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  1. Read into the man's words a bit, and think. Hope I dont get in trouble for saying that. :tooth:
  2. How does PAE affect system performance? After reading this thread I noticed my machine has it enabled also, but wile the registry key is there my boot.ini file doesnt have /PAE in it so it appears I can not turn it off.
  3. Not much, but I gave the couple dollars I had in my pocket.
  4. Ive only had the ram a little over a week, and am trying to decide weather to rma to OCZ or Newegg. think Im gona go with OCZ. what do you all think?
  5. ok, what seems to be a good stick passed 6 full runs of memtest. what seems to be the bad stick, upped voltage to 2.7v 1t failed test 2-3, 2.7v 2t failed test 2-3, 2.8v 1t failed test 3, 2.8v 2t failed test 2-3 Dont know that I wana try any higher lol I wana thank ya OldGuy for taking the time to help me with this!
  6. I think I may have figured out the problem. I got windows set up with the drivers and software needed for the system to run, and after several reboots it was doing fine. I then put my ocz ram back in got to windows and got the message saying a registry file was missing and had been restored from back up. I then pulled the OCZ ram and put the one stick of Mushkin back in, windows booted up 2 times for me just fine. I restarted and put one stick of OCZ in, went into bios set optamized defaults and set it to run memtest. got errors in test 2 and 3 so I restarted and set the ram to 2t, ran memtest and errored in test 2 and 3 again. I then swaped my OCZ sticks, went into bios set optamized defaults and memtest to run, so far Ive now made one full pass no errors. Seems as thoe a bad mem stick is what my problem has been the whole time. what do you all think? After I make about 3-4 full passes of memtest I'll run windows and see how it acts. BTW: Thanks for the advice on PSU, but wile I know some people have had bad luck with them Ive been running mine since Jan nearly 24-7 with no problems. Have also checked it with a digital multimeter several times.
  7. Should I go ahead and install drivers, windows updates, and av/firewall with the one mushkin in as things are now and make a restore point?
  8. Ok, did just like Old Guy said with the exception of psu, and the install went with out a single error. So far so good, but now that Im at the desktop how should I proceed to prevent errors? Thx Old Guy, now to just hope it continues to go ok.
  9. As the title says. I can not install windows. I'll do my best to list every thing tryed in the last 36hrs to try and install. The other night I figured Id do a fresh install of windows since I had got my rig stable, or rather I thought. When the setup cd was copying files to the hd I kept getting errors saying it couldnt copy a file to the hd(random file's, not always the same ones the intire 2 days Ive been trying), to make sure I had a win xp disk in and to try again,ignore file, or quit setup. I got a good 15+ of these and hit enter every time to retry. some times retrying worked others it didnt and I started the install from scratch. I eventualy made it to the actual windows set up a few times and when installing components I got an error saying system.sys was missing to reinstall windows. That is what Ive been threw with nearly all attempts to install. A few attempts I got an IRQL not less than or equal error when at the inital setup from cd. I have managed to get a windows installed 2 times using a particular setup (I'll get to what all Ive tryed in a min and note it with *) but both times windows had problems. first time any file I tryed to put on the hd got corrupted, second time every time I loaded windows I got a message saying a registry file was missing but had been restored from backup. All I had done was install gfx drivers. I ran scandisk and once it was done windows took a dump and didnt work at all any more, got a bsod saying page fault in non page aria. Now to what all I have tryed. setup I thought was stable which is in sig. I have tryed 2 diffrent dvd drives,4 diffrent win xp install disks,2 diffrent hd's,powering the hd and dvd drive off a diffrent psu,BIOS at fail safe, and optamized defaults (no attempts have been done with any other bios settings),one stick of the OCZ ram,(NOTE: attempts have been made with a combination of the above) and* last the most successfull attempts have been with bios set to optamized defaults and using one stick of Mushkin Blue I innitaly put in the board when I got it*. Im now going for another attempt by resetting the cmos for a wile, and Im gona set my ram to 2t timings with hardware in sig and see what happens. If that doesnt work and you all can not give me some ideas to try Im going to put in the chaintech board and if all goes smooth with it I'll have to conclude its this mobo and RMA it I guess. Please if any one has some ideas for me let me know as I realy dont want to take my rig appart again. EDIT: Just tryed after reset and setting ram to 2t, didnt work. If no replys to try in the next couple hrs I'll start disassembling my computer :-(
  10. MSI has a forum also, with alot of members. http://forum.msi.com.tw/index.php one thing they dont have that DFI-Street does thoe is a few employees that help. It's all user based only.
  11. He may wish lol. :shake: It is a nice desktop thoe.
  12. I personaly believe that review to be botched, as its very likely they used a prototype they were sent for the review according people at Ultra. Maybe I just got one of the good ones thoe. I figure if it was gona do any thing wierd it would have after 8mos 24-7 usage.
  13. I am not currently oc'ing any thing in my pc, but when I had my msi mobo in wich I used this psu for a few months(and was oc'ed) I did test it with a digital multimeter. wile I did not test the 3.3v rail I tested 12 and 5, and both showed the same as in windows. so I asume the 3.3v rail was the same and was 3.20+v I get the same results with this mobo. 12v and 5v show same with multimeter as software, and my 3.3 never goes below 3.22v
  14. I havent had any problems with mine. stable and well with in spec. been running it since January 24-7 unless power has gone out.
  15. Whats mem slots are you using? My OCZ prefers 1/3 where as the mushkin I first put in this board prefered 1/2.
  16. I do believe this is the package you want. http://www.dfi.com.tw/Upload/Driver/NF_503_2KXP.zip I think the driver package from nvidias site has the sound driver also, but not sure whats better as I always use the driver install from the cd, and dont use onboard sound.
  17. By double band do you meen duel channel? If so, 754 is not duel channel and wont run it even if using duel channel ram. You can still run the ram just fine, it just wont run in duel channel. At what FSB can you get stable? What are your temps like at stable settings, and what voltages are you using?
  18. Here is a pic I got with my new digital camera. Im very happy with it so far. I'll get a few more this weekend and edit this post. EDIT: Added 2 pic's. sadly I need to learn how to use my new camera in the dark to prevent blury pic's.
  19. I use windowblinds with the neOS skin from wincustomize.com I altered the skin to the colors I wanted it to be. only comes in dark blue and black last I looked. I know some people say windowblinds uses to many resources, but on my computer its only using 1mb of ram, which IMOP is no big deal.
  20. whats wrong with allofmp3? some thing realy bad about it I dont know :confused: Mott13 here ya go. anyone else wants it feel free to download it, all I ask is you do not distribute it. http://www.rigshowcase.com/pic.php?u=39wYT4f&i=133
  21. got a few nice desktops going on here. this is my newest I made last night after a few beers.
  22. After using Muskin Blue, and now OCZ Performance series in the NF3 250GB in the past 3 weeks trying to get stable I have learned some thing it seems. It depends on the ram you are using as to which slots work the best for some reason. my mushkin had to be ran in slots 1/2 @ 2t for the best stability but couldnt quite get stable with both sticks. 1/3 was nothing but errors out the butt in memtest. With the OCZ I am now stable using 1t, but it required slots 1/3. when the OCZ first came in I put it in slots 1/2. it could pass memtest, but failed OCCT in under 6min. swaped to 1/3 and Im golden it seems. passed occt, and 13.5hrs prime95.
  23. Have you tryed running prime95 with just one stick of ram? Also how long is it taking prime95 to error?
  24. Thx. Im finaly ready to say my system is stable after 3 weeks of pulling my hair out. I passed Prime95 inplace large FFT's 13hrs 39min :nod: time to run a few benches, then play some games lol Thx to all who have offered advice!
  25. got my OCZ ram in today. put both sticks in and it passed 5 full passes of memtest. Loaded windows and ran superpi and OCCT. Sadly OCCT got an error in under 6min, tryed to run it again and it got an error once again in under 6min. Swaped the stick in slot 2 to slot 3 ran memtest test 5 for 23 passes with no errors, and have now passed superpi, and OCCT. Am now running Prime95 keeping my fingers crossed. Some observations I have now made. With the Mushkin I could only pass memtest using both sticks using 2t timings, the board does seem to prefer OCZ as I can run 1t timings with it np. Also it seems the board is picky as to which ram slots are used depending on the particular type ram being used, as the Mushkin did best in slots 1/2 and OCZ seems to do best in slots 1/3. I'll update this post in the morning on wether I passed 12+hrs prime95. wish me luck! :tooth:
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