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    Asus P4PE
    Corsair DDR 400 512MB
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    Computers, Girls, Cars, Overclocking the crap out of anything, Combining all 4 things together (if possible).
  1. MacSawD

    Official Battlefield 2 (BF2) Discussion Thread

    I returned that sucker before the first patch came out. It was DEPRESSING!!! Should I go and buy it again???
  2. MacSawD

    Official Battlefield 2 (BF2) Discussion Thread

    ......... WAAAAAAAHHHHHHH *CRIES A LOT AND RUNS TO MOMMY* ...ANYWAY, my computer isn't that bad. Wait...is it??? Now I am really confused. Doesn't make up for the fact that it's laggy as hell and runs slowly on my friends computer which is a P4 3.2 with 1GB of Dual Channel Kingston HyperX (matched pair)! Now I just feel bad about my computer...I need a tissue.
  3. MacSawD

    Official Battlefield 2 (BF2) Discussion Thread

    I can't STAND BF2...I returned the darn thing 'cause it was so laggy and never seemed to want to load maps within several days. It made me sad and reaffirmed my lack of confidence in those who program the nuts and bolts of the Battlefield series of games. For shame EA...for shame. P.S. Where did my foldy thingy banner type go? I still fold!
  4. MacSawD

    Hahahaha Omg Omg

  5. MacSawD

    Sli Or Not Sli

    7800!!! I heard that the 7800 does outperform 2 6800's in SLI...is that true or is it all lies!?
  6. MacSawD

    Big Confusing Problem

    Wow, I think this post might help me out with my P4... Ever since I overclocked it (and put it back to its default cause it cant take it), it always runs at 2430 MHz instead of 2400 MHz...why would OCing the CPU do this?
  7. MacSawD

    The Big Extension

    Be careful with USB cables over 10 feet in length...no matter what kind of boosters you have. I've heard it can damage the USB port itself (I have no idea why) but you can definitely lose data.
  8. MacSawD

    Did I Do Some Damage?

    Everything is running normally and I haven't noticed anything different about how my computer behaves or anything to that effect. I'm happy to hear that it shouldn't have done any damage to my computer and I appreciate all the input. Thanks!
  9. MacSawD

    Did I Do Some Damage?

    Of course I switched it back, but I'm still kind of worried about the components in my system and whether they MIGHT have been affected. Any thoughts on how the individual pieces of my computer were affected?
  10. Today while cleaning and packing up from a LAN I went to, my friend noticed that my PSU was set on 230 volts instead of 115. I remember that from the birth of my computer to some point in time, the voltage was always set on 115 as is standard in America...so, what does this mean? What kind of problems could I have caused and could someone explain the dynamics of the whole PSU voltage thing? Thanks!
  11. MacSawD

    Sandisk Jump Drive Survived... The

    My friend gave me a 1GB Kingston Flashdrive. It was nice, until it fried itself. Kingston!
  12. MacSawD

    Killed My First Piece Of Hardware

    My friend tried to solder his CPU fan wires back on after they broke off mysteriously. He soldered it while his computer was still on, and by his great fortune, some solder got sucked into the power supply and his entire case became a blast furnace. It died instantly, fire everywhere.
  13. MacSawD

    Omg Its Real

    im going to buy that dang thing...its MINE!
  14. MacSawD

    Noisy Case...

    Gasket...hmmmmm...I'd have to get some really soft and porous rubber tubing to go around the perimeter of the window. Something like the car waterproofing tubing they put around your trunk and windows in order to keep the water from entering (duh). This might take a while to fix, and to get all the pieces I need. I'll keep you guys updated if you'd like.
  15. MacSawD

    Noisy Case...

    I don't have a fan on any of the side windows. I have 2 intake fans in the front, 2 exhaust fans on the back, and 1 exhaust fan on the top (that is in a window). They do stop making the sound after a while so I'm pretty sure that you're right. I guess I better buy some new fans. But there is one other issue...my side windows will keep making a low frequency vibration despite new fans. How do I correct that annoying sound? Thanks, DJ