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  1. You need a better HSF than the standard HP one. Which, in the end will mean you need a new case to hold it. But I recommend anything by thermalright, they kick major butt when usedi n conjunction with AS5.

    sounds like I may be on the right track in what Im already doing then.

    I plan on ordering a new case on wed, then in another two weeks ordering a new mobo.

    I'll just order a new HSF the same time I order the mobo.

  2. I think the temps in my comp are abit to high.

    Ive never checked b4 under load until today.

    my temps idle are aprox mobo 40*c, cpu 44*c

    after I started folding today I noticed my cpu shot up to 65*c, wile my mobo stayed the same.

    I have been able to get the temp down to 59* by removing the side of the case.

    Im guessing my cpu is getting to hot, what should I do?


    BTW My comp is a stock HP with the exception of the vid card.

  3. Ive got an HP machine that Id like to overclock. sadly HP removed all features from the BIOS that would do the OCing.

    I was wondering if any one could help me with how I could try to OC this thing.


    Its an HP A420n

    AMD 3000+ 2.16ghz

    512mb DDR 2700 ram

    ASUS A7V8X-LA mobo w/ VIA KM400 chipset


    any help would be greatly appreciated!

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