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  1. Have you tried calling their customer service line? Or are you only going through email? I would try calling them, might get better results and can get bumped up support tiers easier that way. If the person you are talking to can't fix the problem, just ask to speak with their manager/supervisor when you call in, and explain situation to them.
  2. RimX

    Netflix vs Hulu

    I have both Hulu and Netflix, I like them both. Hulu has a lot more tv shows and they are the current seasons. While Netflix has a lot more movies. Both have their pros and cons, Netflix does a much better job with the queue, while my experience with Hulu's queue is very mixed and that's being nice about it, I think this maybe more of glitch in the software for Hulu on my TV but not sure, queue rarely works and it doesn't seem to update the watch history. So I have to remember what show I was watching and search for it, sometimes. I use both of them about the same, Hulu to catch up on TV shows, and Netflix to watch movies. It all depends on what you watch most and what you want to watch. I'd say give Hulu a try, they usually have a free month trial of Hulu Plus. Check it out for a month and see if it's for you.
  3. Getting skype on win 8 isn't that hard. 1. go to skype.com 2. click downloads 3. scroll down to choose another version 4. select Windows Desktop. Done! Also I have been using Windows 8 for about a month now and I am loving it, and with no mods. It's just a case of getting used to the new GUI
  4. I have to agree, the Kilpsch Promedia 2.1 are great speakers, and you can get them at a great price ~$150. As far as the rest of you system goes, it looks pretty good. Only things I might consider would be video and SSDs. When it comes to video, the 460 is still a decent card and I probably wouldn't upgrade until it started holding you back. SSDs have come down in price, I've been going back and forth on getting one myself, you can now get 240GBs for ~$160 and 120GBs for ~$100. But it looks like you have a very solid system there.
  5. I used to have the Razer Naga, great mouse. I found it fun in FPS's it was great just to push a button on the side of the mouse to switch weapons. Never really used it to play MMO's though. I also found it great in RTS's too, used the buttons there to select groups of units and was able to move between groups really quickly and easily. A friend of mine has the regular R.A.T. and loves it, for me when I bough my latest mouse a Razer Deathadder it was a tossup for me between that and the R.A.T.
  6. Where are all the wires going too? That much wire hooking into a switch can be a bit unsightly, I have all my lines going down into the basement and have my router and cable modem down there, I also only ran 1 line to each room and have a switch in the rooms where 1 jack isn't enough. When I helped a friend with his we set it up in his garage. Also, how many jacks do you want? I count 13 locations, but you said that the magenta dots you wanted to be 4 jacks, if thats correct that is 52 jacks. Each jack will need its own wire and port on a switch. Also to make it easier, especially if you can set it up outside of living spaces(i.e. garage, closet, basement) I would use a patch panel between the wiring and the switch.
  7. How many computers are using the wireless? You are more likely going to have ping/lag issues from your WAN before you run into issues because of your WLAN. The real bottleneck is going to be your WAN, if you have that much traffic on your network that WLAN speeds are slowing, your speed through the WAN is going to be slow because that traffic is all going through the WAN. That said there are plusses to the 5 GHz band and far as outside interference is concerned. And if you want to get a new card, Newegg.com is a great place to shop.
  8. not to mention that nickels are not copper colored like the coins in the picture in that "news" article. Kind of a dead give away if you ask me. But still funny anyways.
  9. idk...that big parts list, i doubt they would let you take that much, without buying it back. That is most of what they would auction the car off for. If it was just the headers, and a few other small stuff maybe, but not with the wheels, hood, and what not. Just my opinion though. Doesn't hurt to ask them, worst they say is no.
  10. CPU: Intel Q6600 @ 2.4gHz MB: EVGA 780i SLI HSF: Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Rev. C Video: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 DS RAM: G.Skill 8GB(4x2GB) DDR2 800 PS: Corsair GS700 700W Case: Thermaltake Armor Full Tower HDD1: WD 1TB Black HDD2: WD GP 1TB ODD: LG DVD+-RW OS: Windows 7 Professional 64-Bit Display1: 24" Acer LCD Display2: 22" Samsung LCD Speakers: Klipsch 2.1 THX Keyboard: Microsoft Ergonomic Mouse: Razer DeathAdder Country: United States
  11. There's always boot camp, or vmware fusion, for games. Plus there are more and more games releasing with native support for MacOS X. As for me, I will say that I don't do much gaming on it, thats what I have my desktop for.
  12. It's nice having a laptop that isn't tethered to to wall, and still have performance. That is why I bought my MBP, now I can actually go places and not be looking for an outlet so I can use my laptop(unlike every PC laptop I've owned). I bought ML, for $20 why not, it's not bad, some nice new features I guess. Haven't really spent the time to explore too much yet, though. Decided to do a clean install of ML, so I've been setting it back up the way I like it, and moving the files I need back onto it from my backups, instead of playing around with the new features.
  13. I had similar problems as 1 and 2 and it turned out to be my PSU, I replaced it and the problems went away. I would get frequent BSOD's while gaming, long HDD read times and lock-ups while reading. I had no idea what the issue was, last thing I thought it was was the PSU, I changed HDD's, tested memory(did have a bad stick, RMA'd it) problems still persisted. Then the PSU finally failed completely, it would just turn off. After I replaced it with a new one(not OCZ, I've had 3 fail on me in 3 different computers, strangely only a couple months apart, and will never buy another) the problems had gone away.
  14. I'm disappointed that its not done up as a DeLorean should be. Where is the Mr. Fusion or the Flux Capacitor? But in all seriousness, a good price. There aren't to many of them around and the last one I saw in person for sale was priced at $120,000 at a swap meet in NH a few years ago. It was probably in a little better condition than this one, all new interior and what not, and they were probably asking a bit too much for what it is, but it was also about 5 maybe 6 years ago as well.
  15. yea but it could be that your isp is blocking port 21. try using a different port number. And I know my router, Linksys, has a setting to drop external pings, so that could be why pinging gives a host unreachable response
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