been messing around with my board and read a bunch on overclocking the A64. I am still getting a "detecting array" message if I raise the CPU speed over 2100mhz. I did isolate the memory by lowering the CPU multi and seeing how far I could push the ram and this told me the problem was not in the ram. I could successfully overclock my ram up to 241 with a 1:1 ratio with no errors in memtest86 (timings 3-3-3-10 and 2.8v). Once I found my memory ceiling it was time to move onto the CPU. I brought the LDT multi back to 3x, then I brought the CPU/FSB multi up to 10 (with 1.475v x 110%). I didn't expect this to work I was just testing. Restarted and got a beep and I thought it was gonna go but then I got the stupid detecting array .. So i then lowered the FSB by 5 intervals until I got back to 200. The only time it bypassed the detecting array screen was anything at or under 210, even still windows wouldn't load correctly. So here I am again... stuck at stock settings. What a bummer... I though the DTR's were suppose to be the gods of overclocking but it looks like I got a defect (atleast I think its the CPU unless anyone else knows of another culprite). I was told a SATA card would fix the problem since the PCI speeds are locked (unlike the ones on the motherboard)... can anyone attest to this? *UPDATE* I also tried taking out the SATA card all together and disabling those ports. It still would not post past the "detecting array screen." This was done after following the "DFI way of clearing the bios." I am lost in whats going on here... I suppose it is the CPU then, would I be correct in this assumption based on my testings? -Josh :confused:
  12. hey, I get the same problem too when I try to get my FSB over 220 without doing 9:10 memory. Basically it means something isnt right (stability issue) therefore reduce and retry. Its a trial and error process to overclock. Very frustrating at times. I think my problem is I did not buy good quality ram (for overclocking anyways) so I will sooner or later go OCZ EL ram type. Hope this helps, Josh
  13. try moving your SATA's on 1 and 2 instead of 3 and 4. I had mine on 3 before and I switched it to 1, now the detecting array doesnt appear as much when playing around with settings.
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