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  1. From my understanding they should be windbond UTT. I also do not believe it to be an issue with the CPU not liking the ram, as the exact same hardware worked perfect in a diffrent mobo at 210mhz fsb 1:1 2.5-3-3-6 1T. Since I can run 1 stick of ram with no problems I think its a matter of this mobo just doesnt like this ram, that or there is a physical problem with the mobo. I should be able to start testing new ram to night and know by morning hopefully.
  2. with the mushkin yes, I got a butt load of errors in memtset using 1/3, almost 2x as many as slots 1/2. I ran 1 512mb stick prime95 for 24hrs with no errors, I have a feeling the second stick would go the same way. My OCZ ram should come in the next couple of days. Im gona try it and see what happens.
  3. For future referance for my self, I do use my own img host, but what is the largest image size alowed to be attached? I may have just missed it in the rules, but I dont wana get in trouble
  4. ^^^Thx, assumed if it was to large it would auto scale down to tumbnail size. Have changed its size.
  5. couldnt find a desktop thread searching, so I decided to make one. show your desktop. here is mine. custom made by me :tooth:
  6. The good people at Shadowmajik.com Ive been purchasing case badges and decals from them for a wile. top notch grade A quality. This particular logo I ordered as an etched look reverse decal so you cant feel it from out side the case. Looks like a real etch job in person.
  7. Pic of side window with the newly added Lanparty logo. will update with some better pic's later.
  8. it's def not a heat issue. Im using an XP-90 and at all stock settings(which Im using) prime is working hard to break 40*c. I think it may be a ram issue of some sort. I pulled one stick of ram last night and am running prime95 again and it has now ran almost 12 hrs. After Prime95 has ran 24hrs (if it makes it) Im going to swap my other stick of ram in and run prime95 with it to see if it will pass alone also. I will be getting my new OCZ ram in on tuesday and am crossing my fingers it doesnt have the same issues.
  9. I thought maybe you had happened apawn a 2g set of em but possably the same series lol.
  10. I simply wont be running them in duel channel. all a duel channel set are is a pair of ram guaranteed to match and run in duel channel.
  11. Angry are those the OCZ performance series you are using? I just ordered a set of these OCZ performance series pc3200 2-3-3-6 2x512 to see if they play with this mobo any better than the mushkin. they should be here tuesday.
  12. I have set optamized defaults in the bios, and still can not pass prime95. I can pass 15 runs of memtest86+ test #5. What could be my problem?
  13. I my self have not flashed the bios. considering the mobo was purchased as a refurb who knows what may have been done to it b4 I received it, so you have a valid point! Im of a slight impression it may have been new thoe. all accessories were with it, it came in the retail box, and the antistatic bag it was in appeared to have never been opened. Thank You for the reply!
  14. UPDATE. Have loaded optimized defaults in BIOS. ram is now passing memtest test 5 at stock settings. don't know why it wouldn't when I first purchased the board. smartguardian appears to be reporting correct readings for every thing once again. I'm gona run OCCT then prime95. crossing my fingers its stable. if so she'll stay stock speeds lol UPDATE 2 Have ran superPI 1mil 39s and 30min occt passed. running Prime95 now. BTW can anyone explain to me why when I first got this mobo it wouldn't pass memtest test 5, but since I loaded defaults this evening it will? All settings look the same to me as begin with.
  15. I have spent the last two weeks trying my best to get this LP NF3 250 stable and just can not. all hard ware ran perfect on an MSI board. in trying to get stable I have tryed stock settings and my ram errors. set it to 2t and it passes but I do not want that performance loss nore do I believe I should have to. I have tryed many over clocks and diffrent cpu and ram voltages, but never going out of safe range for my hardware. never above 1.6v on the cpu and never above 2.6v on ram. I have tryed cpu fsb between stock 200 and 220, and have tryed ram dividers of 166 and 180. the combinations I have tryed in those ranges are too numerous to list. In the last 24hrs I found a point I thought I was stable. 213fsb with ram on a 9/10 divider. cpu at 1.575v using 1.250v cpu vid and 126% cpu vid special, ram at 2.6v all ram settings with the exception of divider were set to auto. I ran occt 30min and 20hrs and 14min prime95 blend. after prime failed I tryed a dif setting. loweing fsb to 210 running ram at 1:1 with 2t timings set to 3-3-3-10 failed memtest86+ test5 with 2 errors. I then went back to my previous settings tryed to load windows and got a driver irql not less than or equal error at the log in screen. thinking wtf Im using settings that passed prime for 20hrs I restarted. this happened 5 times. Im now using the following settings 208 fsb ram 1:1 at 2.5-3-3-6 2t with same voltages as perviously stated. Im almost finished with 30min OCCT torture test. now whats even more strange to me is in bios my voltages are being reported correctly(checked after noticing this problem in windows) but in the last hour my cpu and ram voltages are not reported correctly in windows. smartguardian suddenly says my cpu is at 1.5-1.48v and my ram is at 2.47v. up till now I have had correct readings in windows. I know this post is long and cluttered but can any one give me an idea as to what I should do? if any more info is needed just ask. I purchased this board from newegg as a refurb, and my 15 days just ran out with them. do I need to RMA this board to DFI asap?
  16. Thanks for the reply! the 184 seems like it is a little off from what it should be then, but what can I do. At least know I know exactly how its calculated. Id realy like to run my ram at 1:1, but this mobo and ram just seem to not like each other. guess Im not as stable as I thought. I just failed prime95 blend test after 20hrs 14min :sad:
  17. how is the memory speed calculated on the NF3 250GB when put on a divider? I think Im finaly stable, but I have to run my ram on a divider. I have it set to 180fsb and my cpu is at 213fsb. when I run memtest or get into windows it says my ram is 184 fsb. now shouldnt it be the 180 + the 13 added to my cpu rather than the 4 thats being reported?
  18. I purchased them the end of last year, so from my understanding they should be windbond utt. what get's me the most is I originaly had this set up on an MSI Neo platinum and it all worked great no problems at all. on this mobo I can not get stable to save my life, but Im gona keep working at it. I realy love the features of this board and want to like it. what I find the most odd was on my MSI board I tested the ram for 12+hrs at 220fsb 2.5-3-3-6 1t with out any errors. this is my ram. http://www.mushkin.com/doc/products/memory_detail.asp?ID=47 same individual pt# but not sure if they have changed how they make em since end of last year.
  19. Im still working at getting stable after 2 weeks on this board, but for me slots 1 and 2 work best. slots 1 and 3 give me a butt load of errors in memtest regardless of ram settings. slots 1 and 2 I can get to pass memtest, and Im just starting to seem stable but it is requiring 2t timings which Im not happy about.
  20. Its what ever works for each person I suppose. one should try what configurations they would like to consider and stick with what works best. I personaly dont like hot stail air being pulled threw my psu, that defeats the purpose of its fans to help cool it. Ive also seen the method I stated work the best in 3 dif cases. My wifes Antec, my old Raidmax, and my current Ultra Dragon.
  21. Like I said, if your sound options doesnt have a setting for it you will have to use what ever media player you have that will alow simulated 3D sound.
  22. No. ideal is to have a little more air comming in than going out because you have to think of and alow extra air for the PSU's cooling fans, but you have to exhaust air also. if you didnt you would only have stail hot air in your case. by the temps you gave Id say your fan set up is fine and to not mess with it.
  23. I have the same speakers, and have used them on 3dif sound cards. one onboard realtech, sblive and now my audigy2ZS. with all they have required one if not 2 things to get sound from all channels. 1. make sure the sound card is set to 5.1, and set simulated 3d for stereo recordings, ex:MP3's 2. if sound card doesnt have a simulated 3D setting you have to set the media player being used to simulate 3D sound if it doesnt on it's own. BTW Windows media player10 should simulate 3D on it's own. it always has for me. Also if your sound card 5.1 test creates sound from all channels it is def a setting problem.
  24. those guys are great. I purchase all my casebadges from them. the quality is superb!
  25. including my self you are the 3rd person Ive now seen in 3 days with a detection problem using a WesternDigital pata drive on a DFI board. Im realy begining to think DFI boards just dont like them. wish Rgone or angry_games would reply to one of these threads.
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