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  1. I am a Marine and I was over in Iraq in May 2003 when President Bush gave the 48 hrs to go into country. The best thing I had when I was over there was my Laptop,DVD's and my IPOD.
  2. I am using the same case and same PSU type ...you just need to take your time..looks like you balled everything up and threw it in the case.
  3. Switch driver version ...from experience ...4.12 is crappy...running 4.0 right now with no problems..try that
  4. I am currently using service pack 2. I have not noticed any glitches or bugs. I believe all initial problems have been worked out. So I would have to say it is Good 2 Go now and safe to use.
  5. Post a photo... Iwant to see what it looks like ...
  6. Unless he created 2 of them the original 1 is allready at Smithsonian Museum...
  7. Just to let you know the SuperLAnBoys are flimsy...I would not reccomend getting one
  8. Wear Latex gloves when building a new rig. The keep fingerprints and grease off of the parts and the case.
  9. Go with the Cat. Driver. It works
  10. Congrats and early Happy Fathers Day
  11. Thanks Everyone at OCC...just in time for Christmas to...LOL Sweet
  12. I just recieved a new replacement P5AD2 from then. My first 1 went bad on me after only 1 month. This 1 the Raid array doesnt work,It will not let me install AI Booster utility and when they sent it it was missing a plastic pushpin screw that holds down the noiseless heatsink on the motherboard. I have it attached with zipties right now. Until they RMA me another motherboard,Wish me Luck On the next 1. Wish You Luck Also... Been at it all day just got AI Booster working accomplishment #1 Answers for your questions
  13. I purchased an Asus P5AD2 Premium motherboard to build this system. Later to find out that Asus was having a Do It Yourself computer competition. I went to the site and entered pictures of my new rig and my benchmarks( wich I have posted on this site and the url to this site so they could see them. 2 days ago the competition ended and they e-mailed and told me I had just won the Grand Prize an Asus M6N notebook worth $1,900.00. Here is the site that links to the competition and to the prizes that were given away. System specs : ThemalTake Tsunami Dream Mid Tower 2Gb [email protected] PC2 4200 2x250 GB Hitachi HD SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS Gamer ASUS P5AD2 Premium Mobo Ultra X-Connect 500 watt PSU ThermalTake Jungle 512 Cpu Cooler P4 550 (3.4ghz ) ATI Radeon X800xt pci xpress SAMSUNG 213T ( 21 Inch LCD ) WinXP Service Pack 2
  14. Yeah, My younger brother broke into my Dad's house and stole 35 assault rifles.The Horrible thing is that my brother gets out of jail today.
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