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  1. Hello there, Indu, for the process see the instructions below: On a different computer, go to: https://nordvpn.com/api/files/zip Download and unzip the file Choose the ovpn file(s) for the server you wish to use I then copied them to a flash drive and mounted the drive on the PRO Enable SSH on the router and ssh as [email protected] (your ip may be different) Copy the ovpn file(s) to /etc/openvpn Run the command: openvpn theovpmfileofyourchoosing Login with your Nord VPN credentials. Make sure the password is ASCII friendly
  2. I too am interested in seeing what Ryzen has to offer. If as good as we are all hoping it should make Intel offerings more competitive as well for those who love Intel gear.
  3. I gotta say I absolutely love your work. I also just bought a Corsair C70 case which I am going to pick up the clear window for my new test bench here on OCC
  4. I gotta say, I know TOR browser is available which is simpler, but these little Anonaboxes are amazing for Pentesting. I take the FAWKES and Pro with me when I am offsite from a target and using a small Anker battery-pack I can mask my attacks easily using VPN/TOR from a coffee shop running scripts on a Surface 3. I also have used it to mask/encrypt my iPad traffic at public places. You can never be too careful.
  5. Man those are some sexy coolers, I really cannot wait to see how Ryzen holds up. I really want AMD to give Intel a run for the money and provide us with better options
  6. Now lest see if its used in tires, that would be a money looser for the tire companies so I can see them fighting back
  7. You think they would get the clue but really though most US security companies do not allow the use of Lenovo because of the bad business practices and the fact that they are developed in China which is known for spying.
  8. Just wanted to give a bit of a heads up as we all know we cannot stop tinkering with things. I figured even with the 2GB RAM this thing would be awesome for a compact pentest machine. So I started out on trying to get Linux installed. I tried everything I could but Kali 2.0 (based on Debian) would not take. The Kali startup kept throwing errors and locking up the system. Since the Liva X supported Ubuntu but needed modification I changed to that path. Suprisingly though the Liva X2 took the Ubuntu USB installer with no issues. Wifi works out of the box and I was able to switch the desktop to XFCE to save some memory hogging of Unity. Not a bad little box. I really think 2GB RAM is too limited in these days and the 4GB is a no brainer as you can see running Metasploit hogs it. But all in all not bad. I even did not have to disable Secure Boot or disable UEFI for the legacy BIOS.
  9. Being as old as I am he was a major part of my moving experience growing up. Sad loss but he will live on in his movies.
  10. Man I don't know why but I cannot strop drooling over that card
  11. I have to agree with Spike, I would not do anything else before testing the voltage on your system. It really sounds like power stability causing your issues especially with the melting. I would start at the PSU and check the voltages for spikes. Might want to put your PSU also on a surge protector in case this is originating on your wall outlet.
  12. I actually like the design of this cooler. The offset is a big feature and the cooler is not oversized like a lot of them usually are.
  13. Hmmm, that case looks interesting, but $800 cant see myself separating with that.
  14. ajmatson

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    We missed you too you big goof haha Aww Make me blush. Miss our good days OCC Forever !!!!!
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