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    I haven't played in a while though.
  2. rainmeter works well for this.
  3. My desktop is wired and the laptops and phones are wireless.
  4. I could see where some modder would have some fun with it.
  5. Yeah, I like how Obama said it wasn't a tax but it was upheld as constitutional because Congress has authority to tax. So which is it? A tax or not a tax? Is Obama going to push for it's repeal since it's now a tax? No, because they'll use whatever word is convenient for them at the time. I hate our government. Just let me rise or fall on my own.
  6. Some people could actually vote for more than one option the way the answers are worded. Technically, "last year" is within the "7-9 months" and the "10-12 months" time frame. I don't remember when I built mine though. It was either early last year or a little longer than that.
  7. My question would be why are they showing it off this early if they still have bugs like that?
  8. Oh, just watched this. Not a good sign. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N1zxDa3t0fg&feature=player_embedded I know that it's just a demo, but when you demo something, make sure it's going to work. It doesn't make them look good.
  9. flareback


    I try to go to bed around 2. Usually a little before but sometimes after.
  10. I listen to it pretty quiet. It's usually background noise while I'm working and I find if it's too loud it's distracting.
  11. Nice. I thought at first this would be some weird story about someone bringing in a computer to be fixed and the CPU was gone. It's pretty funny that he called the tower a cpu though.
  12. I think it's pretty slick. I still don't see me personally getting a tablet though. But this seems to be on that I would seriously consider as a laptop replacement.
  13. I have a UPS on my system. I think they're a good idea just so you don't lose anything your working on. We have a couple of blackouts a year where I live. I actually have two, I had an older smaller one and I got a newer one so I put the old one on my cable modem and wireless. Now I can get on the internet even if we lose power as long as the cable company didn't lose power at their stuff.
  14. Saturn Vue, so I voted other since Saturn wasn't on the list.
  15. Okay, I'm gonna ask why? Why do you hate your dad so much? If it's none of my business and you don't want to put it online then that's fine but I would try to talk to him. As for me. I won't be doing anything with my dad, he died 3 yrs ago.
  16. But then you wouldn't be making the bed, a robot would be making it.
  17. I just use MS Security Essentials. I've used AVG and Avast before and liked them. Avast got annoying with all its little popups and noises turned on by default.
  18. that was pretty. I'll need a better video card though.
  19. I do like it. But I also just didn't feel like spending the money on a new one when the old one works perfectly fine.
  20. I replaced everything except I reused the case and dvd drive.
  21. I got programmer, If I do the don't like money path I get game reviewer.
  22. I'm a little jealous, I love fresh juice.
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