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  1. I prefer speakers, but I use headphones unless no one is home, or if I want to chat.
  2. Actually I believe it's saying that because a "Well regulated militia" is necessary, "the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed." Because the government is going to have armed troops, the people should have weapons to protect against tyranny. The people are not the militia in the second amendment. Now that said, if the people are armed it is the best security a state will ever have. Like that Japanese general said in WWII about a land attack on U.S soil, "there will be a rifle behind every blade of grass". If the people have weapons, we wouldn't actually need a military (well unless you subscribe to the belief that a military should be used as the presidents personal toy to go do his bidding in far off countries, which I don't, I think they should be used for the defense of the nation).
  3. As long as you take ALL the guns away. Mine, the criminals, the police and the military. Basically every gun on earth and the ability to produce them, then I will voluntarily turn in my guns. Until everyone on earth turns their guns in and the world forgets how to make them, I'll hang onto mine.
  4. Depends on what right you're talking about and what town. I think smaller towns will have cops that will be like "screw this I'm not trying to take guns away, I want to keep my own". I'm sure in bigger cities it will be worse.
  5. I tend to think of it the other way around. The citizens would have to do something unspeakable for the military and police to side with the government.
  6. So because you think we stand a chance we shouldn't be given the option? Maybe it just means we should be able to have the same weapons as the military. But that's pretty much never going to happen. But as it's already been pointed out, I doubt a lot of the military and police forces would turn on citizens.
  7. Is that chair also some weird rocking chair?
  8. We should obviously require background checks before buying hammers. Plus a safety course to insure that people know how to properly use a hammer. We might want to consider a national registry of all hammers currently owned by private individuals as well. Plus I know South Carolina may want to start looking into regulating nature / the environment. Every year in SC guns cause 0.7 of all accidental deaths, the same as "nature / the environment". Clearly people aren't taking proper precautions with regards to nature and there we should regulate the environment. Article Link
  9. MAC spoofing is incredibly easy. Relying on it alone is a terrible idea... I know it's easy to spoof a MAC address but I still use it. I figure it's not hard to setup so why not. I would recommend a really strong password if someone has gotten in. I suggest 16 random characters and numbers and symbols. If you're worried about forgetting it just write it on a piece of paper an tape it to the bottom of the router. If someone is in your apartment then the last thing I'd be worried about is them stealing your wifi password.
  10. Can you explain the "gun show exception" loophole. I honestly don't know what people mean when they say that. There is an exception to the useless background check, if you go through a gun show. In that instance, any old person can just walk up and buy any gun at all. Thank the NRA for that. I thought that was what was meant. Dealers still have to run the check. And you don't have to go to a gunshow to sell between individuals. So I believe you are correct in stating "the gun show loophole is a myth".
  11. Can you explain the "gun show exception" loophole. I honestly don't know what people mean when they say that.
  12. I got a knife and my in-laws are shipping some good Texas bar-b-que (which is about a good of a gift as I could ask for). My wife got a waffle maker from her parents (she actually asked for it), I'm excited about her making some waffles.
  13. um, I got my nephew a free shirt from work. I didn't buy my wife or kids anything. Actually I take that back, a couple of months ago we bought some toys at a consignment sale for our kids and set some aside for Christmas. My wife and I never buy each other anything, we figure if we want it we just buy it ourselves during the year so no point in buying gifts for each other.
  14. Because when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Gun control really isn't about keeping people safe. Gun control is about taking the guns away so that the people can't protect themselves from the government and hold the government accountable. Penn & Teller explain gun control. Warning, NSFW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhXOuuHcjbs Oh... Are you ever so mistaken. Suppose the government became an oppressive one, how many people would take up arms and fight the government in this day in age? Most people are apathetic and will not do anything. So that point about protecting ourselves from the big bad government is moot. Furthermore, even if many of us chose to rebel against the government, would we win against the US military? I think not. Successful rebellions require capture of key structures, key political figures, communication, the assistance of the military, and a few other factors (this was discussed in one of university courses, but I forget all the factors that influenced the outcome). Might I add that we live in a day where we do not need firearms to protect ourselves from the big bad government, take a lesson from the Egyptians in their recent uprising in the Middle East (that is one of many cases in the recent past of civil disobedience). It is fine that people love guns, but don't make up these false excuses that it is to protect ourselves when most of the time a criminal will have you by surprise and if he has a firearm you will never be able to use it as he will shoot at you before you even get to pull it out, and if the assailant does not have a firearm then would you need a firearm to protect yourself when you could easily flee or fight back via other means? Also, just because the Supreme Court ruled that the second amendment guarantees the right to firearms for the people does not necessarily mean that it is the correct ruling or was the intent of the founding fathers. Remember, our Supreme Court system once ruled that segregation was legal as long as it was equal. *cough* And please do not forget that the justices can and are influenced by others (not so much as other government officials because once they are appointed they are there for life and could vote based on their conscience). Moreover, if you examine the words and context of the second amendment you will realize that when it addresses who should have the right to bear arms, it states that "a well regulated militia" meaning that these average working men (equating to modern day reserves) who are trained should bear arms. Also, when the founding fathers wrote the second amendment they wrote it with the vision that we would not have a standing army, and now that the militia is pretty much obsolete, what justifies people to have the right to bear arms when it is not for protection? You are correct, many people wouldn't stand up to the government, they wouldn't have the guns to be able to. But I also think you're mistaken if you think the entire military would turn on the people. If it was bad enough that the people rose up in mass, then at least part of the military would join in. I'm going to guess that you didn't watch the video. It's not always possible to flee, and I'm sorry if someone comes at me with a knife, I'd rather have a gun than "fight back via other means". I'm not good at hand to hand combat. I wouldn't want someone with a knife or a bat or other blunt instrument meant to bludgeon me getting close enough to actually hit me. Tazers? they have to be close enough for me to touch them which me they can touch (stab) me. Mace? If they're determined enough they'll fight through the pain. Even if we aren't talking about the government being oppresive. If someone breaks in to my house with the intent to harm my family or I and I call the police, how long will it take them to get here? 10 seconds? Yeah right. More like 10 minutes. By the time the police arrive the only thing for them to do will be to investigate and write up a report. They can't be everywhere all the time, nor would I want them to be everywhere all the time. I'm not going to rely on the police for the protection of my family.
  15. Because when seconds count, the police are minutes away. Gun control really isn't about keeping people safe. Gun control is about taking the guns away so that the people can't protect themselves from the government and hold the government accountable. Penn & Teller explain gun control. Warning, NSFW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dhXOuuHcjbs
  16. Why is this in the site help and feedback section?
  17. How come I only get to choose one ending? I think Planet X comes causing earthquakes and a solar flare that turns people into zombies.
  18. Are those the nasty ones that taste like wax?
  19. I think you meant a pallet of Surge. I don't understand this whole craze. I think that someone will buy the rights to make twinkies and they'll still be around.
  20. That's why they have it setup like that in OSX. It's meant to be like in IOS where you touch the screen.
  21. I saw this earlier and laughed.
  22. I doubt it's a driver issue. I know this is the way OS X is setup but there is a setting to change it. I don't know enough about Windows 8 to say if there's a setting for this though.
  23. Looks pretty good. In my browsers, FF and Chrome on Mac OS X, some of the images of bottles have the small dots and heart over the top of them. I don't know if it's supposed to look like that but I think it looks odd. Also, why is there a customer account page, the "Man Compte" link if the user hasn't logged in yet, which is done with the "Connexion" link. I just checked, and the "Mon Compte" link takes you to the login page. Seems redundant and I'd change it.
  24. It's the public school system in the USA. It claims to be good but really isn't. I never saw that symbol until I went to university. Although, I seem to think I did something with sets in high school.
  25. Wikipedia - Set Membership A little over halfway down the page says it's for "Set Membership"
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