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  1. Splashtop Touchpad or Gesture Touchpad for Win8 will turn your phone into a touchpad. You do need to have Splashtop streamer installed on your PC, but it works just as fast as a regular touchpad on a laptop.
  2. Woohoo! Looks like I'll have some nice games to play this weekend Thanks OCC and Universe! And congrats to all the winners!
  3. I assume your motherboard doesn't support UEFI. Did you burn it using the "MBR Partition scheme for BIOS or UEFI computers"? Because if you selected "GPT Partition scheme" instead, your motherboard won't be able to recognize it.
  4. I would go for something like this Or just get a camera monopod/tripod and attach a wooden plate to it?
  5. You should take a look at Plex or Kodi/XMBC. I have tried Plex myself and it was really easy to set up. I believe you can grant other people access to your server as well, but I'm not very familiar with it myself. Just keep in mind that your CPU might get a little hot since the transcoding is very CPU intensive (and watch your upload quota, if you have any).
  6. Congrats everyone! Enjoy your new coolers
  7. I don't have an invite, but you could try to pre-order the phone on November 17 at 15:00 GMT if you don't have an invite by then Sure seems like a great phone for the price!
  8. Congrats everyone! Enjoy your prizes
  9. Sounds good, count me in *The Netherlands
  10. Case mod time Thought about it, but I'd probably end up with a cardboard box as a case if I tried
  11. Count me out on this one, since the H100 doesn't fit in my case. Good luck everyone!
  12. The 4790 is slightly faster than the 4770k, but you probably won't be able to tell the difference. The 4770k however can easily be overclocked beyond the stock speed of the 4790. And an i7 performs better than the i5 if you're video-editing or playing CPU intensive games such as Battlefield 4. Other than that, you will roughly get the same performance with an i5. For an all-round gaming system, I would personally go with an i5 together with a better graphics card, unless your budget allows both an i7 and a better GPU of course
  13. I might have missed it, but what are you planning to do with the system? It's easier to fine-tune your build if you let us know. Otherwise we could post 1000 alternatives and they would all still be considered "good".
  14. So Uruguay lost to Costa Rica with 1-3, what a surprise! Gotta love it when the underdog wins!
  15. That was an amazing match! If only they could play every match like that!
  16. I'm biased towards The Netherlands, but I don't think they can get far this time.
  17. Overclocked my 4670k to 4.4Ghz:
  18. Bla

    Old Video Game Question

    Duke Nukem 3D, Doom, Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow and Final Fantasy 7/8
  19. Hard to choose between the three, but I think I'd pick the 29" ultrawide for the sole purpose of watching movies on it
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