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  1. What is so awful about lobbying for lower tax rates? I'd like lower tax rates. I would also like less government regulations on my life.
  2. So are you saying that corporations should try to pay as much in taxes as they possibly can? Do you try to pay as much as you can? or do you look for all the tax breaks you can get? Why is it worse when a corporation tries to get out of paying taxes than when an individual tries to get out of taxes?
  3. What's wrong with major offshore holdings?
  4. Wev It seems like you haven't thought through your position here. You say the Sounds like you want the government to help individuals out. Sounds noble, but then you say. How do you think the government will "help" other people? Where will they get the money? It's through taxes. Every tax is an attempt to run your life. Sales taxes may make you think twice about purchasing something especially things the government doesn't want you to do (sugary drinks, cigarettes, or a car) . Property taxes may mean you don't buy the car/home that you would have otherwise bought. Income taxes are a way to get your money before you realize it's gone. Unless you decide to donate a lot of money to charity, then they'll give you a tax break. Sounds like trying to run my life by making me more generous. And I'm generous to others, my wife and I regularly give around 15% away, but not because we get tax breaks. In fact, if we didn't have to pay taxes we could give more to others. To organizations with less administrative overhead than the US government which would mean more to actually help people. All that to say. The role of government should not be to help people who are unable to care for themselves. Leave it to the people to care for others, it will be more effective and cost less.
  5. Okay so there are three people that voted Johnson. That's a lot more than I would have thought given the number of posts so far. (btw, I'm the 3rd)
  6. Gary Johnson FTW. (I really think Obama will win, even though he's not my pick)
  7. I use CCleaner. I run it to clean up temp files and cookies mainly. You can choose to keep certain cookies which means it keeps some that are just log in cookies. So I don't have to log in to OCC after cleaning cookies. I do run the registry cleaner part every now and then. Usually just to clean up after uninstalling a program as they never get all the registry files.
  8. oooohhhhhh, sounds impressive. Congrats.
  9. No. I think I'll stick with 7. Even if I get a new compy I'll just throw my copy of 7 on it instead of getting 8.
  10. People are stupid. Would I ever post that picture, no. But I'm not going to boycott because they post some fanart. It would have to be on the level of child porn for me to boycott. I don't understand the whole MLP thing either.
  11. flareback

    Star Citizen

    I'm seriously considering donating to it. This game just looks amazing so far.
  12. flareback

    Star Citizen

    Anybody else looking forward to this game? Roberts Space Industries I love space flight games. Freelancer was fun (just needed an actual ending).
  13. How is safari not an option. I don't use it (even on my mac) but it's still fairly popular. I haven't used the lynx browser in a long time. I should try it out again.
  14. Well I guess it depends on how you use them if they fall back to earth. I had 24 on one ship. 8 in each of the 1st 3 stages. Let's just say there are now 8 solid rocket boosters orbiting the sun.
  15. That's pretty quick. I timed one of my ships that I already had built and it was about 1 minute 10 seconds.
  16. So what are your times? I haven't timed mine so I'll try and do that later.
  17. What? Crash damage is half the fun. Like when the rocket booster breaks the bottom half of my ship of and it goes blasting through the crew capsule.
  18. Yeah, the parts count needs to be increased, but I'm sure they have plans for that. As for the excitement not lasting, I can understand that. They need to add some challenges or achievements. I know the forum has some challenges on it by community members so maybe they'll integrate some of that into it. It's still in alpha and they're still working the bugs out and adding things. Let's just hope they continue to add things to keep making it fun. But the price is a little on the high side for an alpha build. I wonder if it will be like minecraft where everyone plays the alpha and beta and then it gets released and no one plays.
  19. It is a fun game. The price is probably a bit high for what they have now. But I just realized there are other planets and moons orbiting the sun that you could try to get to. That makes it more challenging. I finally got into an orbit around the moon. I don't know if I want to try to land yet or not. I've never tried to land and I don't want to crash.
  20. okay, so I did the tutorial on how to get to the moon. I just tried it. well lets just say I did a good job of plotting the course to the moon. I did so well in fact that the moon came up and hit me from behind and my poor guy died. Once I realized I was on a collision course I didn't have enough time to move out of the way.
  21. alright, I have a rocket that will get me to the moon (solid rocket boosters are my new friend). I was out just a bit past the moons orbit, unfortunately, the moon wasn't there at the time. So now I need to figure out how to get myself and the moon in the same spot at the same time.
  22. Hey, I made it into orbit. Almost used all my fuel though so I'm not going to make it to the moon with this one.
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