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  1. Was thinking about delidding mine but I think I'm getting good temps as is. It's not like dropping my temps is gonna magically change my chip into one from a better batch
  2. ok so here's what i got: CPU freq: 4.2 ghz Vcore: 1.19v I ran unigine heaven for 10 loops and had P95 blend running in the background. twin gtx 780 sli temps were about 50c per card max. with the cards at thier peak temps, the cpu got up to 76c. didn't pass that. I think that's pretty good. I was wondering if it would hit 80c
  3. Thanks for the feedback fellas. You know, i didn't even think of stressing my gpu's at the same time. smh. I know aida has an option to also stress the gpu's but i'm not sure it will hit them hard enough. we'll see. Boinker I'll give your suggestions as a shot. cchalo, I'll be using your numbers for comparison. Thanks
  4. Been awhile, but i finally got my wc loop going. It goes D5pump/res>4770k>RX240 rad(top mounted push/pull intake)>GTX780SLI>EX240rad (bottom mounted push exhaust)>D5pump/res. My chip is currently OC'ed to 4.2ghz at a vcore of 1.18v. Idle temps are around 35c. 100% load in IBT gives me around 68c max. How does that look to you guys?
  5. just found out that my EVGA ACX SC isnt a ref pcb and won't fit my razor waterblocks, even though the site says it is supposed to fit. So... if anyone is up for a trade or wants to buy mine for $400 (negotiable) let me know. thx guys
  6. i've found that although there are differences in quality of TP, they are negligible when compared to your technique when applying TP. The difference between bad and good applications is tremendous. Easily a 10c difference at least
  7. Ok fellas, alot of you have been very helpful in giving your watercooling advice. I have two shopping carts at frozencpu ready to go but i can only choose one lol. Help me out. either the Raystorm EX360 kit with d5 pump, or the RX240 kit with d5 pump. This may seem redundant when you compare this to my previous post on watercooling but hear me out. I actually have a second EX360 rad on the way which i ordered early this week. The reason why i ordered it early is because the stock seemed to run out quickly and i didn't want a crossflow rad. So with that being said, my first question is, with the EX360 in the loop in push/pull, could i get away with an RX240 at the top of the case? The reason i'm thinking about the 240 is because i have a corsair 750d and with the thickness of the RX, i don't want to lose too much 5.25 bay functionality because it's also pretty long. especially since i'm gonna be using the dual bay res/pump. So, RX240 up top with additional EX360 in push/pull in the loop? It will be cooling SLI water blocked 780's, and a 4770k. Second question is, If i go with the RX240 up top, i should be able to mount the EX360 (push/pull) at the front of the case correct? hopefully we have some 750d users in here. Anyway, thanks for the help guys
  8. Any experience with the xspx razer blocks? specifically the backplates? Just want to know how they stand up against the ek blocks you mentioned
  9. yea they definitely look MUCH sturdier than the mesh design of the EVGA plate. I'll just get the XSPC backplates. I'm spending enough on the system already, what's another $60 right? (shrugs) lol
  10. yea i'm definitely going with the raystorm ex 360. w/ an additional 240mm rad in the loop. The rasa kits aren't even an option. Thx for the help fellas. much appreciated. I'll let you guys know when all the parts are in, and I'll post pics of the setup. Hopefully I'll get some thumbs up lol
  11. I was looking at the AX360 rad kit, but i'm not sure i'd be able to fit it comfortably in a push/pull config in my case. Its around 55mm thick i think. Well, based on yours and Waco's input, I think I'll just get this kit, and get an additional 240mm rad. It isn't that much more and i'll give myself the headroom if i wanna pursue more aggressive cpu/gpu overclocks. Thx guys Edit: yes i'm aware the amount of headroom would be negligible lol
  12. I'm pretty sure i don't have room for another 360. I'm rockin' an obsidian 750d so I definitely have room for a 240 on the bottom or the front. I figure that should be enough to dedicate to the SLI config. But the plain answer is "no... the setup you listed probably won't be enough to cool your system".. correct?
  13. I can't even imagine a scenario where I would need a Quad-SLI setup... for that matter, I can't think of a scenario where I could afford two more 780's, as I'd most definitely want (need?) to upgrade my infrastructure as well. It must be a thing of beauty in the right applications though. I'd imagine the X79 multi x16 lanes would come in reeeeally handy.
  14. I need some help fellas. I've always used hydro series products since the h50 days, but I want to move into a more "proper" liquid cooling system. For my needs, a completely custom loop would be overkill (not aiming for OC records), so I'm looking at the XSPC Raystorm 750 EX360 Extreme kit on frozencpu. The calculated TDP for my system is around 600w. (a touch more as the bulk of that is CPU and GPU's obviously). I need to know if the kit listed above is good enough for reasonable cooling for a 4770k (possibly going naked within the next month if I can muster up the balls for it lol)and 2-way GTX 780 SLI. (the SLI waterblocks are on the way already ). I've seen multiple users using a dedicated 120mm rad for the GPU's but is that a must? Let me know guys. I appreciate the help.
  15. yea i checked out that out earlier. I was afraid of that too but it looks like all is good on that front. Thx
  16. I've only been using SLI for a few months, with two 780's and so far, the performance gain is pretty phenomenal. Beastly. With that being said, who knows what bumps I'll hit later on as my time with it continues. It seems like the more graphic intensive games are being developed with SLI setups in mind, but that's just a guess. Arkham Origins gave me minimal gains, but Crysis 3 and The Witcher 2 get spanked by it. On a side note, I don't plan on upgrading for a few years, but i'm sure I'll move to an X79 setup before then. Hopefully the dual 16x spec. will squeeze a little more out of them. If/when i get to that point, I may run into issues
  17. Not sure if i worded my original post carefully enough lol. I want to get the titan/780 xs-pc waterblock for my 780SLI setup. They sell backplates separately but they are $30 apiece. I already have a backplate for one of my EVGA 780 ACX cards. They go for around $20. So I'd like to buy another $20 EVGA backplate if i'm sure they're compatible with the xs-pc waterblocks. I dont think it would be an issue but i just wanted to know if the xs-pc razor water blocks absolutely HAD to be used with the XS-PC branded backplates. Thx for the input BTW oh, and to answer your question. I want the backplates because i hate that i can see the exposed back of the pcb, and also because they look great
  18. personally, I'm not screwing around with anything above 1.3v, so i can't speak on how safe it is. What i can say, is that those temps are very good for that kind of voltage. I can't help but be curious as to how hard you'd be able to push it without the IHS. Not entirely sure but, would 4.8ghz at 1.36v put your cpu in the upper 25 percentile 4770k? anybody know?
  19. does anyone know of the xspc razor titan/780 waterblock is compatible with the 780 evga backplate? i have one and it would be nice to only have to buy one more $20 backplate instead of $60 on 2 xspc backplates. Razor SLI block setup incoming
  20. keeping to the original topic of hot sli affecting cpu temps, anybody know of any guides on using a hydro series CLC on a gtx780?
  21. on the top right corner when you are signed in and click on your name . it should drop a menu down and you want to pick profile I believe ( one of those ) . the next page should have a collum on the left with signature as one option. . If your on mobile device I have no clue . also the occ i7 4770k overclockig guide is in my sig but you already seem to know what your doing . I'll check your guide out anyway. I'm no expert by any stretch of the imagination so every bit of of experienced input helps
  22. on another note, how do i make a sig? can't find any settings anywhere
  23. IMO IBT is the best stress test for stability. If you can't keep it cool enough to be stable in IBT, you're only asking for a warm day to cause problems down the road. If you can stomach the temps for testing purposes (I run our 4770K well into the 90s in IBT) then the assurance that you'll never get near the threshold of instability in normal use is totally worth it. I disagree. 90c is totally in the cards with IBT and an H100 at a moderate overclock. Thx for the input on this. Like i said i was hitting ~90c in IBT and ~70c in P95 and AIDA. Even with the differences of opinion here, it seems like I'm in good shape either way. I am currently at 1.15v at 4.0ghz. Temps in IBT are now ~75c after 5 max mem. passes. I don't plan on OC'ing until i have a day to dedicate to finding the right combination of parameters that will give me a good balance between temp and frequency. Shouldn't be too difficult since I'm pretty sure i have an average 4770k. I can probably max at 4.4-4.5 without going over 1.25vcore but we'll see. Thats a whooole other post lol
  24. i was at 1.25v until about 6 hrs ago. i dropped my vcore to 1.15v and i'm at 4.0ghz stable. Temps dropped like a rock
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