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  1. Im wondering if it may be a compatability issue between these boards and the WD drive. my only drive is a WD and Ive been having problems since I switched to this mobo monday with it randomly not being detected.
  2. hate to bump, but I could realy use some help with this, and it was already on page 4.
  3. I had a huge post made out the my power went off. :sad: any way. I just got my LP UT NF3 250GB the other day. I swaped it in to replace the Chaintech sk8t800 Id been using since I killed my neo plat. the hd in question is a WesternDigital 160g caviar se ide right after swaping the mobo I booted up and went into bios to set date and time. my hd was detected. after save and reboot I went to do a fresh install of windows, but my hd was not being detected. I disconnected it and connected a spare 4g hd I have. on boot it was detected. so I swaped my wd back in. reboot and once again it wasnt detected. I then pulled it and put it in my wifes rig. it was detected on boot. so I put it back in my rig. once again it wasnt detected. I then switched the molex and ata cable to it. this time it was recognised. I then installed windows, and every thing was running fine. apawn one restart my hd once again was not detected at boot. I turned the machine off and pulled the molex to the drive for a few seconds. pluged it back up, booted the system and had my hd back. I get back into windows have the machine running for a day then get a bsod that flashes to quick for me to read and the system reboots. sadly once again the hd is not detected. once again I pull the molex to it for a bit plug it back in and apawn reboot the hd its there. ran fine all day yesterday. Last night I ran prime95woke up this morning to see it had errored after 7 1/2 hrs. error......it couldnt write to the log after several attempts and my pc was locked up minus the mouse. I reboot and once again hd is not detected. what is going on? only dif in hardware is the mobo. Ive never had any problems with this hd on my chaintech mobo, and I dont think its psu as Ive tested the 12v rail. it never drops below 12v, and 5v rail stays between 5v-4.97v is there some thing Im missing? or does this mobo just not like this drive? please if any one has any ideas let me know. if I could figure this out Id have a stable system.
  4. well I was told that memtest doesnt like keyboard and mouse usb support enabled in bios. I changed them to disabled, set memtest to run, saved and rebooted. now memtest is running just fine. so problem seems solved. I'll just have to disable my kb and mouse when I want to use memtest and use the reset switch to reboot the machine.
  5. I got my dfi lp nf3 250 in yesterday. got my rig built back to the way is should be and have been stability testing to make sure every thing is ok. Ive ran superPI, occt, 3dmark 01-03, and have ran prime95 for a couple of hrs. Last thing I had left was to run memtest for a bit so I knew I was stable. now Ive hit a hurdle. I can not run memtest. Ive tryed running it from a boot disk, and Ive tryed using the version built into the bios. Im including a pic of both. first pic is ran from boot disk. second is from bios setting. what could be going on? just to make sure info is known. Athlon 64 3400+ newcastle/ Lanparty UT NF3 250gb 5-4-05 bios/Mushkin Blue 2x512 @ 2.5-3-3-6/ 160g western digital hd/6600gt/ no oc of any kind.
  6. since I cant post in the Ask DFI! section I figured Id ask here. I ordered a Lanparty ut nf3 250gb refurbed from newegg since that was the only way I could finaly afford a good replacement to my dead 754 board. what should I expect to receive? what kind of warranty is included? newegg only states there 15 day warranty. also if there is any one willing to create an iso of the driver disk and upload to me aim trancfer or some thing Id realy appreciate it as I realy dont like downloading drivers and souch off the net afer a fresh mobo install.
  7. Natural Born killers Kill Bill Vol 1-2 Saw National Treasure Lord of the rings trillogy Pulp Fiction House of 1000 corpses Gladiator gone in 60's O'yea cant forget the indiana Jones movies
  8. basic info should be there now. once I have the $$ and get the replacement mobo I'll update it to full details :nod:
  9. just wanted to say HI! I joined the forums last month because I killed my msi mobo and am looking into replacing it with the Lanparty UT NF3 250gb. figured joing here and doing some reading would be the best place to find out what to expect.
  10. you can change the mobo in a propriety comp, but you will possably run into the problem HP uses a microATX mobo so Id asume in there Compaq line they do the same. that will limit your mobo choices greatly. when it comes to the install of windows, after being a propriety comp your best bet is a fresh install. the one time I tryed a repair on a now parted out HP it ran like crap untill I did a fresh install.
  11. I dont know what reviews you have read, but that would have to be one major OC. the 6600 GT has beat every 9800 that it has came up aginst. to the 9800's oc you can oc the 6600GT inturn to counter that, so it still wins hands down!
  12. if you can add a little 6600GT it beats the pants off of any of the 9800's
  13. I checked my temps today and noticed some thing realy wierd going on. my full load and idle temp is the same and my fan is running on high at all times. Im realy confused. what could be going on? the full load temp is the same, but a week ago my no load temp was down around 39-40*c Full Load Pic No Load pic
  14. not 100% sure where this should go but since it is windows related figured Id try here. Ok like a butt earlier this year we purchased a new HP comp. as there new ones are it has the stupid recovery partition. Im getting a new mobo next week and Ive learned I'll need to reinstall windows. the only disks that contain windows that HP will provide me with(which I already have) are the recovery disks,no good since they have all the built in crap, and a HP Windows console disk which does no good as they removed the EULA from it. Ive called HP and Microsoft today to get a Windows XP home install disk. HP sent me threw 3 dif support services then to microsoft, and micro sent me back to HP. Microsoft says my comp came from HP so HP is who I need to get an install disk from. the last person I talked to at HP says it is impossable for them to provide an install disk as they dont have them only prebundled restoration disks. Can any one help me? anyone have an extra XP Home install disk they could send me? or can someone tell me how to get around this prob? All I want to do is use an OS that imop I have a right to use! so if anyone can help me but want prof Im not pirating I'll gladly provide it. I can provide a pic of my Microsoft COA(with key blanked out) and of my HP disks which are all clearly labeled windows XP Home.
  15. you could always do like I did. I was in the same boat as you till yesterday. we purchased an HP earlier this year and I finaly got sick of not being able to mess with it. I wanted to upgrade the mobo so Id have some options, but was stuck with microATX. I ended up taking the advice of others here and purchased a new case. now I have a an HP in a fancy gaming case untill next payday. then Im getting a new mobo of my choice and the fun begins.
  16. very simple question. is the diffrence between the 2 worth the $15? Ive decided on a DFI mobo, but Im not sure if all other diffrences aside the ultra is worth the extra $$ Im looking at the NFII 400-AL and the NFII ULTRA-AL
  17. that should not be true. my fx 5200 plays ut2k4 smooth as silk at 1024x768 with all details on high. thats w/ no oc
  18. as confuzzedintelguy said Id try speed fan. Ive tryed mbm 5 and it did not work for me, it showed my teps at an insane value. speed fan on the other hand was spot on with my ASUS mobo utility. download speed fan here
  19. I'll be ordering my new case tomarrow, in 2 weeks I'll be ordering my new motherboard. Im asking now so I have plenty of time to make my mind up. Ive got an AMD Athlon XP 3000+ @ 2.16ghz(actualy runs at 2.15) Im just wanting to oc it a little, not go nuts with it lol. maybe 2.5 or a little higher. there are 3 boards Im considering. 1. DFI "NFII 400-AL" 2. BIOSTAR "M7NCD PRO" 3. Gigabyte "GA-7NF-RZ" at this time Im leaning more tword 2 and 3 as Im new to ocing and they have a windows ocing app, and of those two more tword 2 as it has the nForce 400 ultra chip set. I have also noticed alot of you seem to realy like DFI so Im at a stumped point. what do you all think
  20. at this time the comp is exactly the way HP built it with the exception of me adding a vid card so I know its not my fault thank fully. BUT it would not suprise me if HP did mess up, or has it this way intentionaly. Ive come to dislike HP in the 8mo's weve had this pc. next one I build from scratch.
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