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  1. Holy crap this games a lot harder than you would think. I can get to space (took me while) but I can't get in orbit.
  2. I honestly don't remember. I usually don't pay much attention to it. I get something downloading and they do something else.
  3. I know because we talked about it once. A couple months ago all the women were talking about it, all of the guys were sitting around not knowing anything about it.
  4. My wife uses it, actually the only people I know that use it are women.
  5. I gotta say andrew, that sig has got to be one of the most obnoxious sigs out there. It just screams at you when your scrolling through a thread.
  6. I ended up with a 24" Dell monitor that I found in my price range.
  7. Looks like War Z is going to use an updated version of the engine that runs War Inc. I hadn't ever played War Inc. so I tried it out yesterday. It looks to be a decent game engine. Anybody else have comments on it?
  8. I don't care for 3D. I actually saw a trailer for a movie the other day that I thought looked good, then I noticed it said 3D and thought "not going to see that one".
  9. I've never heard it but I use flash block so that flash stuff doesn't get seen unless I okay it. That would be annoying though, I can't stand it when websites have music/sounds (unless it's supposed to like pandora)
  10. I deleted my facebook account a few weeks ago. I never posted anything and I found that all I did was block peoples stuff from showing up because they just post retarded stuff, or way to often.
  11. I would've actually watched the olympics if the commentators were actually like this. http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=510_1344196881
  12. That'll be a change, going from 42" to 27". You won't have to sit in the next room over.
  13. I'm not sure I actually want a 27" monitor. Is there a particular technology I should look for in a monitor? IPS? TN? VA? PLS? Or does it matter?
  14. I don't care if other people open carry, I just don't want the hassle. If it doesn't bother them and they are responsible enough to do it then they are more than welcome to IMO.
  15. I should. but then it would just justify her in the future.
  16. I don't think I would ever open carry. I would just get annoyed by all the comments and people calling 911 because some guy has a gun.
  17. I'm actually doing something like that in a couple days. I was talking to a guy about a gun and he asks if I'd ever shot one, which I haven't. So he offers to let me go to the range with him. I've found that overall, gun owners are pretty friendly people (unless you're anti-gun).
  18. You sound like my wife. "I don't know it was 2 something" Then I look and it's $299. She does that sometimes.
  19. Thanks, I'm open to 23". I've been using 19" for a few years so I was thinking of getting a little bit bigger.
  20. Okay so I need a new monitor. I had a dual monitor setup. The secondary one start having some lines going through it so I switched to just one monitor. Then my primary monitor had the menu come up where you can change the brightness and contrast. It kept moving between them really fast like the button was being held down and it won't go away. So now I need a new monitor. I'm looking for somewhere in the neighborhood of 21". My budget per my wife is "whatever think is a good use of our money". Oh I could have fun with that but lets keep it reasonable say $200. I'm not planning on doing dual monitor right now as I'll probably moving in a few months and I don't want to have to move anything extra at this point. edit: I haven't been keeping up with the technology in monitors lately. anything I should look for or avoid? Those sorts of ideas are always appreciated.
  21. Well you can always have a look at Australia before and after strict gun laws. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8RDWltHxRc
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