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  1. wow, somebody has way too much time. they are awesome nonetheless.
  2. Yeah, right. is pretty cool though
  3. I like it. But i must say, i don't like clicking on the eye to get in. But then again i do have this weird phobia of things touching my eyes.
  4. I gotta go with just using the fingers. Not sure it's "proper usage" and probably causes fatigue quicker but i feel more comfortable that way. I do have a pad to rest my wrist on so it's not so bad. Go with what feels more comfortable and how you have more control.
  5. a switch like a car? interesting. i'd like to see a pic of that when you're done.
  6. yeah, i had to work tonight which really stunk. I hate valentines day personally. Just seems like a day for me to spend money that i don't have.
  7. I just built mine and didn't put one in. I did have to attach one to install some stuff but then i just took it back out.
  8. pretty sweet looking case you got there.
  9. here's mine LiteStep with a theme i made i didn't make the picture though
  10. so does diskkeeper really work 20 dollars worth better than the built in defragger that comes with windows? I just can't see spending money on it since windows comes with one.
  11. Thats awesome. I bet you could do some sweet stuff with that.
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