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  1. I never heard b4 people uninstall the dx is this method really exist.
  2. i'm trying to upgrade my DX9b to DX9c but each time I run the setup program it will go directly to finish page without any progress of installing. Then when I check my version using the dxdiag it still on the version b not c. Anyone please help me.
  3. ayampirupiru

    Virus Problem

    Try go to safe mode, then regedit local machine-software-microsoft-windows-current version-run make sure that this three folders (runone, runonceex, runservices) only contains these input (default) Usually if the virus is a trojan it will register itself here so that when u restart the PC it will boot together. also make sure that whatever input u delete in the three folders u delete it also in the run folder. then clear ur garbage box then restart. after restart go back to the same command regedit and check whether the file still there or not. ps pls backup ur registry b4 u do anything and remember virus were made within the antivirus company itself..... anyway there always another way to solve this FORMAT!
  4. Heat....ok Thanx a lot guyz Ill try to lap the HS again and maybe get a fan card to stabilize it **** it doesnt solve the problem...
  5. Yup stock on everything and also the HS quite hot.
  6. I m using a powercolor 9800pro. lately my card always reboot itself during a 3d game session. It is because of the heat? or my card gonna RIP soon? Help is appreciated.
  7. 5700LE - My worst nightmare b4 my 9800Pro
  8. The only I have is with Sony...but no comment abt that cause anything can happen !!! Btw its only 2MB buffer try to find those with 8MB buffer...more power....
  9. Throw the card and get either 6800 or 9800pro and above...FX card sucks...
  10. I think i have to eat my words soon..heheheh.
  11. From my experience FX5700LE cannot be flashed. I'd close one eye and throw the card away...now im very happy with my 9800Pro
  12. Yup I agree a passive decoupling it just spread the heat...for me I rather search for active cooling just like those from coolermaster.
  13. dont forget to brush ur teeth and gargle some m.wash
  14. 5700LE is a sooopid card...waste of money and time oc the card.
  15. I would like to suggest a dictionary for words used for OC... I believe it is good for those noobs and also people like me to understand the word better. If we already have these feature pls ignore this thread, if dont pls help me in getting this "OCnary" become a reality.
  16. 9800oc will beat the hell out of 6600gt
  17. one 6800GT should solve 99% of your gaming problem...instead of sli'ed 9600 where u need 2 come out with the extra money for the extra cooling.
  18. Okay...problem solved...I reinstall my OS then follow back the sequence u gave me... now my 9800pro work fine...no p...thank for the tip.
  19. Job down the CPU ID go to the Intel web and check whether ur processor hv HT or not. These are the only prosessor that i could find that have the same spec with you sig config. r these pros yours Intel
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